Touching Final Farewell

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Earlier in the month an American Airlines aircraft maintenance technician died while on the job at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. The technician, who had been at American for 30 years, fell 14 feet from a jet bridge while closing the door of a Boeing 767. He suffered fatal injuries from the fall.

It’s such a terribly sad story. Nowadays we take aviation safety for granted, especially on the ground, so it’s heartbreaking when things like this happen.

The beautiful thing is the tribute he got when his body was sent to Cleveland, where his family is from. Here’s the video:

Very touching, and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

  1. I never consider the danger these individuals are subject to in their daily labors.

    Sad for his passing.

    Great send off by AA.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Meanwhile over at Qatar an employee dies from mistreatment:

    Qatar CEO: “Nope. No employee died at all. Qatar employees don’t die. By the way did you see our new A380 we just took delivery of?”

  3. Rest in Peace and thank you for the great service you provided us all.

    After every work-related fatality, OSHA will launch an investigation and will probably fine AA for safety violation as they are required to provide and use safety belts when working at such heights.

  4. Heard about that locally – sad and know some people that knew him and were there for the sendoff.

  5. Ben, do you know if this was a special flight just for him or were there passengers on it as well?

  6. @ Ken — I would assume it was a normal commercial flight. It’s not uncommon for “bodies” to be transported in the cargo holds. I’ve seen it many times.

  7. In the process of switching business to AA and that really touched my heart. Dedication and caring for one another is at the heart of every aviation family especially in America and that is worth supporting. Maybe Emirates, Etihad and Qatar will see this and think differently about how they treat their own.

  8. What a touching and kind tribute from American and the ground crew at DFW. It is a tribute not only to Dave Ostang, but to the wonderful people who worked with him who were thoughtful and kind enough to do this for his family and in his memory. What a testament to a life well led.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Lucky.

  9. In such a time of great sadness, it’s refreshing to see the solidarity and respect of his coworkers and company.

    Well done.

  10. I found this news at facebook. This ceremonie for send off from a airport staff was very touching.
    I never see in this situation at airport. wonderful and also sad about the accident from jetbridge.

    I’m sorry for his family and his staffmembers.
    God bless you, from Switzerland

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