Turkish Airlines’ New LEGO Safety Video Is Brilliant

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Nowadays airlines put quite a bit of effort into their safety videos. Rather than just making them informational and boring to the point that people tune out, they try to make them engaging, so that people are more likely to pay attention.

There are different ways airlines try to make these videos engaging — some focus on humor, some focus on the destination, and others focus on beautiful visuals.

Turkish Airlines has just released a new safety video, which is easily one of my favorite safety videos ever.

First and foremost, I’m impressed that the video is only 3min40sec long. One of the issues with creative airline safety videos is that they tend to be really long, to the point that takeoff is sometimes delayed so that the safety video can be completed. At under four minutes, Turkish’s new video is one of the shorter ones out there.

Here’s the video:


My gosh, I thought this video was both cute and hilarious, which is a rare combination. I love how they go through the “step-by-step flashy video instructions,” and incorporate them all into the video.

I especially love how they say “it’s not a flashy airline safety video without a catchy song and dance.” I do feel like it’s a lost opportunity that they didn’t include Turkish’s “Globally Yours” song in the video, because if you want to talk to talk about a catchy song

I even prefer this to the safety video that Turkish Airlines released in late 2016, featuring a magician:


Brilliantly done, Turkish Airlines!

What do you think of Turkish’s new LEGO safety video?

(Tip of the hat to Svenblogt)

  1. This looks awesome!, It would be really cool if you can actually purchase the Lego Turkish Airlines plane.

  2. Turkish Airlines, please also include how to prevent theft videos. Very high chance will lost your money and belongings during your flight. i.e IST to JFK

  3. Lucky, this is beyond brilliant!! It’s amazingly awesome to say the least! I have 2 long haul segment with TR C coming up at the end of the month, and I’ll look forward to watch this on board & get the LEGO plane too!

  4. Do they have a lego Mayor of Gotham City who throws Lego journalists in jail? Because that would be REALLY Turkish!

  5. DIdn’t do much for me, except for the attempt to dis the (late) Virgin America safety video around the 1:50 mark, which is still my absolute favorite. Todrick Hall rocks

  6. Seriously, need to buy a Lego plane…I guess in the billion-ish Lego pieces in my house I could probably piece one together 🙂

  7. I love this! Definitely the best of the “novelty” safety videos we’re seeing these days. I still cringe thinking about Air NZ one in Antarctica…how tone deaf was that?

    One issue though, from 2:45 does Elizabeth Banks give potentially misleading advice- she says to inflate the lifejacket on leaving the aircraft but then says to inflate immediately at 2:55. She may be talking about the infant life vest but to me it’s not super clear…but it could just be me.

    I don’t think I’ll ever fly Turkish due to the political situation there so I doubt I’ll ever see it outside YouTube.

  8. This is SOOOO cute hahah I literally spend 3:40 minutes at home to watch an airline safety video while I get super bored on the plane watching it.

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