Understanding Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection

A few days ago I wrote about American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso, which are two methods of making reservations that can get you additional benefits on stays at hundreds of high end hotels.

Some of you brought up Visa Signature’s Luxury Hotel Collection, so I figured I’d make a follow up post about it. This is a bit smaller scale of a program that’s available to anyone with a US-issued Signature Visa credit card, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, British Airways Visa, Hyatt Visa, United Explorer Visa, etc. To take advantage of this benefit you have to reserve and pay for hotel stays with a qualifying credit card.

The benefits for booking through the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection are as follows:

  • Best available rate guarantee
  • Automatic room upgrade upon arrival, when available
  • Free in-room Internet or Valet parking
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • 3PM check-out, when available
  • VIP Guest status
  • $25 food or beverage voucher

To break that down a bit further, it seems like the best rate guarantee applies exclusively to the prevailing or best flexible rate. In other words, when booking through this program you can’t use an advance purchase/AAA/senior/government/corporate rate, so in many cases the savings that can be had there might more than compensate for the extra benefits.

I think most of the other benefits are pretty self explanatory, though the one I find especially intriguing is “free in-room internet or valet parking.” If the hotel offers both you can choose, and if you choose valet parking it can be a value of up to $50 per day. The Andaz West Hollywood is part of this hotel collection, so between the free valet parking (if you rent a car) and food and beverage credit, booking through here would likely be consistently cheaper than booking an otherwise discounted rate.

Anyway, the program itself consists of over 800 hotels, and while they have a lot of luxury hotels, they also seem to include a few more mid-range properties than Virtuoso, which is probably useful for many of us. For example, all the US Andaz hotels are included in the collection. The website lets you search hotels either by their brand, name, or location, which is pretty useful, and the website is as easy to use as just about any booking site.

The results page will list all hotels in the area (I searched Los Angeles) along with their corresponding prices.

If you click on “See Rooms & Rates” you’ll see all the room options along with the corresponding benefits.

The cool thing is that at no point in the booking process do you have to log in (though you can choose to have a username and password so your info will be saved). On the next page you simply have to complete the purchase with a Signature Visa credit card, and your reservation will be confirmed.

I actually hadn’t known about this program until a few weeks ago, and it really pained to me to think for how long I’ve been missing out on these benefits for the Andaz hotels I’ve been staying at.

As always you should look at all the options before making a booking, including advance purchase rates, AAA rates, etc. But in many cases the additional benefits with this program may total $100 per night. I think the biggest potential benefit here is free valet parking for up to a $50 per day value, which both American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso don’t offer as a benefit. So while I still generally prefer the offerings of those two programs, I can see many circumstances under which I’d use the Signature Visa program instead.

Happy booking!

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  1. I used this portal once last year for a Vegas trip…the Wynn had a promo which included a $200 dining credit for a 2 night stay. This was in addition to the Visa Sig benefits, so in effect, a $225 dining credit. Also, instead of cont bf, they gave you $60/day for breakfast in their cafe or in-room dining. Only downside was internet was included in the “resort fee,” and parking was free, so a useless benefit at this site. I haven’t seen anything as good since then.

  2. I also find the Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection very useful. Its a benefit of the Explorer card, not sure what others cards are accepted. I find the benefits close to the Amex Platinum benefits with continental breakfast daily, $100 credit food/spa credit, guaranteed 4pm checkout, room upgrade on availability, etc.

  3. and some one on the previous thread mentioned the Kiwi Collection which apparently includes the Visa Signature collection plus some others.

    The interface is exactly the same as the Visa Signature collection.

  4. What is VIP Guest status? Is this a very vague statement for each hotel or it means something specific.

  5. @ caveman — I suspect it means nothing. In theory at the higher end hotels perhaps you’d be tagged as a “VIP,” though most guests are for one reason or another.

  6. Does one get credit towards hotel loyalty programs like Gold Passport and Hilton HHonors for stays booked through this portal, and is there an entry box to place the frequent hotel guest number into the booking on the site?

  7. @Ismael Sapphire preferred card can also access the LHR collection. I have never used it, though

  8. @ James — They sure do.

    @ chitownflyer — You can earn points, though to add your number you’re probably best off calling the hotel chain directly.

  9. Just thought I would point out, it exists for Canadian’s as well. Just up here the signature card is called “Infinite” luxuryhotels.visainfinite.ca

  10. Since it was mentioned in a few posts, would you mind writing about the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection in a future post?

    This program is for “eligible Chase Card members”.

    So it would seem Chase cards such as the Sapphire or Ink Bold would offer the ability to use either program – right?

    Thank you.

  11. Wow that is a brilliant incentive for Visa Signature users, more of this will encourage people into staying in hotels. Well done on blogging it.

  12. That World Elite MC program looks like it has some great stuff in it beyond hotels. For example you can get a complimentary upgrade to business class when you buy a coach ticket (although it has to be from a specific fare bucket that may well limit the actual amount of the value), other airline programs including Virgin Atlantic discounts of 15-25% for Upper class and premium economy. You can even get a discount on Lufthansa private jet flights.

  13. Just used this for 2 hotels in Italy this summer, very excited for the extra perks and hoping for some upgrades!

  14. Man, they have a terrible website. I picked a hotel in Venice I wanted to check availability for – after I put in dates and my card info, the website looped me back around to selecting the section of Venice I wanted! I assume you are calling to book, because that website makes me want to stab their IT person in the neck.

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