TSA & The Government Shutdown

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I think most of us can agree that the current government shutdown is ridiculous, regardless of which side of the aisle we’re on. There’s no end in sight for the current situation, and there are even rumors of Trump declaring a state of emergency in order to get funding for the wall.

Obviously federal employees not getting paid impacts millions of people. But this is a travel blog, so in this post I wanted to talk specifically about the impact this has on the TSA. Transportation Security Administration employees are among those not being paid during this period.

Typically when these shutdowns happen they last for a few days and there’s backpay, but this shutdown started on December 22, so we’re over two weeks into this, without any sign of it ending.

There have been reports the past several days of a big increase in the number of TSA employees calling in sick. For example, at JFK they saw as many as 170 TSA employees call in sick each day the past week. While it doesn’t seem like the impacts have been that big yet, there certainly could be implications to this if it continues, and even spreads.

The president of the TSA’s employee union has said that “this will definitely affect the flying public who we (are) sworn to protect.”

Meanwhile a TSA spokesperson has said that the TSA is closely monitoring the situation and screening wait times remain well within TSA standards.

Chances are that these employees aren’t actually sick, but rather are struggling to come to work without a paycheck. A vast majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and I imagine that’s also true for many TSA employees.

So whether it’s even struggling to afford the gas money to come to work, or instead choosing to take on another job where they will get paid in the short term (whether it’s ridesharing or whatever), I totally get why TSA employees are calling in sick.

Unless something changes, I think it’s safe to say that this situation will only get worse. I have a few flights coming up this week, and personally plan to arrive earlier than normal in anticipation of reduced staffing at TSA checkpoints.

And while I’m generally not a fan of the TSA and often find their frontline employees to be rude, I’ll be sure to be extra nice to them during this shutdown, given what they’re going through.

If you’ve flown in the past several days, have you noticed any changes to TSA wait times?

  1. LGA has over 90 minute wait at C. PreCheck closed at 1:10 PM lack of officers. Clear even took me 30 minutes.

  2. Yesterday a TSA employee sadly explained to me how she was working without pay. It’s all very abstract until you look someone in the eye, and realize that they are just at work like the rest of us but they are in fear of not being able to pay their bills.

  3. If the wall was funded, no shutdown. Is $5 billion worth these tragic situations you blog about, such as travel being affected and national parks being littered? Just build the wall. It will be a great wall, a beautiful wall. And Mexico is going to end up paying for it.

  4. Ben, do you think that US immigration (for arrivals into the USA) checkpoint wait times may be affected as well, as they are part of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and so they must be on similar pay contracts to the TSA, given that they are both branches of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – if so, would Global Entry be affected as well as the normal checkpoints?

  5. TSA Pre line in North Terminal of ATL was closed Jan. 4. Everyone TSA precheck was diverted to South Terminal. Never saw that before.

  6. Any “essential” govt employee should be required to get confirmation from doctor, nurse, or urgent care in order for them to be compensated for those days. Any who don’t should also get a negative review on future raises.

    Was flying to Vegas for CES, but could just as well drive. May be the crowds won’t be as bad.

    Yes it’s “just” 5B. Build it, or stay shut down.

  7. @Thepresident.

    How did the Berlin Wall, Hadrians Wall or the Great Wall of China work out?

    Trump is a bully and he has put so many people into an awful situation. o

  8. Actually a lying spokesman of TSA claims reports of employees calling in sick are not true. My goodness, what fakery.

  9. @AlexConway, anecdotally no effect. Returned to SFO mid-afternoon yesterday from London. Didn’t see a line at the regular entry check points. Global Entry was normal.

  10. I am ok with closing the priority lanes like Pre, Global Entry, etc etc. Let everyone wait it out together

  11. As we speak, Mexico is backing up a Brinks truck with $5B to reimburse the US as soon as we get the wall built.

  12. @BWI today and experienced no issues. Lines are actually shorter than normal. What’s the normal call out rates for these airports? Think that the ones calling out are just deadbeats taking advantage of the situation…

  13. A vast majority live paycheck to paycheck? I call bullshit. Cite your source.

    This is lazy, half-assed analysis, and you’re way beyond your depth here. Stick to talking about legroom.

  14. Both LGA and JFK have had a significant increase in the wait time in the past few days in my experence. At LGA it took me an extra hour than normal at T2 and the same at T5 and T8 at JFK. Orlando was an extra 75 minutes as well however it was the holidays so I don’t know if that is apart of this.

  15. Flew out of RSW January 2nd, the TSA line for concourse D was 2 hours for a friend that I shard a car with. For concourse C at RSW no line but TSA Pre was closed due to a lack of agents.

  16. I’m a government contractor, so I will not get any backpay. That only applies to federal employees, despite the fact that I have a government email, represent the government at meetings, and share the same workspace and the same responsibilities as federal employees. The shutdown is killing me.

  17. FIVE (5) Billion Dollars is a drop in the bucket for the US Government. All that needs to be done is shift that very small amount from the defense budget and the wall happens. It’s very easy to do. However, let’s get real here. The only reason why there is a gov’t shutdown is because the Democrats hate the POTUS. Like I said, it’s only 5 billion dollars and that’s nothing!

  18. “Typically when these shutdowns happen they last for a few days and there’s backpay, but this shutdown started on December 22, so we’re over two weeks into this, without any sign of it ending.”


    I know you do not live “ITB”, so a primer.

    While many agencies and DOD have budgets in place, hence what they call the “partial shutdown”, TSA does not.

    And non-essential TSA employees are furloughed, meaning they do not show up to work at all. Screeners, it would seem are calling in sick, are “essential”. Essential employees are ALWAYS entitled to back pay. Historically, non-essential employees of all agencies have received back pay even without the entitlement when they are furloughed due to a lapse in funding.

    What these TSA screeners are doing is so self defeating – calling in sick is not going to shake loose an appropriations bill, so it won’t get them paid any faster. What it does do is deplete their sick leave balances.

  19. @jfhscott

    Maybe, by calling in sick, they can go do something else to get some money now, to feed their families. I don’t think many grocery stores are just letting government employees take food to feed their families with a promise to pay later.

    Maybe depleting their sick leave balances is a necessary evil to paying the mortgage this month (another institution that apparently still wants money during government shutdowns).

    Maybe it isn’t an act of protest, but an act of desperation to get the bills paid and feed the family.

  20. TSA Pre check shut down today DFW. The management representative said it will not be open until the shut down is over. KCM is also being shut down.

  21. @Mark F

    That may be true for some, but I just cannot imagine hundreds are developing meaningful side hustles on the fly, only to be able ready and willing to return to work when the lapse in appropriations comes to a close.

    And if these are so dire for any particular purpose, I suggest signing up for the Amex Blue Preferred card. They get a $250 credit upon spending $1000.

  22. LOL. How ignorant to compare Trump’s wall to the other countries. Those countries back in th day didn’t deal with illegal immigrants looking to enrich themselves through a Democrat-run welfare system.

    Yea – I can see it now where hordes of Asian people were trying to live off if China’s welfare system.. or wanting to stay east of the Berlin Wall.

    Yea – GREAT idea to ban guns, so we can suck up to our oppressive socialist or democrat run govts so they can keep us in check without worry. #SocialismSucks #polpot #venezuela #ocasio-cortez-dumb

    Bottom line: i really dont care who pays for the wall – I just dont want this entire country to have every state govt run like CA, IL, OR NY.

  23. and @Mark F

    Federal workers have managed the shoals of going without a paycheck, with the promise of one in the future, in shut downs past. Seriously, its not like a refugee camp filled with furloughed federal workers just opened up next to the beltway.

    Local DC TV and print press is inundated with stories about the hardships federal workers are facing. I don’t buy it. While I respect the work federal workers do, they are among the highest paid employees in the country, in no small part due to the fact that lower skilled functions are increasingly contracted out, leaving a federal workforce that is more highly skilled than ever before.

  24. TSA = a government program that costs many times what private industry costs yet we get the same crappy results. Debit= someone that really needs a hug

  25. Sometimes people are easily brain washed or do a lot of wishful thinking that a president can make their lives so much better. Only in few occasions that a sitting president has policies that can actually make our lives better. Most of their policies won’t trickle down until their presidencies are about to end or take into effect during the next presidency. Most people who reads this blog aren’t likely the ones who lives pay check to pay check. I have empathy towards those pay check to pay check voters who voted for Trump. They voted away their healthcare and now perhaps extended delays of their pay checks. Who knows what’s next? Good luck to them.

  26. I worked my way through college as a Pre board screener (modern day tsa) I was a supervisor making literally pennies above minimum wage. I don’t exactly feel sorry for the TSA employees who get better pay along with better benefits and disposable gloves. (people are gross) they will get paid.

  27. essential government services are NOT shutdown, only those deemed non-essential are.

    well, if there are non-essential, how about getting rid of them altogether, would save lots of taxpayers money.

    as for TSA, they are pretty useless anyway. can’t count times when i would forget a bottle of water in my carryon, or a book of matches, or even scissors once. everything went through, no problem. a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  28. They haven’t even missed a paycheck yet.

    They were paid in full on the 28th and the next check isn’t even due until the 13th.

    So stop the hysterics.

    And don’t forget the 16-day shutdown under Obama in 2013, which is longer than this one so far.

    Haters just gonna hate, no matter how ignorant they are.

  29. Thank God for Mr. Trump
    Imagine the alternative of crooked Hillary whenever you doubt Mr. Trump’s decisions on wall, budget, defense, or whatever!
    Enjoy the Ride, Folks!
    The country is out of the ditch and back on the Road! (Or off the ground and back in the Air!)

  30. There’s a lot of cold and flu running around this time of year. I just got over a cold. Does everything have to be a conspiracy?

  31. [email protected] You do realize that most TSA employees start at $16 an hour? So your comment that they are “the highest paid in the industry” is pretty vague to this article and complete horse hockey. Let’s see how you “fare” on that hourly wage. It’s barely a living wage and only some entitled prick would ever imagine this. Especially given comments from leaders that this could go on for “months or years.” If I was making $16 an hour I would also call in sick for as long as I could during this madness and go work at Starbucks in the meantime.

  32. I’m surprised that so many Trump supporters read an international travel blog like this one.

    I presumed most of you don’t have passports or are too ignorant to travel. You know… USA USA USA. All that.

    As a European I urge bigly to stay in your big beautiful country. Don’t come over here cos we plain don’t like you. We consider you racist bigots.

    You probably shouldn’t ever go to the sparkling beaches, amazing mountain towns etc of Mexico either considering the crap you believe from your stable genius. Same for South America really.

    Asia is full of dem goddam Muslim folks so stay away from there too. You know, all the non white people you are superior to, or you imagine. The truth is you’re not worth anything.

    Just stay in your comfort zone, gather up your purdy guns, bibles and such, watch your bloated senile idol on TV?

    Don’t travel, you are NOT welcome near me.

  33. In Montreal at the moment and the Nexus office is also shut due to the US government shutdown. They keep posting a notice everyday

  34. This would be a great time for somebody like Rand Paul to point out again the need to privatize the wasteful TSA. Let’s make sure that government shutdowns in future don’t impact TSA employees by not having fed government employed security screeners. Would also be a good time to clean house of some of the screeners that routinely miss security threats or behave towards flyers like how you’d expect a grouchy fed employee to.

  35. Also, Global Entry applications and renewals are not being processed. Unfortunately mine expired during this time and I’m SOL until the shutdown ends. Of course, if they start closing down TSA pre lines, then it’s not really going to matter.

  36. Andy I am glad you are in the minority. I find most Europeans welcoming. I laugh at those that dare to lecture us about racism, that fail to see or acknowledge the many anti immigrant protests that happen in Europe, or the coded words used by the authorities and general population that warn tourists to look out for people from eastern Europe because they are common thieves.

  37. Hey Dan. Pipe down redneck. I’m not in the minority. Every single person I know, am associated with Int Europe, or speak to, left wing or right wing thinks your president is an idiot and so are his supporters.

    You’re a joke.

  38. Just arrived from visiting family in Paris – no problem whatsoever with Global entry, at least in Atlanta where I arrived…
    @Andy – I am not into politics, certainly not into bringing it to a travel blog, but Paris is still burning, so…….

  39. @Andy
    I don’t discuss politics while in Europe as I find it rude because I am a guest. However I do enjoy chatting with the locals about their country and its history. As for calling me a redneck, you might want to get to know me before giving me a label.

  40. “I think most of us can agree that the current government shutdown is ridiculous, regardless of which side of the aisle we’re on.”

    See, even we have been brainwashed by political hacks. Good government is not binary. It is better if one sees the politics of President Trump and Speaker Pelosi. One says the Wall is “immoral”, the other one having too much at stake to back down.

    Good legislators would seek to build the Wall only where there’s a good return on investment, maybe compromise to reduce the amount spend, and even include spending that is unrelated to the border.

  41. Those “working” are essential and once the Government reopens will be paid, but the intelligence isn’t there.

  42. I’m embarrassed with our country. No other governments around the world simply shut down, yet we accept this ludicrous action as a norm! Shame to our president and representatives from both parties! Disgusting…

    Anyways, air travel out of O’Hare has been okay, so far, although I refer mainly to the international terminal.

  43. @Stuart,

    I am familiar with the “banding” pay scale TSA uses for its agents.

    As much as $16/hr is not the best hourly wage, it comes with the full panoply of federal civil service benefits, which the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated in 2016 to average $36,795 per federal employee. Some elements of that depend on base salary, e.g., defined benefit retirement contributions and value of leave. But much, particularly contributions to medical/dental/vision plans is fixed without respect to salary for every civilian employee.

    Having a paycheck delayed is disruptive. But that is the bitter that comes with the sweet. And I cannot conceive that the hundreds of agents who called in sick persuaded Starbucks to employ them for hardly enough time to train them. Rather, I chalk this up to union petulence.

  44. @Kent +1

    The current presidency is a joke and a humiliation to the US.

    I just read an article about TSA workers threatening to quit or failing to show up so that they can have second jobs to get income to pay bills.

  45. The TSA isn’t in any way, shape or form, considered essential. With the abysmal detection rates they receive in the annual IG security tests (you know, because TSA agents are there primarily for your security) – it seems to me this current zero pay rate is about appropriate for the services rendered.

    Perhaps they should funnel the last 5 years of the TSA budget into building a wall.

  46. @Mark

    You forgot the Coast Guard. They aren’t getting paid, and I think they have something to do with border security. But to heck with them, we don’t need them, let’s just refuse to pay them so that that we can get funding for a wall. I mean, as Trump says, the folks not getting paid are mostly democrats, so who cares about them. Uggh.

  47. Lucky and Tiffany are right. They did do their research. A majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and most carry a lot of debt whether with credit card debt, student loan debt, or mortgages. These are just facts. A year ago, USA Today reported that 40 to 50 percent of Americans die with debt of at least over ten thousand.

  48. Trump the Bully is having a fit because he can’t get his sweets. I hope the Dems reply in the only lingo bullies understand; give him a thunderous kick in the backside. The Orange Swindler chortles that he ‘got’ Mexico and Canada with his new trade deal. Nope, it simply stuck another one of his nails into the coffin of international trade policy. I hope the govt. unions in the Oo Es Ay walk out; that will do wonders for tourism and trade. All this to say that The Deplorables may finally get to eat the crap they produced.

  49. I’m one of those ‘white Male Republicans’…I flew 20+ trips is SQ Suites in 2018, 40+ in other airlines 1st class. Life is good for sure.
    To the left wing haters who want the ‘conservatives’ to be ‘killed’…be careful with that rheteric.
    If you think for a second ‘we’ would allow the ‘Left’ to steal or ‘redistribute’ our hard work, our companies, our hard earned wealth…thing again.
    The more I read about the Libs melting down over Trump, the more I love & support Trump.
    Politics best left out of travel blogs

  50. I have to guess that most of us reading this blog are of above average income and above average net worth. This makes us rich in the eyes of many.

  51. I’m a capitalist. I don’t work for free. If the check ain’t showing up, I ain’t showing up. I don’t blame them one bit. If it starts to inconvenience the average GOP supporter and they have to wait in a long line, oh well. That’s what happens when you support a moron President.

  52. Just send the illegal migrants to Nauru to be processed.

    AH – the USA – World’s richest third world country.

  53. @BTW, sure it’s only 5 Billion dollars. But I recall the same person that wants the $5B saying that we wouldn’t have to pay anything, that Mexico will pay for it. It was something repeated over and over again. So why should that change now unless he just admits he was clearly lying?

  54. I’m an air traffic controller. I transferred from one fed agency to another. Moved 1,000 miles, got ready to swear in and go into furlough status, and then the decision was made to bounce me back to my old agency and delay the swear-in.

    So instead of being on the ultimate gravy boat (furlough with backpay and the ability to get 0% interest loans given the situation), I’m now on indefinite LWOP.

    It sucks, but them’s the breaks. Time to go skiing!

  55. It always saddens me no matter Trump demand a wall or shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue, we can always find like many people in the comment area blindly supports the dumb person who can only divide people. Wall just won’t work. And illegal immigrants, have less crime and the backbone of jobs US people don’t want to do. MS-13 don’t come from trekking over the border. And all these chaos result in nothing, oh, probably also preventing Delta from taking A220.

  56. @anon and others. Essential employees aren’t guaranteed back pay either. Congress has to authorize back pay for everyone, which they have done after every shutdown. But there are no guarantees and it IS a hardship for many. Missing a paycheck, even with the promise of pay is hard on most people. If it’s not hard on you, you’re lucky. I know I feel lucky that I don’t track when payday is and can miss a couple.

    Meanwhile “non-essential” employees must be ready to report to work within 4 hours at the end of the shutdown with all vacations cancelled. People who had vacations planned and trips scheduled who were deemed essential had to cancel trips and, no, the government isn’t covering non-refundable expenses. Meanwhile, those deemed non-essential had to calculate whether to risk traveling and possibly being unavailable to return. I do know what I’m talking about, having been an essential employee in a past shutdown.

    Also, I’ve worked for the private sector (many years at a leading tech company) the federal government, education and local government. My benefits as a fed were the worst of the four. It’s true they were great once. But that was a long time ago. Insurance is expensive and the pension is far from generous and does require a significant employee contribution.

    While it is true that feds are statistically higher paid, that’s because lower skilled jobs in some of the federal government has been outsourced and the USPS doesn’t figure into the equation (as they are only quasi-public now). On a job-for-job basis, they do not pay well. I received a 35% raise when I went from federal service to local government with the same exact job (and improved my insurance and pension).

  57. As an air traffic controller, my colleagues and I are going to work to provide the same safety and efficiency that everyone commenting on OMAAT has become accustomed to when flying in the US. We are doing this now for no pay. I’m fortunate that my spouse and I carry very little debt outside of our house, and have savings to last us several months. I can tell you that when many of my colleagues miss their first paycheck, they will decide their time is worth more than zero and will take sick days from work in order to go earn money elsewhere.

    We will all continue to provide the excellent service we are known for, until we can’t. Sad state of affairs.

  58. Ridiculous? I think border security and protecting sovereignty of American voters is an important issue that should be achieved through any means including a shutdown for years.

    Independent of border security many people are unhappy with the federal government which invades every aspect of our lives and probably want 90% of the federal government permanently shutdown. What I want is completely different than someone in California or Iowa or Texas or Delaware wants. The federal government prevents all of us from having what we want because we are tied down but this massive bureaucracy that is self serving and does things that violate our conscience. There is plenty of room for a few countries in America because as it stands we are really the disunited states and we are better off separate. Keep it closed forever.

  59. Hi I can understand, the TSA guys not turning up, if they can,t afford, to get to work, Now my point is, if i gtake bottle wate of liquids, etc, i have to throw them in the sin bin, Could the TSA not have a second sin bin, which the staff do not see as back of the line, when you have gone thru security, and every person throw in a dollar, To my mind we have cleared security, so no offer of a reward, then at the end of the day, the TSA can split it? more staff will come in, and this would only be used whilst the shut down is on? The other point, is , as airlines collect the fee, maybe they could pay TSA, and then deduct the payments from the collections, should not be too difficult,

  60. @Joeboo. I’m sure some guys love flying SQ first class suites, indulging in the illusion of being waited on by all those “submissive Asian women” “Singapore girl. A great way to fly.”

  61. How does Debit get away with some of the comments on here? Surely calling for a segment of the population to be “Shot dead” is over the line, regardless of political beliefs or standing. Very disappointing.

  62. @ M Simons. I’ll be at CES too. I don’t think coming into Las Vegas will be nearly as bad as it will be when 180,000 attendees leave on Friday or Saturday. If one’s thinking about heading to the airport early to beat the crowd, I suspect 100,000 other people will have the exact same idea.

  63. @AD +1

    I think what most people don’t realize is that we are legally prohibited from all but the most menial of part-time jobs while on furlough because of ethics rules (duh, ethics office is closed), and in any event must be ready at any moment to return to work. This isn’t a vacation, and UI benefits are pathetically inadequate.

    Also, when people think of the nice cushy federal benefits, they are thinking “old system.” The average fed is not a glorified rent-a-cop, but rather the sort of highly educated professional that can attract equal benefits packages in the private sector. My agency struggles to hire STEM workers, and being the punching bag of the political right doesn’t help.

    That having been said, I have no sympathy for any essential employee using sick-out tactics. You knew what you were in for when you took your oath as a civil servant.

  64. Please, build a wall all around and stay inside. Stop wining. You got the president you deserve. Don’t spread your attitude abroad.

  65. Trump’s grasp of ethics, economics, and politics is poor. I don’t think a president (or PM) has ever presided over a country with as poor a grasp of knowledge as him. It’s clear that he doesn’t have an understanding of macroeconomics. My family runs an aviation mfg company, which had a workforce of 6k+ in the US. Tariffs hit, leading to a rise in cost for imported raw materials, rendering the margins slim. Therefore, we shut down our NA business and moved all operations to Asia. It’s where we make most of our profits anyways.

    That’s Trumpanomics for all. Someone bless America – god left long ago. MAGA – lol

  66. @debit I never said which side I am. Trump is a fool, and most politicians on both sides are hypocritical empty suits who are only interested in themselves. Calling on a segment of the population to be “shot dead” based upon their political beliefs is something out of third world dictatorships. This type of speech should be discouraged.

  67. Hilarious that Dems are willing to shut down the government over something they had voted for multiples times themselves to fund in the last 15 years but that Bush or Obama used the $ for other things instead. It has nothing to do with the $5B either as that is 0.1% of the budget. That is purely about future voters poring across the border. It’s like Chris Matthews said the night Clinton lost about illegal immigration – “Democrats want the votes, Republicans want the cheap labor.” If this was anyone but Trump, Dems would have already funded the $5B or any amount.

    Here is how I look at it – if the wall works by reducing a significant % of border crossings, it’ll cut down on human trafficking, illegal drugs as well as make legal immigration the main way to get to the US again. If it doesn’t work? It’s a blip on the radar as far as expenses and will create some jobs.

    I have a flight in a few weeks out of Charlotte to Frankfurt. I’ll definitely arrive earlier than normal assuming the government hasn’t re-opened by that point. Usually I don’t need to wait more than a min or two for TSA pre out of CLT, but I’ll assume it’ll be more like an hour.

  68. TSA Agents should all call in sick to whatever airport the US Senators fly out of. I guarantee the next day we’ll be open for business again !

  69. So I’m one of those TSA guys…….

    It’s true we have not missed a paycheck yet, but if the shutdown goes past midnight tomorrow (tuesday) then we will not get a paycheck. My spouse and I both work for TSA, but separate shifts, so have to run two cars with gas, parking, tolls, daycare, plus everything else that is part of life. When one of us doesn’t work, we save $203 that day. When we both down’t work we save $256.

    For us, we’re trying to have one of us call out just because we can’t swing $203 a day with no paycheck coming in. In addition, there will probably be disciplinary action if we call out for days in succession, so almost impossible to get another job unless at night.

    Very frustrating…..

  70. @Rob – It’s common to find that Trump supporters rarely study trends or look beyond dramatic headlines. Some educational reading for you:


    Do you recall the demise of the economy following President Bush’s term? We certainly did in my company. It’s unsurprising that we are still recovering from the last economic fall and thus, employment figures continue to increase. The question is how many more jobs could have been kept here though. Here’s an article that analyzes the trends in simple words:


    My hypothesis has been corroborated by multiple economists and media resources.

  71. This is a shitshow.

    Are you proud of yourself, Lucky? Reading these comments from this band of circus clowns, you feel good about yourself?

    One more of these articles and you’ve lost a reader permanently.

  72. Just flew today out of PHX Term 4A… Pre line was about 10 minutes at 6am. So I have not seen any impact.

    On a side note, Clear was over staffed (3 guys pitching their service to speed us up).

  73. If only the democrats would agree once and for wall to agree to border security and build the wall, this wouldnt be happening..

  74. I don’t know. i recall some saying something about he would be able to get some Mexican who came over to america to pay for the wall. did that mind just disappear or what have happened. did i missed out on something.

    As someone living in San Diego, our life have been impacted after the multiple times Central american try to cross the border illegally, and as the outlet is right at the border, we cant shop at the outlet anymore for safety concern during those times. a wall does exist between though. two wall, and st some places, 3 wall between America and Mexico, but that in no way was able to stop these people trying to cross over to America, to our side. Does the wall actually work, or will it ever work? My answer is, Not really.

  75. It should come at no surprise that CNN “Anti-trump headquarters” would be fanning the flames every day to encourage more sick outs. I do not know if the wall/fence would work or not but I know that came from the bi-partisan “Secure Fence Act of 2006”, which was never fully completed. It’s a waste of time because pretty much everyone voted for the Dems would be against the fence while pretty much 90%+ Repubs and right-leaning independents would be for the wall/fence. In my opinion, it’s a very small amount in the overall budget, just put it in, or reduce the amount and move on. Otherwise it’s just a political show, nothing else. Reasonable politics all come with some compromises.


    ITS MUELLER TIME!!!!!!!!1!!!!


  77. I thought my $6.60 EXTRA FEE on the ticket was paying salary for these underperforming TSA.

    Should I blame Trump or sue TSA????

  78. ESKIMO The point isn’t revenue (fee you pay) received by the government, it’s whether or not congress passes the spending bills required to fund the government, and then whether or not the “president” signs the spending bills passed by both houses of congress.

    On 19 December, the Senate passed a spending bill that would have re-opened the government, funding it through early February, and the “president” signaled he would sign it. The Republican-dominated House was not on board, and then then the “president’s” mom and dad, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, scolded the “president” for capitulating to re-opening the government without wall funding, a promise the “president” made to his low-information base. But remember, “Who’s paying for the wall?! MEXICO!” But now the “president” wants the US to pay for the wall.

    When the new House was sworn in, they passed the exact same bill the Republican Senate passed. So…now you actually blame Mitch McConnell, because he’s the one who won’t allow the Senate to vote on the exact same budget bill the Senate voted for on 19 December, because the Senate would pass it, and that would displease the “president” who now says he won’t sign it without the USA paying for the wall. McConnell is giving Trump cover, because if the Senate passes the bill and the “president” refuses to sign it, the “president” will look bad.

    Well, the “president” has looked bad, well before the the Electoral College handed him the presidency, but now he’s just looking worse. The good news is that he’ll be out of office before 2020, or voted out of office in 2020. Then he’ll still continue to look bad, but likely in an orange jumpsuit.

  79. TSA is useless, the intelligence level is that of a McDonald’s employee and no one forced you to work there. Read the fine print in your contracts, shouldn’t have worked for the gov in the first place. I wouldn’t trust 95% of TSA to protect me from a cold, let alone threat. Fake badges for fake punks, get rid of the majority of TSA PLEASE!!!

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