Two positive changes coming for Northwest flyers!

To a large extent Northwest flyers are getting screwed by the merger with Delta, at least as far as their mileage program is concerned. Basically they’re trying to get the WorldPerks program in line with Delta’s SkyMiles program, which isn’t a good thing for the most part.

There are a couple of bright spots, though. Last night Northwest Platinum members received their six systemwide upgrades via email, which are much more restrictive than American or United systemwide upgrades, but are still better than nothing. I doubt I’ll be using mine, and unfortunately they’re not transferable either.

More importantly, in my book, Randy Petersen is reporting that Northwest will adopt Delta’s million miler program by the end of the year. This is great news, given that the benefits for achieving million miler status with Northwest are limited at the moment. Once Northwest adopts the million miler program, one can earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum status for life by earning one million, two million, or four million Medallion Qualifying Miles respectively.

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