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Delta First Class – 3

Free Delta Wifi — Coming Soon?

Inflight technology has come a long way. Over the past few years we've seen inflight wifi go from the exception to the norm. Not only that, but we've seen airlines greatly improving speeds so that wifi on a plane is similar to what you'll find on the…

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Royal Air Maroc New Business Class – 3

Help Me Pick A New Travel Camera!

I'm someone who is generally not into material possessions. Left to my own devices I'd just use everything until it quite literally falls apart. Maybe it's just part of having lived in hotels full time for years, because I tend to think material possessions…

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How Does Postmates Work?

Even though I'm fairly young and work online, I tend to be a pretty late adapter when it comes to new technology. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I've just never been very good with tech. But when I catch on to technology I become sort of obsessed. My…

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Cathay Pacific 777

How Many Cathay Pacific 777s Have Wifi?

I'm generally a big fan of Cathay Pacific, though there are some areas in which they've historically lagged. One of those areas is wifi. Cathay Pacific has offered wifi on their A350s since they started taking delivery of them a couple of years back.…

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Park Hyatt St Kitts – 143

World Of Hyatt’s Improved Website

Hyatt has never been known for having great IT, though I'd say it has gotten less bad in the past couple of years. At least that's true as a relative matter, especially when you compare it to Marriott's recent tech issues. I've always felt like the World…

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Klm 777

KLM Adding Wifi On 777s & A330s (And Improving Pricing)

I'm a big fan of KLM as an airline, though find that they're a bit behind when it comes to the number of wifi equipped planes they have. This is a feature I greatly value, since it allows me to work efficiently while traveling. The good news is that…

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American Apple

American Airlines Introduces Free Inflight Apple Music

American Airlines has announced a new entertainment option for passengers starting Friday, February 1, 2019. American Airlines passengers will have access to Apple Music through inflight wifi, allowing them to stream more than 50 million songs, playlists,…

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United 737

United Airlines Introduces Free DIRECTV (Finally)

United Airlines has long offered DIRECTV on their fleet of Boeing 737s. Access to it has been free in first class, though in economy you've had to pay -- the cost has been $5.99 on flights of under two hours, and $7.99 on flights of two hours or longer.…

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Jm Cover

An Impressive New Award Search Tool From Juicy Miles

One of the trickiest things about redeeming miles is accurately searching award space. You have to know where to search for it, the foibles of each search engine, and that's before you even get into the thick of what partners each airline has and the…

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Skyteam Lounge Hong Kong – 31

T-Mobile Threatens To Cancel My International Roaming

I've been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 2.5 years now, as I made the switch from AT&T at that point. Among the big US carriers, T-Mobile was for a long time by far the leader when it came to international data, thanks to their Simple Choice Plan.…

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Project Fi Review 19

Why I Can No Longer Recommend Google Fi

I've been fiercely evangelical about Project Fi since Google launched their cell phone service a few years ago. The plans have saved me a ton compared to a legacy mobile carrier, the un-throttled international coverage has been life-changing, and I adored…

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Norwegian Wifi

Norwegian Introduces (Free) Wifi On Longhaul Flights

Just yesterday I published my review of Norwegian's 787-9 premium economy, in which I noted that flying with the airline would become even more compelling once they install wifi. In early 2018 Norwegian had announced that they'd install wifi on their…

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My Experience With Zeel, The Massage App

I'm a huge fan of apps. I've used them for just about everything, ranging from having food delivered to finding a husband. They're life changing. Some might say "well what do these apps have to do with travel?" Well, the reality is that in many cases…

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Inflight Wifi

Wifi On British Airways: What You Need To Know

Earlier today I flew British Airways from London to New York, and my flight had wifi. This was my first ever British Airways flight with wifi, so I figured I'd report back on my experience. British Airways initially announced that they'd install wifi…

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Img 4297

My iPhone Has Me Convinced I Should Leave My DSLR At Home

The type of luggage you travel with and what you pack in it has been an ongoing topic of discussion here at OMAAT. I am with Tiffany in support of the spinner bag. They are particularly helpful when trying to get around with little ones. My last few…

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Air France Lounge Boston – 4

Air France Inflight Wifi: Availability & Pricing

In mid-2016 I first wrote about how Air France was finally planning on introducing inflight wifi, which is an exciting development. Within the past week the airline has shared some further information about their inflight wifi, and it's great news. The…

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Tallinn 4

I’m Falling Out Of Love With T-Mobile

I made the switch from AT&T to T-Mobile a couple of years ago, and it has almost been life-changing. Up until recently I couldn't have been happier with T-Mobile. My bill was half of what I paid with AT&T, and T-Mobile offers an excellent international…

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