Malta For A Song: Introduction

Well, I just got back from another amazing trip, so that means it’s time for another (not so) amazing trip report! The planning of this trip was a bit different than my usual process. Usually I’ll plan my travel around the destination I want to see and book whatever I can to get there, but in this case it was different.

It was about traveling and more importantly traveling in style. I rarely get to spend time with my brother (who lives in New York), so this trip was basically the one week a year we get to spend together. We decided to go somewhere in Europe, since that’s the only real way to get two first class award seats using United miles on the same flight. My primary goal was to convert him to the converted, those lucky group of people that are so obsessed with mileage that they base their lives/jobs/dreams around it, mainly because they get to experience the benefits, namely international premium travel for next to nothing. Once they experience it there’s no turning back.

Long story short, with a bit of work we found two award seats in Lufthansa First from EWR-FRA-EWR, and were trying to figure out what to add to the trip intra-Europe.

The task of picking a destination began. Since we’re both Royal Ambassadors with InterContinental, we did our best to get to a destination with an InterContinental hotel, considering how great the benefits can be. Because my brother preferred a more relaxed, slow-paced vacation, the choices were narrowed down, and we ultimately decided on Malta.

The process leading up to choosing Malta is an interesting one though. For a little bit over a year now I’ve wanted to visit Malta, for a reason that would make most people cringe. A while back I was on a quest to find the theme song for InterContinental (or at least what I consider to be the theme song), and I was unsuccessful for the longest time. Then someone linked me to the InterContinental Malta homepage, which has the exact tune I was searching day and night for! Because I was so excited about this my goal ever since has been to visit the hotel.

Seriously, check out the InterContinental Malta site, sit back, relax, and enjoy the tune, and feel free to mute the crazy talking people. THAT’S why we chose Malta, I tell ya! Add to that the fact that it had a great rate considering the crappy conversion rate, and we were sold.

Scary, eh?

Enjoy! If there’s anything I can do to make your reading experience more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to let me know (and yes, Channel 9 will be on).

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  1. So let me get this straight the reason you wanted to go to Malta was because of the music on the hotel website? Wow….

  2. Well that’s what got me interested in the hotel, Travelguy, and that’s why I’ve been going back to that website for a year. When it was finally time to plan a vacation, it was very convenient that Malta looked like just the place to visit.

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