TSA Agent “Accidentally” Brings Gun To Work

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Ugh, don’t you just hate when you accidentally pack a gun in your lunch box when going to work? CBS Boston is reporting how a TSA agent at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport packed a gun in his/her lunchbox last Friday. This was only discovered when the worker underwent a security screening before their shift started (I didn’t realize this was a thing that the TSA did).

No charges were filed against the TSA worker, and it’s not clear yet if they’ll be disciplined in any way (given that we’re talking about the TSA, my guess is “no”). If a passenger tried to bring a firearm through security they’d be fined a minimum of $500-2,000, and would potentially face other charges as well.

On the plus side, I guess we should be impressed that the TSA found the weapon, given that they miss a vast majority of weapons that are brought through checkpoints.

It’s quite alarming that the TSA found 3,391 guns in carry-on bags in 2016, and 83% of those were loaded. I don’t even want to think of how many loaded guns made it through security without anyone noticing, given the TSA’s track record.

I’m not a gun owner, so perhaps I can’t fully appreciate all the challenges that come with owning one, but I feel like if you can “accidentally” pack a gun in your lunchbox you probably shouldn’t have one.

  1. We want the freedom to take our own guns on board. We want to be able to defend ourselves in case of a terrorist attack. No more 9/11

  2. Its easy to forget to take a gun out of your luggage, backpack, etc. A gun owner wouldn’t understand. I wonder about the 17% of unloaded guns they find in carryons. It doesn’t offer much personal protection if it’s unloaded.

  3. As you said, you’re not a gun owner so you wouldn’t understand. I have a permit to carry a gun in PA but I can’t cross over to another state with it. I go to NJ probably once every other month and a few times have walked out the door forgetting that I can’t bring it, I usually only make it down the road before I remember.
    People are forgetful, it happens. You shouldn’t tread on constitutional rights based on how you “feel”

  4. Next headline: TSA agent accidentally brings brain to work. Authorities insist it will never happen again.

  5. Sorry J, I am a gun owner and carry when I can. A gun is a lethal weapon and you need to be aware of it 100% of the time, whether it’s with you or not. People are forgetful. You can forget to bring your briefcase to work or forget to take the dish out of the oven. Lucky’s right. If you occasionally forget the whereabouts of your weapon, you shouldn’t have one.

  6. “J” Fuck you you are our next mass killer when you get drunk and angry at something. Get rid of your fucking gun and grow a larger penis. I WANBT TO CARRY MY HIDDEN GUN EVERYWHERE WHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! I AM THE CONSTITUTIONS SO I KNOW THE WRITERS OF THE CONSTITUTION WANTED ME TO HAVE A HIDDEN GUN ACROSS STATE LINES WHAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. One of the joys of being a gun owner is randomly finding them in places you don’t expect! Oops! I never know where my guns are. I end up buying more since I can never find them when I need them. Good for hitting sign up bonuses.

  8. Mike, it’s pretty good here, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE being called champ. ACE is also another word i like being called.

    Do you feel it is your right to carry as many hidden guns as you like, and carry them across state lines?

  9. Jason I feel the same way except for me it is reading glasses not guns because only people with teeny penises need to carry hidden guns across state lines.

    People with big penises carry conceaaled reading glasses.

  10. @Jason: Right?! Like when I forget to take them out of my pants pockets or my concealed holsters and then I find them in the dryer after doing laundry. It’s like, “Awwww, yeah! Jackpot! Free gun! And it smells springtime fresh, too!”

    Then sometimes you have it lying around the house and your toddler finds it and you’re like, “Oh dang! I was looking for that. But hey, there ya go, Junior! Exercise your constitutional right. Don’t tread on me!” ::single tear while a bald eagle cries in the background and an American flag waves in the breeze::

  11. Crebit, I DO NOT want any random citizen to possess a gun on any my flights. Worst idea ever. Thanks though.

  12. Lucky wrote, “If a passenger tried to bring a firearm through security…”

    Here, I’ll fix it for you:
    “If a passenger tried to TAKE a firearm through security…”

  13. J, this is quite different than your scenario of simply forgetting and crossing the border (which I could completely understand), and has nothing to do with the right to carry arms. We are talking about a licenced, uniformed law agent (without side-tracking of the technicalities or performance stats of the TSA). When he/she puts on the uniform they are intended to be held to a higher standard. There is (should be) a whole mental process going on when the uniform is on.

    He didnt just forget his keys. He violated – or at least very much encroached upon – the very laws and themes that he is meant to be enforcing.

  14. @keepingitreal take you meds

    New Hampshire has constitutional carry. No gun laws so you can basically carry your gun with you anywhere at all times. This incident took place at MHT not logan.

  15. @keepingitreal take your meds

    New Hampshire has constitutional carry. No gun laws so you can basically carry your gun with you anywhere at all times. This incident took place at MHT not logan.

  16. Since ’03 when I first encountered the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass and missed a flight because of the extra time in security I have been of the opinion that TSA staff, and their equivalents in other countries, main selection criteria is the thickness of their muscles. Especially the muscle between their ears.

    I have had no reason to change that opinion since.

  17. While some of these comments are hilarious the thought of carrying a gun anywhere much less onto a plane really freaks me out. I live in AUS and will never understand the need to carry a gun. While our gun control doesn’t stop all shootings it sure helps keep the numbers down. Hey, you can’t even buy certain knives here unless you can prove you’re 18 …

  18. @KeepingIt Real
    You get two WOWs for your post:
    1. You are right, this video is definitely sexualising guns.
    2. As a woman, I find your last sentence incredibly tasteless and typical of how men judge women. So no, I don’t get your drift …

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