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Last week Turkish Airlines opened a lounge in Miami, making it only their fifth lounge outside of Turkey (complementing their lounges in Bangkok, Moscow, Nairobi, and Washington). This is exciting because it’s a Priority Pass lounge, making it the only traditional Priority Pass lounge location in American’s terminal.

I decided to check out the lounge prior to a flight this morning. My flight was only at 9AM, but naturally I got to the airport at 4AM so that I could review the lounge when it was still pretty empty. Ford was obviously delighted.

“What time do you need to get up tomorrow?”
“How about 3:15AM?”
“Isn’t your flight at 9?”
“Oh, is there something at the airport you’re reviewing?”

He’s catching on, and is so understanding. Winston, on the other hand, wasn’t as forgiving, wondering why we were waking up so early, and why I had a bag (and yes, that’s a painting of Winston in the background… don’t judge!).

“Where do you think you’re going, dad?”

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Location

The Turkish Lounge Miami is located in Concourse E, which is in the North/Central Terminal. Concourses D & E are connected airside, meaning that this lounge is accessible by everyone flying American, as well as those flying on select oneworld partners.

Rather bizarrely, Turkish Airlines doesn’t leave from this concourse, and their terminal isn’t even connected airside. So as far as I know Turkish has built a lounge that they don’t intend to use for their customers. Strange, eh?

If you clear security in Concourse E (which has the benefit of having CLEAR) then you should see the entrance to the lounge immediately ahead and on the left, one level above the concourse.

If you’re coming from Concourse D (as I was), just follow the signage towards gates E1-E35.

Walking to Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami

At the end of the terminal connector turn left, and you’ll see the entrance to the Turkish Airlines Lounge on the right.

Walking to Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami entrance

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami entrance

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Hours

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami is open 24/7, which is, once again, completely bizarre. In Concourses D & E there aren’t any flights that I know of that are scheduled to depart between about 12AM and 5:30AM, so I have no clue why they stay open.

I mean, I guess the hours are useful if you were on last night’s delayed flight from Miami to New Orleans… ouch!

2:52AM flight? Ouch!

When I arrived at the lounge I tried to make small talk with the attendant, though she wasn’t having it.

“When do you guys open?”
“We are open 24 hours.”
“Oh… wow! Do people visit overnight? Because there aren’t any flights, are there?”
“There are three people in the lounge right now.”

THIS IS ALL SO WEIRD. Is this lounge a front for something? One has to wonder! 😉

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Priority Pass Access

As mentioned above, the Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami belongs to Priority Pass. The only noteworthy restriction is that members can stay for at most four hours. Oh, there’s also a very strict dress code — shirts and shoes are required for entry.

I don’t know if they’re also contracting the lounge out to some oneworld partner airlines, though in practice any premium passenger would also have access to American’s lounges.

My guess is that Turkish opened this lounge simply because they saw huge Priority Pass demand, and they can make money operating it purely for that. It just happens to be that the lounge with the most Priority Pass demand isn’t in the terminal out of which they operate.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Review

Past the initial entrance to the lounge is a long hallway, which leads to the lounge’s reception desk.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami entryway

There I was promptly admitted after presenting my Priority Pass card and boarding pass, and giving a quick signature.

Turkish Lounge Miami Seating

The Turkish Lounge Miami isn’t big, though it has a decent layout at least. Just inside the entrance is a table with six chairs, as well as a variety of magazines.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami business center

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami business center

There was even a model plane, in this case of an A340… which is interesting, because Turkish no longer flies the A340.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami model plane

There was also a partitioned off area with two iMacs.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami computers

Further into the lounge was the main room. This isn’t a big lounge at all, though I’m guessing this was the only space they could get.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

On one side of the lounge were over a dozen dining tables, each of which could seat two people.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

Then on the other side of the lounge were a handful more dining tables, as well as high-top seating looking out over the apron.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

There were then some more traditional lounge seats, and in the back were three leather chairs with ottomans.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Airport

Turkish Lounge Miami Food & Drinks

The Turkish Lounge has an impressive food and drink selection, at least when you consider that this is a Priority Pass lounge. Along the wall closest to the entrance was the self serve drink selection.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami drink selection

This included four types of wine (two whites and two reds), tea, a coffee machine, hard liquor, beer, soft drinks, and bottled water.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami wine

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami liquor

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami beer

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami coffee

There were also some peanuts in this area.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami nuts

Then in the center of the lounge was the buffet, which had finger sandwiches, croissants, toast, cereal, cake, fresh fruit, salad, yogurt, cheese, and veggies.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

There were also three hot options — scrambled eggs, sausage, and french toast.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami buffet

Turkish Lounge Miami Bathrooms & Showers

The Turkish Lounge has three individual bathrooms — there’s one for men, one for women, and then a family bathroom. They were nice, though a single toilet per gender seems like it’s not quite enough.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami bathroom

The lounge also has four shower suites, which are at the far back of the lounge. The location of these is a bit confusing, since you have to go through a door that says “exit.” On the plus side, the shower suites were quite nice.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami shower room

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami shower room

Turkish Airlines Lounge Miami Bottom Line

The Turkish Airlines Lounge is a fantastic addition to Miami Airport, and is an excellent new option for Priority Pass members. Previously American’s terminal only had Priority Pass restaurants, so it’s nice to have a “traditional” Priority Pass lounge. For what it’s worth, the three Priority Pass restaurants are VienaAir Margaritaville, and Corona Beach House.

The lounge has reasonably nice decor and solid food and drinks.

Nonetheless I do find this lounge fascinating. I have no clue why the lounge is open 24/7, and their decision to open a lounge in a terminal from which they don’t fly is also unconventional. I don’t believe Turkish is switching terminals, so this is the only airline lounge I can think of that doesn’t even serve passengers of that airline, even though the airline flies to that airport.

While this isn’t the most exciting lounge in the world, it’s an excellent addition.

  1. Great review Lucky!

    Was wondering, would MIA airport TSA allow someone to visit the lounge if they are not flying from D or E?

    Perhaps they let Turkish Airlines passengers through there and they then have to reclear.

    Also curious if I can fly frontier from G, and visit the lounge somehow in E.

    Any thoughts appreciated!

  2. @Ben I was in the airport yesterday and went through security in Terminal E, to the left if Qatar check-in. And there is both TSA Pre-Check (which I used) and Clear. Following security, and after the stairwell, there is a banner and signage for the lounge. Are there two different Terminal E security clearances??

  3. Izz. Sure, people have done just that to visit the AMEX Centurion Lounge for years, just means you have to go through security twice.

    Excited for my next MIA flight to check this out!

  4. @HiAperture

    Perfect! No worries about security twice as I have TSA precheck and no bags with me to carry around. I was just worried that TSA at E/D might not let me in, if my flight departs from G which is not connected airside to E/D.

  5. @Lucky, so, if TK doesn’t use this lounge for their own flights since they fly from a different terminal, which lounge do they use? Presumably, they pay another operator to use that lounge and then charge priority pass for entrance to this one. You are right, something is very odd about this.

  6. Think its possible Turkish is venturing in the contract lounge market competing with the likes of The Club, Escape, etc.?

    This is the only way to explain this Miami lounge and certainly would be a welcome development in the contract lounge space.

  7. Lucky, Turkish is currently building a second lounge in MIA in the H/J terminal. That lounge will be for their customers and probably any Star alliance operating out of H/J. This one is a contract lounge run with Global lounge network.

  8. What is exciting about this? I guess I’m missing the point… but then again I go to the airport to leave the airport. None of that food looks good at all. Look at those half sausages. I bet those are gross. People go to the airport to eat that food. Not to stereotype here… but you have an AMEX Platinum card And you would rather eat that garbage than treat yourself for Proper breakfast for a few bucks

  9. If I understand correctly, Turkish has plans to essentially establish a lounge brand, like AMEX Centurion I guess, with TAV airports.

  10. Ryan- I think you are in the wrong blog. This is a travel blog. Frequent flyers go to the airport to eventually leave but do want to spend the time in between relaxing rather than being in a crowded seating area where there are 50 seats for 300 passengers. The food at most Turkish Airlines lounges that I have visited, is above average and much better than most (though not all) restaurants inside the airport.

    You also must not have been in a Centurion Lounge lately. While some are crowded, some are not and they have upped their game when it comes to food.

  11. Ryan- Guess you’ve never been in Concourse E at MIA then. The worst lounge spread would be an improvement over the limited and disgusting options within the terminal.

  12. @gurujanitor Yuengling isn’t bad, and a nice treat for us folks from the Left Coast where it is not available. Mix it with Clamato and you have a Michelada! Enjoy.

  13. Hello Ben, would you please do a write-up on the business case for destinations such as Casablanca (Air Maroc), Doha (Qatar), and Istanbul (Turkish) from Miami? I live in Miami and am not aware of a huge immigration population from those countries in Miami. Is Miami even a business hub that would attract business travelers (connecting even) from those three places? It’s interesting when Austrian nixes its seasonal service to Miami, but these MENA airlines can support year around business. Seems pretty random. Not complaining, obvs I used them a lot for transatlantic and beyond.

  14. Ben, since you already have a painting of Winston (totally not judging at all), have you ever considered getting one of those replica stuffed animals of Winston as well?

  15. Once this lounge is discovered by PP users, it’s going to become a disaster. The space is tiny and it’s clear they’re trying to do wayyyy too many different food options for such a small lounge, so the hordes of PP users are going to destroy the buffet area.

  16. Hopefully, there will be a TK lounge for PP users at JFK or just any PP accessible lounges. It seems that Bobby Van Steakhouse is no longer part of Priority Pass. The upcoming Centurion Lounge at JFK would be great, but it will also get very overcrowded soon.

  17. I’m sitting in this odd lounge right now. All pleasant though I think they may still have the same food out that you photographed two weeks ago.

    On the viability of airlines like QR and TK out of Miami:
    QR interlines with AA and provides good connections out to the middle East and beyond for the southern US, Caribbean and central america saving transiting further north or Europe.

  18. This is so nice – I can’t believe they even have bathroom! This is definitely an exciting for us based in South Florida. By the way, I just stopped at the new Istanbul airport today and Turkish Airlines’ lounge was really really impressive. More motivations to protect my easy gold status. 🙂

  19. So not a Star Gold lounge? Weird. Would have been nice to access this airside for UA flights departing from concourse G to complement the airside access to the Avianca lounge for UA flights departing from concourse H.

  20. Qatar are sending business class passengers to this lounge as of the time I write this. I arrived at the lounge at 3pm (for QR918 at 6:35pm) and the lounge was packed, there was basically nowhere to sit. I left and and made the 10 minute walk to the AA Flagship lounge. The full lounge could have been due to an SAS flight that left at 3:45pm rather than priority pass members (which left from concourse H though, and is quite a walk), but I didn’t stick around to find out. Previously I was sent straight to the Flagship lounge.

    @the guy who asked about the viability of the QR flight to Miami, I’ve been on it return four times in as many months and J has been full every flight.

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