A Look At Ukraine’s New 777 Cabins

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Last month I wrote about how Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is in the process of taking delivery of some 777s. The airline has four secondhand 777s being delivered next year, all of which previously flew for Asiana. The airline will begin flying these planes as of March, and the first route to get the 777 will be Kiev to New York.

While we knew how these planes would be configured in terms of the number of seats, we didn’t know what the actual seats would look like. My assumption was that they’d mostly keep the same seats that Asiana had on the planes, and then somehow would add premium economy, since Asiana doesn’t offer that.

We now know what the interiors of Ukraine’s new 777s will look like, and it’s great news. Here’s a video showing the cabins:

While not cutting edge, these new cabins are a massive improvement for the airline. Ukraine’s 777s will have 21 fully flat business class seats, spread across three rows in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Then there will be two rows of premium economy, in a 2-4-2 configuration.

Then economy will be in a 3-4-3 configuration. Keep in mind that UIA is one of only a few airlines to have eight seats per row in economy on the 767 (rather than seven seats), so the 777 with 10 abreast seating will feel downright spacious by comparison.

I flew UIA’s business class between Kiev and New York last year, and these new cabins are such a massive improvement over the old product. Previously UIA’s business class seats were incredibly narrow and didn’t recline all that far, not to mention the lack of personal entertainment, power ports, etc.

Given UIA’s attractive fares across the board (in economy, premium economy, and business class), there’s now more of an incentive than ever before to fly with them between the US and Europe.

I look forward to giving UIA another try once they have these new planes.

Would you consider flying one of Ukraine’s new 777s?

  1. One of the routes on schedule for the 777 is TLV. I wouldn’t be surprised if TLV is their most popular route today. (More from Israelis visiting Ukraine than the opposite way around)

  2. 2-3-2 in business class? Ukraine graduates to business class circa 1997.

    Interesting that at 0:32 the video screen shows the route as MUC-LAX.

  3. Its looks more compfortable than the new elal plane even dough its 2 3 2 configaragion
    seat is wider, its like Lot/ ethiopian airline.

  4. They are just like TK Business Class seats. Now that TK has significantly cut back on the soft product I bet these two products are very similar.

  5. Already booked a flight from JFK-LWO via KBP on the new Boeing 777. Pretty excited, huge improvement than the older 767. The food on business on UIA is very good compared to other European airlines, such as LOT or Lufthansa.

  6. @Shanwn, I haven’t flown Turkish J for more than a year. What did they cut in their soft product? That was the most impressive part of the whole experience.

  7. Waste of money.Have you ever tried connecting at Kiev Airport. I do not think they will attract any traveller.

  8. @Matthew, I thought their catering quality has dropped on long-haul flights. Still the tasty Do&Co food, but:

    *No more Godiva chocolates offered (either before or after the main meal).
    *No amuse bouche, mixed nuts only.
    *No buffet style appetizer for lunch/diner service. Now down to 2 selections preset on a plate.
    *No more Turkish sweets or ice cream, but still wide range of dessert options are available.

    However, there now is a very extensive “Wellness Tea” menu which I found excellent.

    Other than that, there is no longer a pillow menu, but still the standard sleeping one is quite comfortable. The crews are still charming overall.

    Oh, apparently TK will end the Do&Co catering soon which is sad…


  9. @ARMEN IPEKCI Kiev Airport is quiet nice better than most eastern european airports. Ranked 3rd best in Eastern Europe.

  10. Heh, so now Ukraine Airlines will have a better business class than Lufthansa (until 2028 when Lufthansa upgrades to an already obsolete product).

  11. I look forward to reviews of the new uia business class on the 777 as I’ve just booked to fly with them lgw to bkk via Kiev in nov 2018….

  12. As of April 19,2018 Ukrainian Airlines still does not fly newer planes between New York and Kiev. But their prices are not cheaper than Lufthansa or Lot. I flew Ukrainian Airlines from NY to Kiev and it was a horrible experience. Seats are EXTREMELY small (just as overhead bins) and no personal entertainment.

  13. Awesome – thanks for this. I just found a super cheap UA fare for September and was wondering if the 777 is an improvement. to save $700 over Delta (westbound flight) I think it’s worth the risk for an adventure!

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