Two guys overnight at the American Airlines concourse at Dallas/Ft. Worth and make a video

Two guys found themselves stranded overnight at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport and decided to make a video commemorating the evening, which they uploaded here a few days ago.

In the video they’re pictured playing around in wheelchairs, beat boxing on the mic at gates, and even pouring themselves a beer at one of the restaurants. This has caused a huge uproar regarding “security,” given that they went about their activities all night without anyone stopping them.

First of all I have to say that I thought the video was incredibly well done given that it seemed to be a spur of the moment video (content aside). For the most part I think it’s hilarious, though I’m not sure how smart it is to post a video of you “stealing” a beer from a restaurant by gaining entry into their kitchen without permission.

The only thing that potentially concerns me about “security” in this instance is whether or not they may have had access to sharp knives in the kitchen of the restaurant. Other than that, they were already screened for security, so I don’t see any safety concern. Still, you’d think that airport security would tell them to knock it off.

What are your thoughts? Hilarious? Pathetic? A safety concern? No big deal?

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  1. There were a group of Aussie guys who made a TV show, “Chasers war on Everything”.
    In one episode they’re wrecking havoc in SYD airport.
    And this is screened on free to air TV…
    I find it hilarious.
    People have to learn to have fun and enjoy themselves.

  2. This is obvious a pro video, no one with the proper equipment and lightning could get an amateur footage like that. It was well made and I’m certain this was filmed with sone intention, not clear now, but soon we shall know!

  3. maybe the restaurant part was staged after filming inside the airport. find it hard to fathom they gained access to a restaurant after hours. if they indeed did, i think more blame should be put on whoever it was that failed to secure the property

  4. My guess is a Canon viral Promo, it’s too good for ‘just getting stuck’ at the airport and the Canon link, is the Eos cover on his bag?

  5. At ORD at least all the knives in the restaurants (at least that the public can see) are secured with aviation cable to the counter tops so you can’t walk away with them. I’d assumed this was a universal thing.

  6. @JCB I had the same thought. As with any suspiciously slick clip, the assumption is “corporate viral video until proven innocent”

  7. Fun vider, perhaps. But the idea that it was made spur of the moment and w/o professional gear? Bull shit. Someone is pulling your leg. No hand-held gitters, percet lighting… coooome on shepeople.

  8. This is 100% staged and shot at the airport with permission as a short film.
    Style, beautiful lighting, camera mounts, cleaning stuff perfectly wiping the frame, plus, if only two guys got stuck there overnight, who was filming it?
    Restaurant could have easily been shot anywhere
    outside the airport, so I would not even worry about security. My 2c.

  9. This is quite surprising that they got away with it as long as they did. Last year I attempted to overnight at the US Airways Club at LaGuardia. The door remained unlocked for cleaning staff. I pushed two couches together in a dark corner, found stashes of cheese and snacks, washed up in the bathroom and fell asleep. I was abruptly awaken about 90 minutes later. TSA agents and members of a private security group threw me out and told me I was trespassing (and apparently on camera). They didn’t respond well to me waving around a US Airways Club card telling them that I was grandfathered in for the day…


  10. I doubt it’s staged. I mean why would DFW grant permission to these two to pull a stunt that makes them look bad (not to mention why would they then go make statements about this was unacceptable). You would be surprised how little equipment you need to make high quality video these days, especially if you are a professional, which these people seemed to be. Finally, if you actually look at the video, they film only a few very short little segments. I bet most of their night was spent setting up the shots and less of it was goofing around.

    The only thing that seems off is the stealing of the beer, and I don’t quite know how they pulled that off. Maybe they got lucky…

  11. Spinning on his back on the up/down escalator hand rails was awesome. Thanks for the link, chasgoose. Definitely not an amateur video, but does seem spur of the moment.

  12. Spinning on his back on the escalator hand rails was unsafe, dangerous and stupid.

    Running up the down escaltor was unsafe and stupid.

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