WOW: United Adds Nonstop Flights From The US To Singapore

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I didn’t see this one coming!

In 2013, Singapore Airlines canceled the longest two flights in the world, from Newark and Los Angeles to Singapore. They were operating the flights with A340-500s, which they returned to Airbus as part of a larger deal. They didn’t have another plane which could operate the routes, so their only option was to cancel the route at that point.

That means Singapore Airlines doesn’t have any nonstop flights to the US — instead all of their flights to the US operate via other cities, including Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Moscow, Seoul, and Tokyo. That takes away their competitive advantage, given that someone could just as easily fly Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, ANA, etc., and still get from the US to Singapore in one stop.

Singapore Airlines said they would restart nonstop flights between the US and Singapore in 2018, once they take delivery of their first ultra-long range Airbus A350.

But it looks like they won’t be the first airline to add nonstop flights between the US and Singapore.

United Airlines has just announced that they will launch daily nonstop Boeing 787-9 flights between San Francisco and Singapore as of June 1, 2016. The flight will operate with the following schedule:

UA1 San Francisco to Singapore departing 11:25PM arriving 6:45AM (+2 days)
UA2 Singapore to San Francisco departing 8:45AM arriving 9:15AM


At 8,446 miles it’s quite a long journey, and is blocked at 16hr20min westbound and 15hr30min eastbound. This will make United the first airline to offer nonstop flights between San Francisco and Singapore, and the only airline to operate nonstop flights between the two countries as well. This will also be the longest flight operated by any US airline (beating Delta’s Atlanta to Johannesburg flight, which is just seven miles shorter).

United’s Boeing 787-9s feature a total of 252 seats, including 48 fully flat business class seats, 88 Economy Plus seats, and 116 economy seats.

Along with this new nonstop service, United is also terminating their flight between Tokyo Narita and Singapore as of June 2, 2016. It’s my understanding that they haven’t been doing well on that route for years, so with a nonstop route to Singapore they don’t have much reason to offer the connecting service anymore, especially since they also have codeshares with ANA between Tokyo and Singapore.

What I find especially interesting about this new route are the flight numbers. These are flights #1 & #2, which are the same flight numbers that Singapore Airlines uses for their flights between San Francisco and Hong Kong, though their flight goes via Hong Kong. While the two airlines are technically partners, it’s also known that they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. So I wonder if the #1 & #2 flight numbers are simply a function of United’s pride in the route, or if they’re a jab at Singapore Airlines.


Bottom line

This route makes perfect sense for United, and I’m actually sort of surprised we didn’t see it sooner. The 787 is fantastic for routes like this, which are potentially extremely high yield but not necessarily that high capacity. I’m sure this route will perform well. I’m curious when Singapore announces their nonstop flights between the US and Singapore.

What do you make of United’s new flight between San Francisco and Singapore?

(Tip of the hat to kluau88)

  1. I’m still hesitant to fly United LGA->ORD. Even on a 787 I’d be scared for 16 hours with them. In either cabin, i’d still take one stop on Cathay or Korean over United

  2. This makes really sense. Instead of arriving at 1 AM and going to a hotel at 2 AM and paying $200+ and checking out at 4 AM for 7 AM flight. Now you can arrive and check in upon arrival. get up and head over to the airport. I can definitely take UA.

  3. Does that terrible 2-2-2 C class layout really compete though? Unless you’re already in SFO it’s going to be a 1 stop (at least) anyway. I’d much rather fly in comfort on SQ even if it means a little bit longer flight.

  4. 18-19 hours with UNITED Airlines service. You’re desperate. I’d like to go to Singapore, but give me a stop on a nicer airline, thanks.

    In business, okay, fine, the product may be fine. But a flight for that long in economy? Sounds like utter torture, esp with 9-abreast seating in a 787. Singapore with 9-abreast in an A350 may be more bearable.

    I’m guessing that Singapore will use a lower-configuration A350 for the route, but United will use one of their standard 787s- have high doubts that economy will even be close to full, and there will be too few seats in business.

  5. This flight is gonna have some real senior mamas working it. I wouldn’t relish being subjected to their ‘service’ on these flights. Give me SQ or CX through HKG anyday!

  6. LOL, “Business First” on a 787-9–no thanks for that amount of time. United…double no thanks.

    I only fly First to Asia on Asian airlines. I cannot even imagine that crappy United service for that amount of time–it would be like flying Air India…ooops.

    787 is a terrible plane for super long distance.

  7. Stuck in UA Business Class nonstop versus luxuriating in SQ First Class with an interesting stop in HKG? Gee… hard to decide – NOT. Give me SQ any day!!

  8. Unless UA can greatly improved their soft product and services. I would rather continue to fly SQ with a stop.

    I was on a 15 to 16 hour flight UA flight from SFO to HKG the UA attendants only came out twice to offer water. When I asked for something to eat / drink after meal service, the flight attendants made it look like I owed them a huge favor. I would rather pay more to avoid their attitude.

  9. Crappy US based flight attendants with horrible attitudes and old bag looking ladies. Or great service on an Asian carrier with amazing serve no matter the class you fly. Yep, I’d fly through Hong Kong or Tokyo gladly vs dealing with United “service” and horrible planes.

    SQ any day over United, AA or any other US based airline.

  10. Wow I echo the same sentiments here, I’m a loyal UA fan and a big fan of the Dreamliner, but if UA is going to fly their 787-9 using the current BF seat, then IDK. Hopefully there is a replacement of BF seats with all aisle access accompanying this. Because ouch even in BF my back will be hurting. OUCH!

  11. I used to live in both SanFrancisco and Singapore and would have loved a non-stop…
    But this is barely in range for a B787-9. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to stop to refuel when facing headwinds… Philippine Airlines used to do that on their “non-stop” from SFO to Manila on B747 regularly…
    I think SQ has a better plan with their A350 ULR: 1,000 mm longer range than B787-9…

  12. Interesting on the flight numbers. I flew UA#1 from IAH to NRT in July 2015. I was surprised at that time that flight #1 was out of IAH.

  13. I flew once on SQ 21 EWR – SIN all business class flight. 18 hours in SQ J sounds fun, but I could not wait to get off the plane.

  14. J product is not very competitive for flight of this length.

    And the Y product if there ever was a 787 screaming out for a 8 across seating this is it, hell make that 7 across just to be on the safe side.

  15. @me

    Completely disagree with your comment on the 787 being terrible in long hauls – the freshest I’ve felt in a long time was after a fifteen hour flight on AC’s new biz class and previous flights on ANA and AI all operated with 787s – fresher even compared to other Asian first class products on the A380s. The in-cabin atmosphere in tbe 787 does have a significantly positive effect on the body. Now, I’m not saying that the packed economy on the 787 is necessarily ideal, but definitely a great aircraft to fly up front and especially ob long hauls where the in cabin atmosphere, hepa air filtration, lower wind shear noise and humidity actually matter. On top of that the new reverse herringbone products in premium cabins on many airlines are quite comfy. Not commenting on UAs product, but only on the aircraft.

  16. Thank You, but no thanks. A nonstop like this on United ? I’ll pass. I’ll take a one stop via Tokyo or Hong Kong, on JAL, ANA or Cathay anytime over a nonstop on United. I’m really surprised that SQ, who also ordered the 787’S didn’t jump on this one first.

  17. Wait.. I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

    Lucky or somebody help me out here..

    If United can operate a direct flight from SFO to SIN on a 787-9 and then why is Singapore Airlines always complaining about how USA is too far for them. I mean why do they have no non-stop flights into US when they have A380-800s whose range is higher than a 787 and probably better yields too? Why is there a requirement for an A350 ULR?

  18. @John

    Economics-it will be challenging to fill an A380 to SIN. SIA makes more profit in the non-SIN routes. The 787 matches the expected passenger load more and is more economical on the basis of fuel consumption per mile per passenger.

  19. I hope it doesn’t cause SQ to cut down on their ex-US flights.

    What are the remaining ex-NRT fifth freedom flights that US will continue to operate?

  20. Unless I have no other choice, otherwise I’d really rather have a short stopover somewhere in Asia on SQ instead. UA needs to do something ‘special’ about this service if its gonna win over any customers from SQ/the likes…

  21. To all the UA doubters (of which I was one), last year I did LAX -> NRT -> SIN which was a codeshare between United and ANA. To my utter surprise, I much preferred the UA leg of the trip (NRT -> SIN). I’m not sure if it was because it was flown by UA’s Asian crew, but the food, service and entertainment were all markedly better than on ANA that particular trip. So sometimes it’s worth keeping an open mind =)

  22. Lol. Jeez. UA’s biz is not SO bad, that people should be afraid to fly it so much that they’d rather take a stop than fly UA nonstop!

  23. I’ve flown the dreamliner in biz class and it was all good, even in Air India from Frankfurt to Syndey via Delhi (naturally, as it’s all lie-flat etc… but not enuff white wine on board for an entire flight with 2 (!) white wine drinkers, haha. Welcome to Air India). My experience flying the 787 in eco was the opposite. It’s tighter than I had ever imagined in the typical 9 abreast lay-out. I was shocked. And it feels even worse after flying eco in the A350, which felt surprisingly spacious. A non-stop flight from San Fransisco to Singaopore on a 787 in eco sounds like a total nightmare. Not for me! I’d rather have a stop somewhere and/or fly a 777 or A350 (or A380 or 747-i, but that’s not going to happen anyway).

  24. @justin, UA hasn’t flown 747s to SIN in a while. Both NRT and HKG-SIN flights are operated by 772s.

    In HKG, there are 2x daily 772 arrivals from the US (EWR and ORD) and 1x daily 747 arrival (SFO). One of the 772s does the SIN overnight, departing HKG evening and returning morning. The 747 sits on the ground in HKG overnight and no longer does the overnight to SIN. It used to years back, but not anymore.

  25. SQ now red-faced. For years they have been complaining to plane manufacturers no suitable long range planes and yet they did not order a 787-9 earlier.

    So UA just showed that they could make it work. There will be enough demand, as it cuts traveling time by a lot vs alternatives all which includes a transit.

    Lets now see if SQ will put something nonstop out earlier, or they will really give UA a 2-year head start in the non-stop route to US.

  26. This is exactly what the 787 was supposed to bring to us. Kudos to United for stepping it up regardless of my not being a fan these days.

    What is interesting is that this may put a strain on the Star Alliance relationship with Singapore. More and more I am seeing that technology and consolidation might eventually make alliances a thing of the past.

    In the meantime Iran Air orders A380’s for 65 passengers to go from Tehran to god knows where.

  27. Over the holidays I was at a party with a United employee, we got to talking, as us travel obsessed people do, and this person made a comment about how bad BusinessFirst was and how even they, as a person on the small side, found the seats tight and uncomfortable and: impossible to sleep in. Throw in the surly service, bad food and their almost pathological need to stop in Newfoundland for fuel 😉 and I think a leisurely flight via Frankfurt (from NYC) on SQ would be much preferred. Hell EVA thorough Taipei would also be a pleasure. For what’s worth I’m a United FF and my Hubby is 1K what our experience has taught us that this year we are flying AA.

  28. Any idea why SQ chose not to use the 787s delivered to their subsidiary Scoot to re-launch flights to US, but instead wait for the A350-ULRs, which will only be in service in 2018?

    I suppose they should be really keen to get back some lost market share from CX and the ME trio, so not sure why they would delay the launch when equipment was readily available?


  29. Unless you have flown on a UA B787, you should not automatically be critical of this route simply because you feel that you must parrot the usual knee-jerk criticism of UA’s soft product. A couple of years ago I did do LAX-PVG in BusinessFirst on a B787 and it was a great experience all around. I would do such a trip in UA’s B787 EconomyPlus without hesitation.

    I will be going to SIN in May, which will unfortunately be just 3 weeks before this SFO-SIN service starts or I would have jumped on it and taken the EWR-SFO p.s. flight and then the direct B787 SFO-SIN flight, and earned whopping 22,022 premier qualifying miles (PQM) in process. I may, in fact, do the return portion of this flight (UA2) on my way back from my 2016 Year-end Asian Escapade(TM) in early Jan 2017.

    Until then, I plan to do LGA-ORD-HKG-SIN and back for my May trip, which will require 2 extra stops and earn me 20,180 PQM and butt-in-seat miles toward requalifying my UA 1K status and reaching the million miler milestone by the end of this year.

    This is new nonstop service is definitely a Good Thing for US frequent travelers to SIN and SE Asia, the naysayers’ negativity notwithstanding.

  30. I would rather take SQ econ than United in business. This does not inspire me at all…the thought of 16 hours on a united flight with their service and crappy seats.

  31. Great news for Singapore-based travelers (like myself) as this increases competition to North America and will hopefully put pressure on prices (personally I never fly UA if I can avoid it so I wouldn’t fly this route myself).

    Now I am hoping for a non-stop SIN-YVR, that’s even 500 miles less than SIN-SFO. I would hope for SQs A350 to fly this but might even settle for AC.

  32. Yeah, but still a US airline with Im afraid the usual US lack of service and comfort level. No real option thus. I have used de SQ non stop frequently and for now will prefer a 1 stop flight with a normal airline.

  33. @Jared..

    Thanks! That makes sense, but again, SIA have been telling since a long time that they have a strong demand for USA. Also, if the economics do make more sense, SIA also has A350s on order. Why not fly them to USA? Why the need for A350 ULR?

  34. I live in Singapore. Don’t forget….SIN-SFO is not just a SQ vs UA game. Not even within Star Alliance.

    My favorite J-class for any major city in the US has to be BR. Great seats (1-2-1 configuration), good service, ok food; Lucky has done several reviews of BR’s product. What really makes the difference for me is that the connections in TPE to major US destinations – SFO, LAX, JFK, IAH – are so well timed for arrivals from SIN. BR will soon go double daily from SIN to TPE allowing for an even later departure at 3:45pm. In fact, it is faster to fly from SIN to any of those cities on BR than it is on the one-stoppers operated by SQ.

    Don’t get me wrong; SQ has a phenomenal product, but BR is much better value for money.

  35. Look at the business class seats configuration..2-2-2. No way I’ll be traveling 16 hours like that.

    Look at singapore airlines business seats configuration…1-2-1

    I’ll only travel 16 hours non stop if it’s super comfortable otherwise I’d rather have breaks via Seoul or Hong Kong

  36. And what about the economy class passengers…

    How does United expect them to sit in their seats for the entire time. They risk getting sick getting deep vein thrombosis that’s not a healthy option at all packing them like sardines non stop for 16 hours.

    Singapore Airlines only had business class the entire flight.

    Seriously? Cmon United… Think about passengers as well rather then only about your profits

    Very disappointing…

  37. Wow the comments! I have to wonder how many of these snobs hating on United have even done UA 787-9 biz on a 16 hr ultra long-haul route?

    I’ve done LAX-MEL UA biz on that aircraft multiple times and never experienced purported crappy service. I’d much rather have the offset BusinessFirst seats than the older non-offset seats.

  38. As many others have said, flying in that 2-2-2 business class cabin with United service standards would be absolute hell. The only way you’d want to fly this route is if it’s an emergency and there is no other way to get from Singapore to San Francisco. United = Yuck!

  39. Why the hate on the 787? I flew it once, BA Austin to London in Y (exit row at least) and thought the plane was plenty comfortable for the 8 hour flight. Would take a 787 over a 767 any day.

    But as for UA, i’ll admit i’ve never flown them long haul J but i’ve flown TATL Y and TCON J and thought the hard and soft product were miserable both times. Maybe if I lived in SFO I’d take UA if they were the cheapest option to SIN but from NYC I’d rather have a stop in Hong Kong, Seoul, Frankfurt or Dubai vs. stopping in SFO to pick up United. Heck, I’d prefer Delta JFK->NRT->SIN despite the rough flight times and their poor intra-Asia service

  40. Wow- would echo some of the earlier comments about what a bunch of over-entitled whiners! Back in the real world of people who need to get from SIN to the West Coast, like I do with my family 2-3 times a year, this is huge. Cutting off 4 hours and much more convenient timin than the current UA flights will probably bring us back to UA.

    I’m sure the economy class will be sold out- the demand for a non-stop is significant. I’d often end up with a Teo stop if I was going to SLC or DTW or any other smaller town in the US, so this is definitely more convenient.

  41. @John

    SIA has been having difficulties for last few years in actually getting filled flights to SIN – I have never flown on SIA with a full cabin from anywhere except for London (including the A380s they fly to-and-fro DEL, which they were a year ago seriously thinking about leasing out). It’s such a problem that SIA is actually trying to barge into domestic markets to increase revenue (i.e. Vistara). While flying the A350 to SFO is possible, I think they are still in the phase of crew familiarization with the aircraft (SIA tends to more secretive about route launches) currently. I also think they realize that it’s much more lucrative to have flights to SIN via the likes of Narita, which is one of their prime destinations.Even with the ULR, I do not expect to see a direct route from SFO-SIN. SIN is a very lucrative destination from Asia, but not so from the US, regardless of what they say. They have a strong demand for USA, but not directly to SIN.

  42. However, I do share thoughts with may other ppl here that this is a great move from UA for the likes of my wife who is from Singapore and would love to get on and get off. So, it’s UA, but nothing beats getting home to see your family faster and I agree with that too. When I go home, I just want to get home; first, biz, eco makes no difference to me since I am excited about getting to my family.

  43. @Alex

    Well it’s nice you have a little trip for 8 hours on BA from Austin. We are talking about 16 hours on United and I have flow 787 in biz and it sucks.

    SQ needs to get something going and put UA out of their misery. I refuse to fly US domestic carriers to Asia anymore…it’s not worth it. Gladly stop in HK or NRT on ANA or SQ than be stuck in hell on UA for 16 hours.

    I don’t fly coach, but I can’t even begin to imagine the hell those commoners must go through.

  44. @ Alex,

    I am with you – the 787 biz on non-UA airlines on long-haul (greater than 12 hours) have been lovely and refreshing. Haven’t tried the UA biz product yet, but maybe I should on board the 787.

    Unlike Mr. me here, I have flown coach on 787s as well; maybe a little cramped, but to be honest, it’s business as usual.

    Lovely aircraft imho followed by the A350 and the A380 for me and like it or not, it is the future. Although I have always been a sucker for a 747 too.

    If it’s not Boeing, I ain’t going ;P

  45. Take a deep breath and relax! This service will start whether or not the beasts who inhabit the travel blogosphere have already declared it too crappy to hop on.

    My sense is that many of the folks vowing to avoid this flight even in BF on a B787 have probably done at least a 10-h TPAC trip in standard economy and survived. There is absolutely nothing wrong with UA’s TPAC routes that are service by their B787, which I have taken countless times. To claim otherwise is to have standard so rigid as to either not be credible or be a vain prima donna

  46. First of all, this is a great route that makes lots of sense for UA and Star Alliance. I do think this puts SQ in a tough position.

    That said, I just flew UA 788 from IAH to LHR two days ago for 8 hours and change and it wasn’t great. I think the seat is OK, but even for someone 5’9″ like me, it is slightly too short and the footwell is too narrow. If you sit at the window, getting out requires climbing over your seatmate and there are not enough restrooms. Service is fin, so I don’t really have any complaints about that.

    I have flown the old TG LAX-BKK-LAX which they served on an A340-500 with 36″ pitch in Y and that was great. I also just flew TG A380 to BKK in Y and that was fine, and SQ Y flights FRA-SIN have always been pleasant.

    I tend to think I would rather fly SQ in Y than UA in J considering the cost differential of the tix, but if one can use instruments on UA rather than to fly Y on SQ, it may be worth it.

    UA will be able to fill this flight though. 48 J seats a day on the only ns to SIN from the US should not be difficult to fill given the wealth and VC money at both ends of this flight.

  47. I’m a little surprised at all the UA hatred on this option… I fail to see the appeal of breaking it into “two hops” no matter how good the service is on another airline.

    I used to go to our Singapore development office monthly, via SFO, and it was absolutely miserable to fly the 11 hours to Narita, sit around for 4 hours in the Red Carpet Club, then fly another 8+ to Changi– arriving at midnight two days later.

    I’d take the better air of a 787 and a saved 8 hours of my life any day over that ordeal.

  48. Not only is 9 across in Y tight and uncomfortable, it will be 16 hours of pure misery. And, let’s not forget that UA charges for mid-flight snacks. Customer.Unfriendly.

  49. Too bad they don’t have first class on this plane. That would be the only way United would be bearable for a flight this long. I agree with the majority of people here who prefer a stop on Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, ANA, Asiana or EVA.

  50. Count me with the others that would prefer one stop – heck, give me two! – on one of the Asian carriers over non-stop on UA. If have to be on business travel with the employer dictating that the UA flight must be chosen.

  51. Regarding United’s use of UA 1 and 2, could that be a throwback to the old Pan Am international routes that United inherited thirty years ago? As I recall PA1 and PA2 both went around the world in opposite directions, enabling one to fly an American airline (back when that was a good thing) from, say Europe to Asia.

  52. Actually I heard about these plans last July from a flight attendant who was deadheading between SEA and SFO.

    As for the route numbers, these were the numbers for the original Pan Am (and later UA) around the world flights (Pre – 2001). The difference was that the around the world flight was JFK-LAX-BKK-DEL-LHR-JFK for UA 1 and the reverse for UA-2.

    This makes me think that UA is aspiring to fly this route again…. maybe United will do this again with SFO-SIN-LHR-ORD(or maybe IAH)?

  53. While I’m not a particular fan of United’s service (domestic or international), this is an absolutely brilliant move by them. Given the 787 is a new jet, the kit should be in good nick. If they can up their game on the soft product, I think they’ve got a winner. I’ve always enjoyed flying SQ, but I do wonder if they will end up playing catch-up on this one. SQ may top United from a service standpoint, but the direct routing is huge.

  54. There’s always some reasons why people choose flying direct to destination. No need to argue.For some people who is in hurry and valued time, They would prefer the direct flight.

  55. Agree with RTBones – brilliant move by UA to seize the route that SIA abandoned. Now SIA has to play catch-up in 2018 and introduce better seats/prices.
    I can’t see the logic of some of those who posted above who said they’d prefer SIA economy class vs UA BusinessFirst on this route. The UA seats are flatbeds, but not SIA economy or econ plus. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing passengers with heart attacks after flying econ on this 18hr route from deep vein thrombosis. Maybe food is better on SIA, but if food from SFO is bad, I’d pack a good burrito from the Bay Area or wanton noodles to bring on the flight. If I fly this route from SIN-SFO, I’d pack some of my favorite Singapore dishes on board as I know UA’s food quality is near rock bottom, esp. out of SIN.
    If this flight completely replaces all US to NRT flights, I will miss the flights from, say, ORD or IAD to NRT: they usually serve very good Japanese cuisine (if you’re into Japanese food) from Michelin starred Japanese chefs on those flights.
    Can’t agree more with Jared, if your’e visiting family, nothing beats the quickest flight home. Also, if you have lost baggages through transit, gone through troublesome security checks during transit, been woken up from deep sleep and told to deplane while in a groggy state etc, for me, a nonstop flight is far better than a 1-stop.

  56. Not a chance I would fly on a 787 ever again. The windows don’t dim adequately and the seats are among the worst in the industry with limited recline compared to others. There are no dreams on a Dreamliner.

  57. Why the slam? United is amazing in my books. B777 (economy) from Hkg to newark for 16 hours was perfectly fine for me. I’m from Singapore and all I can say is UA> SQ. All my flights with SIA whether long or short haul has been horrendous. I’m 167cm tall and slim but suffer from extreme bad neck and body aches each time I travel with SQ. Their head rest don’t even function anymore, they don’t maintain their planes at all. All yellow and sht. I have better experiences even on the oldest planes on QF and TG.

    Lastly, I travelled on 787s 8 hours to SYD (on Scoot) and boy, they are beautiful planes, definitely more comfortable despite being low cost than that sht SQ planes with all that bulk.

    Comfort and Price > Cabin Crew? I mean really….. why so shallow? SQ is overrated. Time to look forward.

  58. Hi Lucky,

    Been reading your blog for quite some time. Always enjoy your commentary, insights and adventure.

    Singapore Airlines have announced they are commencing their non-stop flight between Singapore and US earlier than initially announced. I think they are using the A350-900 which may have payload restrictions depending on the winds:

    It’s a same that UA removed their SIN-NRT path. I flew this just last year and was hoping for some reminiscence by getting the same route from YVR-ICN-SIN then SIN-NRT-YVR. Been even monitoring their flights availability on FlightAware.

    Anyways, it would be great to try ANA again. Do you think they’d likely re-instate their SIN-NRT flight in the future? A non-stop flight is nice but sometimes you want to break up the flight with a lay-over especially when these Asian airports are so nicely fitted. ICN offers free tours for layovers.

    Best Regards,


  59. I fly SFO to SIN class C fairly frequently. The United direct flight is just slightly shorter than SIA and recently appears to be about $2000 more expensive! I really cannot see flying United 2-2-2 for $2000 more vs SIA 1-2-1. My impression, a SIA bulkhead seat is better than a United first…

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