US1549 passengers get Chairman Preferred status for a year

Via the New York Post:

US Airways sent a raft of “frigid” letters to the 150 passengers of miracle Flight 1549 (above) saying their death-defying ordeal has earned them top customer status – but for just one year, The Post has learned.

That seems to me like a nice gesture, although to really create goodwill it would reasonable to give them top tier status for life, in my opinion. As one person mentioned, he may not be flying for another year. Overall we have to give USAir credit for handling the situation well, though.

What really sticks out in this article is this:

“You’re going to crash me into the water, and you’re going to tell me all I get is an upgrade?” asked Antonio Sales, 20, who was traveling with the University of South Carolina’s track team. “That’s more of an ‘OK, you’re not dead, I’ll give you something to hold on to.’ It’s not enough at all.”

You’ve gotta be f%$&@!^ kidding me! I’m speechless.

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  1. We have to keep in mind those quoted are part of the victimhood/entitlement culture we find ourselves trudging though these days. Yes, they’re alive and yes, they’ve come through a life changing experience. But the hubris of entitlement will push many of these folks to the same levels of very public and un-humble, un-gracious, un-freaking believable behaviour we saw post 9/11 with more than a few in the WTC crowd.

    The drumb beat has only begun and the newsies will chum the waters with exposure on demand. This has by no means reached the fevered pitch I’m expecting to see from a very small minority of the passengers on this flight.

  2. Haven’t theses poor people gone through enough? A full year of flying on USscare seems like adding insult to injury. Now if they can status match with a decent mileage program, that might be interesting.

  3. To be honest… how many miles or 500 milers does United give me if my seat is broken? If you look at it in terms of level of “inconvenience” … perhaps status for 1 year doesn’t seem like enough. I’d have given them 1 million FF miles on top of it.

  4. To echo Bill…

    Who are these people going to sue? The birds for flying into the engines? They are dead. Are they going to sue US Airways? For what? Landing safely and keeping them alive?

    Yes I know that you can pretty much sue for anything these days. But I can’t, for the life of me, think of what is the justification for suing US in this situation.

    Well I do… Greed.

  5. An honest and good person would be thanking the airline (specifically, the pilots) profusely for saving their lives in a situation that was unfortunate but had a remarkable outcome because of some skilled employees. Instead, they are expecting a handout, and when they get one, they are ungrateful? Little decency left in the world.

  6. Those who would sue are of the “gimme more’ mentality that is so pervasive today. In probably half the countries in the world, they’d be lucky to have their wet luggage handed to them …. if retrieved…. and no more. Rather than consider how fortunate they are to be alive because of a crew that was heaven-sent, they pursue the course of GREED. Don’t they realize they won the best lottery of all…LIFE?

  7. Well said – Ray Gibson!

    Seriously, the crew/Airline did not ask to have a flock of geese fly into the engine….but, thank GOD, that the pilots landed and everyone was safe.

    Having your life spared is far more valuable than ‘status’ or a financial reward. I think the passengers should be sending a thank you card to the Airline and Crew.

  8. Forget about uprades. These people need to be thankful they have their lives. I commend US AIRWAYS for this gesture…it was unnecessary. The crash was not their fault!!

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