Breaking: United’s New CEO Suffers A Heart Attack

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In early September I wrote about how Jeff Smisek stepped down as United CEO, following the scandal involving the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Jeff Smisek has been replaced by Oscar Munoz, who seems like a genuinely nice guy who wants to improve things. Given that he’s just a bit over a month into his tenure, it’s tough to tell if he’s actually different, or if he’s just all talk, like the previous CEOs. I’m inclined to believe he’s the real deal, but maybe that just makes me gullible.

CNBC is reporting that United CEO Oscar Munoz has suffered a heart attack within the past 24 hours, and is in a Chicago-area hospital.

Hopefully everything is okay! I can’t even begin to imagine the stress involved in trying to turn United around.

  1. Boy, that didn’t take long…..hope he gets better…and is able to foresee the changes he talked so much about. At least they didn’t find him in a brothel in Nevada unconscious .

  2. Did he require cardiac catherization? Is it a first time occurrence or does he have a history of MI? Is he on medications for blood pressure, diabetes or dysrhytmias? Without a more detail account it would be impossible to make any meaningful conclusions.

  3. The stress in a transaction intensive business is quite high. I do hope he will be back on his feet soon. But neither he nor the Board of United should be gambling with his health. It might be best to have him back on the Board and find a new CEO instead.

  4. All we can do is wish him well. He seems like a genuinely nice guy trying to fix a very troubled national icon. I’m hoping for his speedy recovery.


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