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Last December I posted about how you can easily check your passenger rating through the Uber app.

Many people use Uber on a daily basis, and part of the reason it’s so successful is because of the great service. That’s largely due to the instant feedback loop, since you can rate your drive, which gives them an incentive to go above and beyond.

A lot of people don’t realize that passengers are actually rated as well. As a passenger your rating isn’t actually that important, since you likely won’t be rejected for a ride unless your score is really low. But that doesn’t stop people from being curious about what their scores are.

The ability to look up your rating directly through the Uber app is new as of late last year. Prior to that you had to email Uber to ask for your passenger rating.

Anyway, I just happened to randomly be checking my rating today, and noticed Uber now lists more detailed passenger ratings. Previously Uber would only give you your Uber rating for one digit after the decimal place, while now they show you your score up to two digits after the decimal place.

In other words, previously Uber might show a score of 4.5, while now they might show a score of 4.51.

Again, this totally doesn’t matter, but I know a lot of people are fascinated by the rating system, which is why I’m writing about this.

If you’re someone who checks your score religiously, you might find this interesting, since you’ll see your score move more often.

For example, say your score is 4.50, and you’ve taken 50 rides with Uber. If a driver gives you a rating of “5,” your score would immediately go up to 4.51. If your driver gave you a rating of “4,” your score would go down immediately to 4.49.

While it’s insignificant, I guarantee many of you will be checking your scores more often now, just for giggles.

As a reminder, here’s how you check your score:

When you’re logged into the app, simply tap the icon at the top left of the screen and then click on “Help.”


On the next page select the “Account” option.


Then click the button that says “I’d like to know my rating.”


You’ll be brought to a page which explains how the rating system works, and then at the bottom of the page you can hit the “Submit” button to get your score.


The next page will display your Uber rating…


Bottom line

While insignificant, it is pretty cool that Uber will now show you a more detailed score. If you haven’t taken hundreds of rides with Uber and don’t have a perfect score, you’ll be able to track your change in score in real time.

So, anyone want to fess up to checking their score more often with this more detailed rating? 😉

  1. I hate this rating system because grade inflation is so rampant. From what I am told, you should give the driver a 5 if the ride was okay or better. You should give a 4 if it was bad and a 3 or worse only if it was awful. Apparently drivers get fired for having average ratings worse than 4.

  2. Total BS rating system. No matter how the rate me I will continue to be fair with the drivers which I usually rate them at a 5. I am always very polite, clean, engage on a conversation if I feel the driver is willing to have one and never cancelled a ride. My rating is 4.58. Oh, I don’t tip and never will because that kills the value proposition of Uber which is for me a wallet free transaction.

  3. Mine still only shows one decimal point. Per the app store it was updated yesterday. Maybe my second decimal is a 0?

  4. Interesting development… As a 4.9 rider, I usually give 5 stars about 95% of the time to the driver. I have been using Uber for 2 years (total 500+ rides) and while I agree with Tom that the grade is inflated. I look at the score after the 4.?? If 4.7-4.9 is acceptable. If 4.6, I get a little nervous, if 4.5 driver accepts my request I will tend to cancel the trip right away. Usually drivers with low score have bad customer service or want to follow the Uber app for GPS which sucks most of the time. If the driver won’t use Waze or plays inappropriate music or has bad energy, other riders know. I believe that I have a high rating still because I usually treat the drivers as hard working human beings respect and not your servant. By the way, Ben, I only tip Uber drivers occasionally when they go out of their way for me(5% of the time) so it isn’t because of that that I have a high rating.

  5. So here’s what I do.

    After I finish the ride and BEFORE I rate the driver through the app, I log into and see what my rating is. It appears to be updated real time and it’s fairly easy to see what they’ve rated you as long as you have your rating before you took the ride.

    With the detailed rating this is even easier to do. Some scumbag driver rated me a 3 this week for no reason at all and was able to rate him appropriately. Otherwise I would have given him a 5.

  6. I really don’t like the rating system. I used to rate “honestly” whereby I didn’t dole out 5s too often, thinking 5 had to be a PERFECT trip – and how many of those have we really taken.

    But then I learned they get fired if the driver doesn’t maintain a really high average (4.5 or something) so I generally give 5s unless it’s really bad.

  7. I am at 4.87 stars over 200 trips. There is no justifiable reason for any driver to have rated me poorly. I’ve never made anyone wait for me, I’ve never left a car dirty, I’ve never given a vague destination, and I’ve never spoken in any tone other than polite, even when I had a driver yell and kvetch that I should have walked my 0.6 mile trip at night in the cold.

  8. @Jason: Have you tipped the drivers? That is the entire BS about this rating system. Same here. There is no reason that justifies my 4.58 rating other than I never tip. Trust me, I got did some trips with Lyft which I find more expensive than Uber at least where I live and all Lyft drivers said they also driver for Uber but prefer Lyft because Uber does not have an option for a tip on their app. That is the only reason I can see why my rating is what it is.

  9. @Santastico

    I’ve got a 4.92 and have never once tipped over my many hundreds of rides. Something else might be driving down your score? I think the market you live in probably has a bigger impact on average score than anything else.

  10. I took my first Uber ride earlier this week. I gave the driver a “5”, didn’t realize he got to rate me (5) also. Interesting.

  11. Inflated rating systems like Uber’s are just as pointless as Hotels insisting that they always exceed your expectations.

    Everyone’s so hungry to get and react to feedback that it’s impossible to give accurate ratings without them being misinterpreted.

  12. I only use Uber in Seattle when I am traveling and I have a 4.5 score for about 40 rides. I have never been late, always out on the street waiting, never given a vague destination, always am pleasant, never smoke, eat or drink in the car (even if they have candy or water in the back), etc. Never a reason to give me any less than a 5, except I don’t tip, unless it is a very busy, hectic drive and the driver has done well getting me to my destination safely. I always give a 5. I have never given anything less. I can only see the reason for anything less than a 5 is that I do not tip. This system is bogus!

  13. I was a 5 yesterday, after I cancelled a ride because the driver was too far away, it went down to 4.90 today 🙁 I wish there’s a way for me to give a rating to that cancels ride.

  14. I have contacted Uber a number of times about the ridiculousness of this system which they refuse to address. In New York I have been repeatedly asked for tips and they will downgrade if I don’t pay (usually just landed with no cash). I have reported them but still get their low score and they refuse to remove it. I got a drop for a their system messing up. Tried to find an uber for 15 mins and app kept crashing. Ended up in taxi almost at JFK when I get a call from a guy saying he has arrived at the hotel, where am I (almost 45 mins after I gave up). Another drove 15 mins in the wrong direction, despite his 2 gps telling him to turn around, claiming it was a shortcut. Whilst they credited the dollars back, they refused to remove the negative ratings. Unfortunately many cars just skip over the booking if you are less than 4.6. Still far better than a taxi but very frustrating.

  15. I just went into my Uber and when I go to help I do not have the ” account” option I instead have account and payment options. I searched every option in the menu and never came across an option to find my rating. Help?

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