Vancouver’s Awesome Hotel Promo Extended

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For the past several years, beVancouver has offered a pretty awesome promotion for discounted Vancouver hotel stays in the off season. Vancouver is a seasonal hotel market, as hotels are packed during the peak summer season, while they’re fairly quiet otherwise.

In November I wrote about how the promotion is back again this year. Initially the promotion was only valid for stays through February 28, 2019, though as noted by DoCthe promotion has now been extended for stays through April 30, 2019.

I figured that was worth mentioning, since Vancouver is a lot more pleasant to visit in March and April than it is in December and January, in my opinion.

This year the promotion is with a different company, though the details are mostly the same. To help fill rooms during low season, StayVancouverHotels is offering $50-125 Amex pre-paid gift cards for a one night stay, and a $50 gift card for every subsequent night.

Here are the basic details of the promotion:

  • You have to book your stay at using promotion code “AMEX”
  • 37 Vancouver-area hotels are participating in the promotion
  • Valid for stays between now and April 30, 2019
  • Bookings are pre-paid and non-cancellable
  • You must pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  • Each person can make a maximum of three bookings under this offer
  • You receive a $50, $75, $100, or $125 Amex pre-paid gift card for the first night of your stay, depending on the category of hotel (all values in CAD)
  • For each subsequent night on the same booking you receive an additional $50 Amex pre-paid gift card
  • The gift cards can be used however you’d like, either to cover the cost of the hotel stay, or anywhere else Amex pre-paid gift cards are accepted
  • “This offer is limited and may end at any time”

Be sure to use a credit card with no ForEx fees

There are some really good deals to be had here, in particular for those who don’t care about earning elite credits or points for stays. In some cases you can get more than half of the cost of a stay back in gift cards, which is a pretty awesome opportunity.

I should stress again, though, that stays booked with this promotion are non-refundable, so be sure your trip is confirmed before you book.

Bottom line

Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in North America, and this promotion is definitely valuable for many. It’s nice to see it extended beyond just winter. Be sure you consider everything before using the promo, though:

  • If you’re staying at a chain hotel you won’t earn points for your stay, and in many cases won’t get elite credit, since you’re booking through a third party (in practice points may sometimes still post, but they’re not supposed to)
  • For short stays at luxury hotels, keep in mind there are potentially a lot of value-add amenities you can get by booking through programs like American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, Virtuoso, etc., which could be worth more than the gift card
  • The stay is non-refundable and pre-paid

This is a heck of a deal, and a way to get a hotel stay in Vancouver for a very reasonable price, often for more than half off.

Do you plan on using the promotion to get a great deal on a Vancouver hotel this winter or spring?

Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. Checked the rates for the Hyatt Regency only through this offer and the lowest they have is $110+tax per night higher than the posted rates on So, basically with the $100 AMEX card, they are still $10+tax higher per night for my dates.

    As a Globalist, I usually get a suite at this property plus your customary status benefits. Does this offer honor status benefits and upgrades?

  2. Y’all notice Gary dropped the “thought leader” bit from his bio? hahahhahaha reminds me of AA and going for great

  3. Love Vancouver! I would use this but I pury an apartment there for winter trips and list it on AirBnB for the remainder of the year so I’m all set!

  4. Agreed with the comments about the rates. This makes sense only if you’re expensing the hotel for work.

    Otherwise, FH&R is likely a better option for personal travel for a one night stay.

    However, this weekend I’ll be spending two nights in a final cash & points Hyatt stay.

  5. Emily: Honestly, who cares if you’re “all set”? lol
    You were just DYING to say “you got an apartment there”. Haha

    Boastful and pitiful.

  6. How do you use the card towards the cost of the stay of it has to be prepaid? Will they refund and recharge?

  7. @Emily

    Lol, Airbnb is illegal in Vancouver now, if you get reported by your strata that’s a $1000 fine per day.

  8. Can I just purchase a number of 1 day reservations and get consecutive $125 credits or is that against T&C

  9. Actually it was stayvancouverhotels last year as well. Prior to that it was done by bevancouver. Being based in Seattle, I take full advantage of this offer every year. It really is an amazing deal.

  10. Rosewood Hotel Georgia you are only saving $50 off the hotel’s posted advance rate. Not worth the hassle.

  11. Actually I tell a lie. I did the math. Two nights at Hotel Georgia is $686 inc taxes on their own site. Through this promo it’s $855 less the $125 so $730 inc taxes. So there is literally zero point to this promo unless you are expensing. Plus your travel dept. is going to start wondering why you are expensing through some obscure site with rates nearly $200 more than the hotel’s own posted rates. Nul points.

  12. @EthFlyer – Your knowledge is highly misinformed.

    Anyone can list their property on ABnB in Vancouver if they have a business license and if they can claim that property as being a principle residence, which does not mean that I have to live there for the majority of the year. In addition, a customer cannot have a stay extend beyond 30 days (they can renew after 30 days though). There are clauses that qualify that property as a principle residence even if I live there for only a month every year.

    If you are going to make a statement, at least do the basic research to back it up.

  13. @Jack Cohen – the intent was to share my love for Vancouver, but you are right! I am proud that I, a 24 year old young lady, have investments and more than a dozen real-estate in major cities around the world allowing me to live and to enjoy my life how I please to. I am perfectly fine with being considered boastful and pitiful as long as my investments keep growing and I can keep living the dream. Cheers!

  14. never understand these people – go all the way to Vancouver and don’t go skiing when one of the top resorts on the entire planet is hosted in their backyard.

  15. @henry LAX: “never understand these people – go all the way to Vancouver and don’t go skiing when one of the top resorts on the entire planet is hosted in their backyard.”

    It may shock you to hear this, but not everyone skis.

  16. I checked my non refundable rate at my hotel’s site. $10 CAD more a night for the promo for $150 CAD in AMEX cards. Um, duh, I’ll take the $130 CAD and skip the $20-30 in points I would have gotten booking through the hotel’s own site.

    Of course YMMV and check the numbers but this worked for me.

    Also there are a decent number of non-chain hotels (or small chains) where it’s not like you’re likely getting elite status or lots of point kickbacks anyway. The competition becomes the hotel site and maybe

  17. Several things the blogger never mentions here (I’m not sure he ever has taken advantage of the promo as I have):
    1) Amex GC typically come in multiples of $25 Canadian so it’s hard to use a $125 Canadian credit all in one place.
    2) These Amex GC’s charge a monthly fee if you don’t use them after a year
    3) As someone said above, you can’t use them to pay for the hotel rate (as you’ve prepaid) but may use them for incidentals charged to your room
    4) Not everyone takes Amex in Vancouver. I had some issues using them at retailers—-not sure if it was also a gift card issue but check before you use them.
    5) Some hotels won’t give you your loyalty benefits including free wi-fi (Sutton Place for example) if you don’t book direct.
    6) Lastly, my last time using this promo, I showed up to the hotel and was told that they “ran out of gift cards”. Apparently, the local tourism bureau didn’t plan in advance despite my booking several weeks in advance and they tried to offer to mail them to me which is useless since they are Canadian dollar denominated and Amex charges foreign currency fees. Because of the draining battle with the tourism bureau and the hotel, it wasn’t worth it to try this promo again especially since it’s hard to use $25 Amex GC’s at restaurants when the bill is over $25 (besides the multiple card issue, Amex places a 20% hold on top of the amount for gratuity).

    Rates are probably better if you book direct and especially if you want elite benefits.

  18. What happens if I start the stay on April 29 and check out on May 5? Will I get the CAD50 GCs per day for the May portion of the stay?

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