Turkish Airlines Releases New LEGO Themed Safety Video

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Nowadays airlines put quite a bit of effort into their safety videos. Rather than just making them informational and boring to the point that people tune out, they try to make them engaging, so that people are more likely to pay attention.

There are different ways airlines try to make these videos interesting — some focus on humor, some focus on the destination, and others focus on beautiful visuals.

Last August Turkish Airlines released what was easily one of my favorite safety videos ever. The video was LEGO themed and was both cute and hilarious, which I find to be a rare combination. I loved that the safety video poked fun at other airline safety videos.

Here’s that video, for those who haven’t seen it:


Well, just six months after that initial video, Turkish Airlines has released a sequel safety video based on the LEGO Movie 2, which is in theaters worldwide starting today (February 8, 2019).

This 4min27sec video will appear on all Turkish Airlines flights as of March 1, 2019. It features Emmet, Lucy, and others from the cast of the LEGO Movie 2 in starring roles, with LEGO Batman directing the safety video.

This video also highlights a lot of Turkish Airlines’ global destinations, including Bali, Moscow, San Francisco, Rome, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and ends at Istanbul’s new airport. Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline, so obviously that’s something they’re trying to highlight.

Some other interesting stats about the safety video. Producing the video took a total of 979 hours over the course of four months, and work was done on it in Turkey, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

There were over 400 people involved in the creative process, including 252 extras, in addition to the six person cast in the live action and sequence. The live action crew consisted of over 80 people, while the animation team included almost 70 people.

The video features 24,000 LEGO mini-figures, and a total of over 20 million LEGO bricks were used to build all the locations in the safety video, which is ten times the number of bricks that were used in the first safety video.

Here’s the new video:


Personally I think it’s incredibly impressive how much effort went into this video. However, I have a strong preference for the previous video, which I found to be funnier.

While I loved playing with LEGO as a kid, I haven’t seen the first movie, so don’t have much context for the characters. Therefore this video is somewhat lost on me.

What do you make of Turkish Airlines’ new safety video? Which of the two LEGO videos do you like more?

  1. I like both! But I’ve heard the first movie is better than the second, so maybe this follows that? I will say I never got sick of the first one even though I watched it many times. Including online with my son, who loved it.

  2. 4.5 minutes in duration! That’s a recipe for me to try to do everything I can to tune it out.

    I appreciate airlines trying to make these interesting, but jeez, 4.5 minutes is too long.

  3. turkish airlines said they used 20,000,000 lego bricks to make this? there’s no way they used actual lego bricks for either of their videos. the movies themselves used CGI. look how perfect the lighting is in every shot. lego blocks lend themselves well to computer animation.

  4. They should have quit while they were ahead! The second effort was a waste of time and money!
    Perhaps the next time they get a bright idea in the front office, they should lie down till it passes!

  5. I flew yesterday on Turkish from London to TLV with a layover in IST and they only showed the new video on my first flight and it’s a shame that they didn’t have it English.

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