New: Earn Southwest Points For Turo Rentals

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Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace. As the “sharing” economy continues to evolve, think of it as the car rental equivalent of Airbnb, Uber, etc.

Up until now Turo hasn’t had any opportunities to earn airline points for rentals, though that’s finally changing thanks to a new partnership between Turo and Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards.

With this new partnership, which is initially valid through October 15, 2019, you can earn up to 30,000 Rapid Rewards points:
  • Earn 2,000 Rapid Rewards points after you complete your first trip of at least $50 with Turo
  • Earn 500 Rapid Rewards points for each additional rental of at least $50 with Turo
  • Earn 10,000 Rapid Rewards points after you list your car and host your first trip with a minimum value of $50

In order to be eligible you need to enter a valid Southwest Rapid Rewards number at the time of booking, and the $50 minimum doesn’t include taxes & fees. Furthermore, the name on the Southwest account and Turo account need to match, so you can’t have a rental for someone else credited to your Rapid Rewards account, for example. Points should post within 30 days.

Southwest Rapid Rewards is a revenue based frequent flyer program, and each point is worth about 1.3 cents towards the cost of a ticket on Southwest. So if you list your car for the first time you’re looking at earning about $130 worth of points, while you’re looking at about $26 worth of points after your first trip, and about $6.50 worth of points for each additional rental.

Bottom line

Turo is a great alternative to traditional car rentals, and it’s even better that you’re now able to earn points with them. The first time bonuses are pretty good, while the ongoing 500 points per rental doesn’t do much to encourage longer or more expensive rentals.

I should note that like most things in the sharing economy, customer service often isn’t great when things go wrong. Last summer Ford shared his terrible experience with Turo. Conversely, I’m actually renting a Turo right now, and my experience has been excellent.

Will you take advantage of this new Southwest & Turo partnership?

  1. I looked at Turo in Las Vegas last year, (CES trip in January) but finally decided against it. My reasoning was: 1) CES is a Madhouse period in Las Vegas with a huge influx of visitors. It’s certainly enough to stress operations unaccustomed to the sheer volume. 2) Turo, *weirdly*, has very restricted operating hours. If anything unusual happens with flight arrivals into McCarran, you could easily find yourself unable to pick up your car. In this case, that sort of problem means that, assuming one is even available, you get stuck with a car at “last minute, didn’t plan ahead” prices from a traditional Rental Agency. In short, BEND OVER.

    So, for me, and during CES, Turo’s limited hours and potential for ending up either carless or with a very overpriced “last minute” alternative killed it.

  2. Given the regulations behind rental car agencies in many, if not most, states, I’d honestly be surprised if entities such as Turo will exist in the long term without significant changes to state laws. (As an example, it’s actually illegal to rent cars in my state without a license from the Department of Motor Vehicles, but it’s possible to go to Turo and rent someone’s car there, and I find it doubtful that people here are getting licensed to rent on Turo.)

  3. Fair warning, Turo is FLAKEY and you have zero recourse.

    I have tried using them twice, both times the car owners flaked with a lame excuse and I had to find another rental last minute. Customer service would not do anything except refund my rental.

    Renter Beware.

  4. Hi Keyser Soze,

    A representative from Turo here. I wanted to address a point that you made about Turo’s operating hours. When you book a vehicle on Turo, you are able to choose your pick-up and drop off times and work with the owner if your plans change. If you are stuck in a situation where your plans are changed, we recommend using the in-app text feature to let the host know that your pick-up time must be adjusted — a quick fix! If you choose to speak with customer service, our agents are available 24/7 to help answer questions and resolve issues. Turo additionally has a Chat feature to get immediate help, email for less time-sensitive issues, and text for concerns related to damage claims. (


  5. Hi Mike,

    A representative from Turo here. Turo currently legally operates in 49 states (in New York there are specific insurance laws that prevent Turo from operating in the state) and is working with legislators across the nation to help create laws that regulate the peer-to-peer car-sharing industry fairly.

    In terms of your example, Turo requires a valid license to have an account on the site and before booking a vehicle. You can read more about our verification process here:(


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