Hilarious Video: “Travel Influencers Be Like…”

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I figure we could all use some travel humor at this point. Check out this hilarious video just uploaded by a YouTuber that has some pretty spot-on observations about the world of “travel influencers.”

The video gave me a good laugh, and I’m sure it’s humor that many of you will appreciate as well. I will say that the video perhaps goes on a bit too long, even before the sponsorship spiel, but it’s still worth watching.

  1. So much truth! Out of curiosity, I checked out what some of the travel YouTubers are doing now, and it seems like all of them bought RVs or vans to travel around the country. How original lmao

  2. lol. watch the ‘america vs canada’ and ‘explaining the pandemic to my past self’ videos as well! you are gonna love it mate!

  3. So, interestingly, they are mocking influencers (deserved) while influencing. It’s just a big ad for Nord VPN. So, basically, influencers are now making fun of influencers so as to influence.

    My head is spinning.

  4. @Jason – her future self explaining – that video was HILARIOUS. Much funnier than the influencer one, which just made me sad at what our culture has come to!

  5. Two vacuous (aging) airheads trying to out-do each other in “embracing the culture” .
    Can we really spare space on the planet for these types?

  6. Everyone hating on this video is completely missing the point. The point is making fun of “influencers” – that is legitimately how “travel influencers” talk and view the world, themselves, etc. Yes, she is an “influencer” but based on this video I’d give her the benefit of the doubt in having some self-awareness. It’s satire people.

  7. Even more hilarious that some don’t understand that there are not two different people in the video!

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