Travel Business Class To Europe This Summer For Economy Prices!

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Oneworld published some amazing business class fares between New York and Paris a couple of weeks ago, to compete with all business class airline, La Compagnie.

The fare was $1,500 per person when traveling in pairs of two, and beyond that you could use a $400 AARP discount (anyone can join for $16) and a a 10% discount if you have the British Airways Visa Signature® Card, bringing down the per person cost to ~$1,000.

The fare was pulled but was quickly brought back, though at that point the fare was only as low as $1,700 before any discounts, and as low as ~$1,200 with discounts.

Over the weekend I wrote about how the AARP discount no longer seemed to work on discounted business class tickets. On one hand I wasn’t surprised, since it did in many ways seem too good to be true to get $400 off an already discounted business class ticket. This has been possible for well over a year, so surely at some point it’s going to be pulled, it’s just a function if when, not if.


Well, it seems that the discount not working on these fares was just a temporary glitch. The $1,700 business class fare is still available, and both the $400 AARP discount and 10% British Airways Visa Signature® Card discount once again work on these fares, meaning you can still fly to Europe this summer for less than $1,200 roundtrip in business class.

The base fare is ~$1,700. Then once you apply the $400 AARP discount the fare is lowered to ~$1,300.


And then once you apply the 10% discount from the British Airways Visa Signature® Card, the fare is ~$1,170.


As a reminder, for the nonstop flights between New York and Paris you can fly either American or OpenSkies. If you fly American you get the $400 discount though not the 10% off discount, while if you fly OpenSkies you can get both discounts.

OpenSkies business class

Bottom line

Under $1,200 for roundtrip business class between the US and Europe is an incredible value. If you’re looking to go to Europe this summer, this is a deal you really can’t beat if you live in New York or the can position there cheaply. I’d hop on this sooner rather than later, since I’m sure the fare will be pulled at some point.

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  1. The fares also seem to work for flights that connect through PHL, so you could at least fly on the reverse herringbone A333.

  2. Just a few days ago I picked up 2 tickets in July (LHR-LAX & return) for only €945 per person in Club world, seems like there may be an issue with LAX fares!
    Many of them are currently cheaper than Premium economy by €200-€400 in July, the odd one is even cheaper by a few euro than Economy.. (That flight above was only €60 more return than economy).

  3. Lucky, I booked one of these fares with BA the first time around but had to cancel within the 24-hour window. It’s been more than 2 weeks and BA still hasn’t refunded my credit card. What’s been your experience with the BA refund process?

  4. Hi, apologies as I am a noob – I looked through this but had no luck finding the fare….

    Searched on, through the AARP direct link to ba booking, no luck.

    Any chance someone could post a direct link to a search result that yields these fares?


  5. @ RA — There’s no direct link, you have to go through the AARP link. Did you log into your AARP account? Which flights were you searching?

  6. Hey Lucky, I’m booked one-way on Open Skies…seems pretty good. Unfortunately for the return I had to book on the AA 757 into JFK. Is that a lie-flat seat? How good is the soft and hard product?

  7. @ grandgourmand — American unfortunately has angled seats. Service and food generally isn’t that great, either.

  8. @ RA – I’m having the same issue.

    -I have an AARP membership
    -I click through the BA link to AARP to login, and it confirms me back at BA.
    -I fill in the new form for my flights (leaving a wednesday in sept/oct, returning the following monday), two people, in business
    -and it still quotes me $3400 for the tickets. As opposed to the $2600 I expected.

    E.g., departing Oct 7, returning Oct 12.

  9. Lucky, I just tried to book AA from Aug 1 to Aug 8 on AARP and no luck with the discount. I was logged into my AARP account and everything. I even put in the name fields and everything. The lowest price I got was $1702.50 per psn. When does the discount show up? MJ

  10. @Shane
    Why were your flights priced in euros? From LHR would be given in pounds. 945 pounds makes sense. 945 euros does not.

  11. @chancer
    Just checked the booking reference and it was definitely Euros,

    I just went in to check the prices on the very flight I am booking on and it is now priced at €2,199 return which is what I would usually see for the sort of flight but there has been no contact from BA regarding my booking.

    But these rates are still available for other days in July..
    I also forgot to include that this rate also includes the DUB-LHR leg of the flight.
    Considering now nearly all the business seats on every A380 BA flight in July have gone from being available to “not available” in a number of days, it seems other people have noticed too.

  12. If we need two, would it be better to use the Amex Platinum benefit and go through Amex to get the companion ticket free? I haven’t used this benefit before so I was curious of pros and cons.

  13. I can only get the “discounted” red bar (which I think indicates you’re doing it right) to show up on the prices if I toggle the dates to a Monday departure, returning the following Monday. (e.g. Monday Sept 14 to Monday Sept 21 works — $596 + $706)

    Is there a minimum stay for this fare?

  14. @ Colt — That benefit only applies for full fare tickets, which would be exponentially more expensive than paying for two tickets through this promotion.

  15. @ Mary Jane — You might want to try again. The American flights that day priced at $1,300 per person roundtrip without the 10% off discount.

  16. Frankly who finds BA business class exciting???i think its the worst product you can find beside kuwaiti or maybe zimbabwe airlines,squeezing 8 seats while others are just fitting 4 that looks pretty cramped,BA is an arrogant company,they think they have the best F when its below otyers business and with all the cuts the executive club just indergo,must be idiot to give your money to BA,am off to Tokyo with new Air France business and its a 1000miles better than BA.

  17. “@ shaky02dd — There’s a Sunday night minimum stay.”

    But when I query Thursday-Tuesday, same problem.

    It looks like it’s a full week minimum. Wednesday-Wednesday works, but Wednesday-Tuesday does not.

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