Miami’s New Turkish Airlines Priority Pass Lounge

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Update: You can read a review of the lounge here.

It looks like a great new Priority Pass lounge has opened at my home airport!

The New Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami

Turkish Airlines has just opened a lounge at Miami Airport, located in Concourse E. The lounge is on the small side, and is located in the space of the former American Flagship Lounge from eons ago (I feel like that lounge closed close to a decade ago?).

I’m a bit confused, because this is the first I’ve heard of the lounge, and usually you see signs or some other hints during construction, while there were no clues here.

This is only Turkish Airlines’ fifth lounge outside of Istanbul, after their lounges in Bangkok, Moscow, Nairobi, and Washington.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Nairobi

The airline operates a single daily flight to Miami, using a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

I’m a bit confused about the lounge’s location. As  far as I know, Turkish Airlines leaves from the South Terminal (Concourses H & J), while this lounge is located in Concourse E, which is primarily used by American (and oneworld partners) and not connected airside to the South Terminal.

So am I really just totally unfamiliar with my home airport, or can anyone make sense of why Turkish’s new lounge is in Concourse E? Is the airline opening this solely as a money making operation without the intent of their own passengers using it, is Turkish Airlines moving concourses, or what?

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Joins Priority Pass

As is standard with Turkish Airlines outstation lounges (with the exception of the one in Moscow), the Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami belongs to Priority Pass. It’s not yet on the Priority Pass website, but already shows on the app.

According to the app, the lounge is open 24/7, which makes it the only lounge I know of in the concourse that’s open overnight.

Concourse E is accessible airside from all D & E gates, so this lounge is ideal for American Airlines passengers.

This will be the first “traditional” Priority Pass lounge in Concourses D & E, though Priority Pass members have access to three Priority Pass restaurants:

  • Viena, which is located landside and is probably the all around best, with great views and solid food
  • Air Margaritaville, which is also located landside, and is home to the 2,810 calorie pancake breakfast
  • Corona Beach House, which is the only airside Priority Pass restaurant

Viena, a Priority Pass restaurant

Bottom Line

It’s nice to see yet another lounge option in Miami. This is exciting since it’s the first “true” Priority Pass lounge in the American terminal in Miami, though there’s also an Amex Centurion Lounge, a couple of Admirals Clubs, and several Priority Pass restaurants.

I look forward to checking out this lounge very soon.

I’m still curious about the location of the lounge, though, since Turkish doesn’t fly from this terminal — was it opened simply because Turkish saw a business case for a Priority Pass lounge here, is Turkish changing terminals, or what?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. @ Carlos — It sure seems to be, based on the Priority Pass website, and also based on the location of the former Flagship Lounge.

  2. Is this taking the place of the current VIP Lounge in Terminal E? When you look at Priority Pass it suggests that a new permanent location was opening up in the fall of 2019, so I’m presuming they mean this will now be a Turkish Airlines lounge?

  3. Finally! A lounge in the third world country that is Concourse E! I get sick to my stomach just smelling the Pizza Hut and looking at the World Wide Cafe that looks like someone dropped it into the terminal straight from the 1970’s.

    But seriously, Concourse E sucks.

  4. “As is standard with Turkish Airlines outstation lounges, the Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami belongs to Priority Pass.”
    TK lounge at VKO (Moscow) is not Priority Pass lounge

  5. Great opportunity when flying Qatar AW, if one has access to Priority Pass lounges. QR departs from the high E’s (train access) but sends its passengers to the AA Flagship lounge at gate 30, quite far away. I believe that BA, IB and the like also use the high E’s, and the former “Admiral Club turned Premium lounge for those airlines at the root of E, airside, is now closed. No idea whether closed for good or for refurbishment.

  6. This comment started my day off with a very big laugh out loud – thank you!

    Unwashed Masses says:
    November 7, 2019 at 8:56 am
    we can’t wait to overcrowd this place

  7. Can I visit multiple Priority Pass restaurants or lounges in the same airport before departure? For example in MIA, can I go dine in Viena before security check? Then later I visit Turkish Airline lounge after going thru TSA.

  8. There’s another proper PP lounge that opened in Concourse E recently. It’s a temporary lounge located in the “high” E gates. So, this is not the “first “traditional” Priority Pass lounge in Concourses D & E”.

  9. They opened a lounge at JFK last month also.

    TK runs them in association with Turkish airport operator TAV.

  10. Loving this lounge although a tad difficult to find. Many airport employees have no idea where it is. Enter e terminal gates 1-? Turkish on right. Carry luggage up stairs. Two rooms. Hot, cold food, serve yourself alcohol (wine beer liquor!), and seating in main. Second room to sit work. Although crowded very quiet. Staff constantly cleaning. Thumbs up!!

  11. Ok I was in E Saturday and saw the new lounge. Can confirm it is post security. Its opposite the elevator to the Admirals Club which is currently closed for renovations. It’s on the left side (before duty free) over where the restrooms are. I still, like others, simply dont understand why it would be in E if they leave from J. I’ve heard nothing about them moving to E or D and frankly theres likely not enough gate space for them. @Ben please do provide an update when you can an answer to this. It’s a real head scratcher

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