Donald Trump Blames Delta For Airport Chaos This Weekend

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On Saturday, Tiffany wrote about President Trump’s executive order, which created chaos for many international travelers, as those with passports from seven countries were banned from entering the U.S., with immediate effect.

Regardless of how you feel about the decision as such, I think we can all agree this created confusion and chaos, given the lack of notice, and the lack of clear directives for those who were supposed to enforce the rules. Trump insisted this was necessary, because all the bad hombres could have entered the country if there were a week of advance notice:

So, what caused big problems at airports this weekend, according to Trump? Delta’s computer outage, of course… even though it just happened late yesterday evening.

He goes on to say that protestors also caused chaos at airports this weekend, which is largely true, though there seems to be a missing cause and effect link there…

In a way it’s at least fitting that he’s shifting blame to Delta, given that Delta shifted blame for their last power outage to the electricity company.

  1. It’s not a surprise! He’s been saying it for 2 damn years. Stop posting political things. You have been doing it more and more. Although you say you don’t take a side it’s clear you do. I don’t read your great blog for this stupid stuff.

  2. Lucky, echoing the above…too much politics here. This is supposed to be a place to get away from all that stuff.

  3. Don’t you also find it sweet, sweet irony that DL’s CEO Bastian praised and extolled the petulant orangutan in office, that he was going to save them from the evil ME3 carriers?! I love how karma works!

  4. Politics and travel are intertwined. If you don’t like it, read another blog.

    Side note, Donald Trump is really mentally not there.

  5. This post is Germaine to travel. If you are a shrinking violet who cannot handle any posts about the Short fingered vulgarian’s impact on travel, then move on to Chuggington cartoons or something.

  6. The rabid trump supporters make me understand the suicide bombers and the ISIS followers. Supporting someone without a reason, someone that does not care for you, is dictating through fiat and will throw you under the bus when opportune.

    The low iq Christian redneck trump supporters looking for good paying jobs brought by the orangepeel are not very different than Muslim suicide bombers looking for their 72 virgins. Both are delusional but one of them is also a coward.

  7. Insofar as politics intersects with travel, it is essential you keep the discussion of such alive and well on this blog. It is very impactful to travelers, not only to those who have connections from the countries on Trump’s restricted list but to all of us. As a Delta Diamond and thus someone who travels a lot, I think it is critically important we keep the world a place in which we can (mostly) freely travel and the United States should lead the way by example. With the right people in place, we certainly and the means and the technology to keep us reasonably safe by targeted methods.

    And yes, this blog is all about travel–but there is nothing more restricting of movement than politically-motivated travel bans. Keep it coming–along with all the fun trip and product reviews we all enjoy.

  8. @Neil D – Sticking your head in the sand will not change the reality around you, y’know. Political or not, this post is appropriate on this blog because it reports on a clear attempt of the “president” to shift responsibility of his executive action, which may impact TRAVEL, to a major domestic commercial airline. Where does the buck stop?

  9. Islam extremists and Trump supporters are ironically similar, both blind in their unquestioning beliefs, disregarding all facts and reason.

  10. The delta outage impacted travel of several magnitudes more travelers than the (stupid) immigration ban.

  11. Frankly I’m surprised the administration hasn’t come out yelling “Al-Baker-Ackbar-Hanelluyalla-Qatari-Alloha” and blamed one of the ME3 carriers for carrying out hack on Delta’s Computer Systems.

    But seriously quit whining already!! . Trump was ELECTED !! DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED !!! and he was elected for the things he said he will do. This is not a one man agenda or a one party agenda. what’s happening is the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  12. @Lucky

    You are fighting the good fight! You know your roots, why you must speak truth to power. Tyranny comes from ignorance. Open discussion is healthy.

    Keep bringing this topic up!

  13. Just commenting to encourage you to continue spreading awareness of issues at the intersection of politics and travel, and to ignore the various hacks posting here who are apparently afraid to read actual news. We appreciate your keeping us informed.

  14. Lucky, I don’t need to tell you that this is your blog and you can write about whatever you want. Ignore the people who are telling you what you should or should not post about or who tell you that you shouldn’t have an opinion. If people don’t want to read post that are not trip reports or solely miles related they should choose not to click on them, not to read them, and not comment. Unless I missed the part where it was declared mandatory to read every post…

  15. I Said this before and I repeat this now. Evangelical Christians are much a bigger threat to the long term safety and viability of this country than terrorists the World over…

  16. I agree with many of the other posters, let’s keep this non political. I come here for a break from all the fighting, the only arguments I like seeing here are which first class is better.

  17. Hey, please spare us the bitching about the site becoming “too political”, which is, of course, b.s.

    Just look at the title of post and if it contains “Trump” or sounds “political” to you, simply skip it. It is that simple…really.

  18. Actions made by the current administration this weekend has the potential to impact travel. This is why they aren’t mutually exclusive. Sudden shifts will impact travelers and travel providers.

    I wish the administration would consider how actions like this could impact our citizens (students studying abroad, US citizens working overseas, US tourists in foreign countries).

  19. Lucky,

    What impact do you think this could have on overall travel, if any? Anecdotally, it seems I am hearing that this might dampen nonessential travel, regardless of political affiliation.

  20. Lucky posted this because of travel intervened by politics. What’s wrong with that? If you don’t agree, go somewhere else or just ignore posts like this.

  21. Must be nice not to have to think about what is happening in this country! These posts are speaking to actions and issues that directly impact not only Lucky but all of us who travel…keep your head stuck in the sand, but don’t expect everyone else to follow suit.

  22. This is my favorite travel blog and I will continue to support it. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with voicing one’s personal preference to avoid these little posts designed to start charged political arguments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and Lucky is clearly encouraging that with a virtually unmoderated comment section. Clearly there is a faction of readers who agree. Those telling others to get lost if they don’t like it however, don’t add anything of substance to the conversation.

  23. This was an obvious politically oriented travel related post based on the title. Why is it so hard for those who prefer not to read them to understand? Simply skip it. Jeez.
    Most of us cannot stand the mix, and indeed come over to BA to avoid politics, but ignoring this obviously intertwined issue is virtually impossible.

  24. Politics and travel are intertwined. Hell, we wouldn’t have “international” if the world wasn’t split into so many countries.

    The people complaining about politics just wants to wallow in ignorance.

  25. I agree with those who appreciate the post, especially as this is an extremely mild nod to politics.

    I mean, given the state of America, I think it would be truly strange and faintly collaborationist if you kept just writing about F availability as if everything were normal.

  26. This. Post. Wasn’t. Political.

    But the Trump supporters need trigger warnings in case of micro aggressions

  27. What does this have to do with travel? I will tell you:

    A peculiar thing about laws, executive orders, doors, walls or other such barriers that are designed to keep people out is that they simultaneously also lock in and isolate the person(s) erecting the barriers. It is a “binary operation” of sort: If I lock you OUT, I am also at the same time locking myself IN! So, if Trump’s xenophobic rampage continues unchecked and unabated, Americans need to prepare themselves to becoming the ones who are isolated and alienated from the rest of the world, EITHER BECAUSE HAVING LOCKED PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES OUT WE ARE ASHAMED OR DARE NOT HAVE THE GALL TO GO TO THEIRS OR THEY RESPOND IN KIND AND LOCK US OUT OF THEIRS. Clear enough now?

    BTW, I wonder whether those who voted for this mad man have begun to experience “buyer’s remorse.”


  28. I found this article to be timely and travel related. Thanks for posting.

    For those of you discouraging “political posts” your shiny privilege bubble in your NIMBY suburban neighborhood is showing. Be better.

  29. To the people on here complaining that Lucky’s blog is turning into a partisan political blog, please get a grip and calm down.

    Lucky is stating a FACT, namely that Trump has chosen to blame Delta, by name, on his own personal twitter account, for the travel chaos manifestly caused by the new immigration rules. This is germaine to the blog topic and 100 percent true. In fact Lucky has remained remarkably neutral in his assessments and comments. Well done to him.

    On a side note, if you are so clearly embarrassed by the President’s actual statements that you believe it is a partisan attack for anyone to repeat them at all, and get so defensive about it, that makes quite a statement in and of itself.

  30. I strongly disagree that this post is political. What the president says and does regarding this issue is extremely relevant to anyone traveling, especially internationally (or if you hold dual passports, one of which is from the banned countries).

  31. Obviously ed bastion is not sucking up enough to supreme leader trump.

    This ought to teach him how far he should bend over…

  32. I find it funny that Lucky have to drag that in. Lucky did just what Trump want him to do.

    Hint: its a drug that Trump been giving out for free in the last two years. It really works well for him.

  33. The great Delta Airlines with its “superior operations” is grounded yet again for an IT crash, the second in six months.
    As for Trump’s comment, Delta needs to issue a statement – it shouldn’t go unanswered.

  34. Trump tweeted: “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad “dudes” out there!”

    Right, because its not like they had a 2 month head start or anything since your election victory was sealed in November based off of promises on the campaign trail that you would do a ban. But I guess that’s just #AlternativeLogic

  35. I’m truly astonished at those that think politics and government somehow exist in a sterile environment that do not impact travel. When the president of the United States blames widespread protest and chaos at dozens of American international airports caused by his rash decision to a two hour technical glitch by one airline, everyone who cares about travel has a responsibility to object to that blatant mis-characterization.

    Just one potential, though unlikely, eventuality of this weekend’s policy shift is discussion about removal of preclearance overseas.

  36. Again people are ignorants if it came as a shock, from his campaign:

    “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” a year ago or so and then a moderation a ½ year ago on only some muslim countries.

    And another travel related fact, people with a Israeli visa or border stamp cant enter the some of the banned countries either, what comes around goes around.

  37. Politics and life are intertwined! You people who are complaining about the politicization of this blog need to get a grip and come out from under your white sheets. Do you think the people who were detained in these airports had the “right” to say ” I don’t want to hear about politics!”

    The day you A-holes elected a man like Trump, was the same day that all moral Americans had to begin shouting at the top there longs to protect those who cannot.

    You so-called Christians should be ashamed of yourselves!

  38. Lucky, getting really tired of travel blogs and their readers giving their political 2cents worth ( and much more). When I see comments on these sites such as if you voted for this person – go f— yourself , SAD I see it in newspapers, TV, all over the internet, don”t come to your site to read this crap. I have strong political views, but it’s not my place to vent them here. Love reading travel blogs and learned a lot , but their becoming polluted like the rest of media.

  39. Trump directly referenced Delta in his tweet. If that’s not considered travel-related in your mind, then please enlighten me.

    Everyone asking Lucky to stop posting about anything “political”, please look for your precious safe space somewhere else. The format of OMAAT is literally designed so that you don’t have to read any post you don’t have to. I’m just so confused as to how that isn’t good enough for those complaining. Please help me comprehend.

  40. Very relevant. Trump made vague promises and people have a right to expect that programs which impact travelers will be rolled out with care. These rules most certainly have a huge impact on American citizens. Here are the categories of what was banned or what could be banned:

    Refugees from Syria
    Refugess from other places
    Residents of muslim countries seeking visas
    (I think this is where must people expected the line to be drawn based on the latest campaign statements. Delay visas until new procedures could be put in place)

    Residents of muslim countries who already have visas (work visas, student visas etc)
    Permanent residents who are from muslim countries
    (this is roughly where the line was drawn on Saturday)

    Dual-passport holders normally eligible for visa waivers, but who are from muslim countries (i.e. A UK citizen originally from Iraq)
    Americans with dual citizenship in a muslim country
    American muslims
    Americans who have traveled to muslim countries

    I would certainly consider cancelling planned travel if I was in one of the categories that is near the ban or in a muslim country that is not part of the current group. Who know what Trump will do tomorrow. Trump is basically making travel risky for a huge percentage of the world. It is complete BS to say that only 109 people were affected.

    *When I say “muslim countries”, I am referring currently to the 7 countries already identified, but also to the possibility that this list could be expanded at any time to include much more populous countries with muslim populations.

    And the last part is unrelated to travel, but please tell me how this will create American jobs or help the economy? It hurts the travel industry. It hurts many job creating companies that do work around the globe. It will probably hurt american manufacturing (Boeing etc.). What exactly does this help? Many people held their nose at the reprehensible things trump said and voted for him because they thought he would be better for jobs and the economy. It seems he is more interested in hate than anything else.

  41. RC – “Hillary in a landslide, chance of winning 98% Does that bring back nightmares?Yes you are confused, sorry I can’t help you!

  42. Thank you, Lucky, and thank you to all commenters here who understand that travel and politics are not separate. I can imagine that many travelers will be changing their plans in light of this order and its implementation.

  43. The irony here are Travel enthusiasts that defends TRUMP and applauds his MUSLIM BAN… still are looking forward to their future Business luxury redemption on MUSLIM AIRLINES to MUSLIM PLACES like Dubai, Istanbul and the likes!!

  44. He is da best pressident we ever get.
    He make america clean again and dont have to sleep with dem windows bolted shut.

  45. AI —

    Hopefully your initials don’t stand for ‘artificial intelligence’, because that wasn’t a very articulate response

  46. I’m with you Lucky. It’s important to speak on political issues when they impact travel, or our American way of life.

  47. “If you have the feeling that something is wrong, don’t be afraid to speak up.” – Fred Korematsu

  48. Not sure why this is considered political. As a traveler on a weekly basis, I am interested when chaos at airports happen, what truly happened, and how to work around the chaos. Just because the Dumbpster supporters don’t like the fact he is once again caught in a lie, doesn’t make the post any less important.

  49. Hey Right Wing GOP’ers..You do know that Lucky is gay, right? You do know that Trump and Pence are doing everything they can to take away our rights? You are crazy if you think that we would not bring Trump’s crazy bigotry to the forefront of every conversation.

    You try to take away my rights and then have the nerve to complain when we talk about it!

  50. And now Trump has his first #radicalizedtrumpianterrorist in Quebec City.
    If only Canada could afford a wall and firewall to keep Trumps ideas and America’s AK47s out.

  51. Wanderingjos said it perfectly, “there is nothing more restricting of movement than politically-motivated travel bans.” Lucky, a post like this is FINE BY ME.

    Our new president’s policies are having a large affect lately on travel and it makes absolute sense for you to address this. If a VIRUS was having a large affecgt on travel and you wrote about that, would the same naysayers say, “No HEALTH TALK on here, travel only”? I bet it is fine by those naysayers for you to discuss health and travel intersecting whicn means it “should” be fine for you to discuss it when politics and travel intersect.

    These people may be tired of politics and they may want to get away from it but jeez, if there’s a travel ban that has suddenly landed in our laps over night, and you write about travel, then you have every perogative to discuss it, whether or not some readers may be “tired of politiics.”

  52. Trump supporters. This is what you have going for you in spades…

    Extremely low IQ
    No compassion
    No decency
    No soul

    Oh and if you’re a super Christian religi-nut… trust me, you’re 100% not going to heaven. What you’re doing now is guaranteeing your spot “down south” in the fiery place that you believe in.

    Pure and utter scum. Including and especially the rich “educated” ones that think you’re superior. A total embarrassment to the rest of the planet.

  53. The president tweeting about airports and Delta’s IT problems is very much travel related. Now if OMAAT started talking about Obamacare–that would be political.

  54. To all the “no politics” commenters: What do you think politics is? Politics is where people we elected decide on laws that affect everyone. One of those ways politics affects everyone is when you travel. If a politician makes a law about travel, and you have to travel somewhere, that law may affect you. A travel blog is an entirely appropriate place to discuss travel-related laws.

  55. People complaining about political bias – Leave. This isn’t bias, it’s reality. I’m a traveler and met Lucky long ago at MOCSF, and I’m here to learn about everything travel, and that includes politics impacting travel.
    Just leave.

  56. I’ve come to this site and learned quite a bit on topics of “travel” and not politics. If a politician is following through on policies that he said he would enact then what’s with all of the hysteria…. just a bunch of malarkey and a waste of my time to read and even comment on…. no more OMAAT for me!

  57. For people who keeps commenting say that this blog should has less politics, more travel content. Travel ban is travel content, and result of politics. You can’t pick and choose to only hear whatever support your political ideology. It’s like saying you want ice cream but you won’t eat dairy product. And you have the liberty of not reading the blog and not spending time commenting, no one is forcing you.

  58. There is a huge difference between the article Tiffany wrote about the ban (, which while may be political on some level, and this one. Tiffany’s contains relevant information and analysis that has value to readers of this blog. This on the other hand, is a worthless blurb with little substance. It’s basically a headline with nothing else behind it, designed to start confrontation, not debate.

    I actually agree with many of the comments above that politics and travel are intertwined. What is happening in the political landscape has implications for all of us in the traveling world. I thought Tiffany’s article did a great job of touching on that. With that said, and I may speak for myself on this one, this article is vastly different. Hope that clarifies things a bit. Keep up the good work Lucky!

  59. Yes, the Delta outage caused significant issues for thousands and thousands of folks.
    But, everyone was able to go home or wherever they wanted to go – eventually.

    With the Exec Order, some people were sent back to a country they did not want to be in, or were not allowed to even get on the plane to come here. Not sure why the White House continues to only talk about 109 held for questioning and then let go. They continue to ignore those that were returned to whence they came.

  60. My friend, a US citizen, cancelled his upcoming travel plans because his wife is a green card holder (not from a Middle Eastern country, not a Muslim, and not of a dark skin color). The thinking is that if green card and work visa holders can be turned away in a moment’s notice, nothing is guaranteed any more for those who “don’t look like” Americans. He’s a bit too paranoid in my opinion, but the reality is that the shock wave of whatever has been going on is deeply affecting people’s ability and willingness to travel.

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