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For the past several winters we’ve seen an amazing promotion for Vancouver hotel stays, given what a seasonal market it is. Well, this promotion is back again this year, but it’s being offered for summer (for obvious reasons). For those looking to travel to Vancouver this summer, this could represent a great deal.

Vancouver Winter Hotel Promotion

To help fill rooms, StayVancouverHotels is offering a $50-125 Visa pre-paid gift card per night for up to two nights, and a $50 gift card for every subsequent night for up to three nights.

Here are the basic details of the promotion:

  • You have to book your stay at using promotion code “VISA”
  • 37 Vancouver-area hotels are participating in the promotion
  • Valid for stays between now and September 15, 2020
  • While bookings are pre-paid, they’re refundable until 48 hours before the stay
  • You must pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  • Each person can make a maximum of three bookings under this offer
  • You receive a $50, $75, $100, or $125 Amex pre-paid gift card for each of the first and second night of your stay, depending on the category of hotel (all values in CAD)
  • For up to three subsequent nights on the same booking you receive an additional $50 Visa pre-paid gift card per night
  • The gift cards can be used however you’d like, either to cover the cost of the hotel stay, or anywhere else Amex pre-paid gift cards are accepted
  • “This offer is limited and may end at any time”

There are some really good deals to be had here, in particular for those who don’t care about earning elite credits or points for stays. In some cases you can get close to the cost of your stay back in the form of a gift card, which is a pretty awesome opportunity.

For those in the US, one important consideration is that borders between the US and Canada are currently closed through June 21, 2020, and that may be extended even further. Fortunately this promotion has flexible booking terms, so it could still pay to book, just understand that it might not work out.

Bottom Line

Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in North America, and this promotion is definitely valuable for many. We’ve seen these promotions in the winter in the past, so it’s also cool to see it in the summer. Unfortunately it’s during a pandemic, which will limit the usefulness for many.

Be sure you consider everything before using the promo, though:

  • If you’re staying at a chain hotel you won’t earn points for your stay, and in many cases won’t get elite credit, since you’re booking through a third party (in practice points may sometimes still post, but they’re not supposed to)
  • For short stays at luxury hotels, keep in mind there are potentially a lot of value-add amenities you can get by booking through programs like American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, Virtuoso, etc., which could be worth more than the gift card
  • Fairmont also has a great “buy one get one free” promo for hotel stays

This is a heck of a deal, and a way to get a hotel stay in Vancouver for a very reasonable price, should you be headed to Vancouver this summer.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this Vancouver hotel promo?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. The border is closed so I can’t go up there. Even if it is open, I am not sure if there would be 2 weeks self-isolation requirement like UK. That will make this kind of promotion pointless for overseas visitors.

  2. The website posts false rates. The second you click on a hotel it almost doubles in rate.

  3. @Kevin B

    That’s because the listed price assumes you use the full amount of the gift card to go towards the room rate. They’re not false rates, just very misleading.

    So the $141 rate is already the rate after subtracting the $125 value of the gift card.

  4. @Kyle I did the math, that is not the case. When you click on rate the price can go up over $200 a night. When the card is only $75-125

  5. The Globe and Mail has already published that Canada and U.S. are set to renew their current border closure through to end of July, with the exception of allowance of family reunification (on the Canadian side). Can’t speak to to the American side, however.

  6. Not really a pointless post… OMAAT has an international audience and there are Canadians here you know…

  7. Fantastic deal! I just booked a 3-night stay at the end of June- the hotel ended up being just under $95 night after the pre-paid card value is taken off. Thank you from a Canadian reader!

  8. My sister in Canada has just taken advantage of this. Thanks for posting Ben. I appreciate you posting offers for those of us outside the USA.

  9. By the way, I used this for a stay at the Sheraton Wall Center last time the promotion was on, and my Marriott status was honoured, along with the elite night credits and a room upgrade. You have to phone the hotel and add your account info to the reservation.

  10. @Kevin B. It is misleading but they are posting the price for the cheapest rooms, all of which are sold out already. I saw some that would cost you $9, after the credit but only the more expensive rooms were available.

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