Today’s Daily Getaways: Discounted IHG Rewards Club Points

Link: Discounted IHG Rewards Club Points

Daily Getaways is a promotion sponsored by American Express and the U.S. Travel Association, and is intended to boost US tourism. Every weekday from May 19 through June 20, 2014travel packages and getaways will be on sale at discounted prices. The good thing is that you don’t have to decide on your dates or travel right away, because most packages come in the form of certificates or points, which can be redeemed over time.

A few things to keep in mind for all of these travel packages:

  • Travel packages go on sale at 1PM ET, so you’ll want to be there a couple of minutes early if you want to take full advantage of it
  • You get a 10% discount for paying with your American Express Card, which will be applied at the time of purchase
  • Some travel packages sell out quickly, so if one shows as “sold out,” keep refreshing your browser and more packages may become available from people that “reserved” one in their cart but didn’t complete the purchase

Today’s Daily Getaways Package: Discounted IHG Rewards Club Points


Today Daily Getaways is offering discounted IHG Rewards Club points, in the following increments:

  • 15,000 IHG Rewards Club points / $100 / 2,500 available
  • 25,000 IHG Rewards Club points / $167 / 2,000 available
  • 50,000 IHG Rewards Club points / $325 / 1,250 available
  • 100,000 IHG Rewards Club points / $630 / 1,000 available

That comes out to 0.63 cents per point, or 0.57 cents per point if paying with an American Express Card.

What’s also cool about this promotion is that unlike some of the other ones, they’re actually selling tons of packages. There are a total of 6,750 packages on sale here, so hopefully this won’t be as much of a lottery as it usually would be.

What’s worth noting with IHG Rewards Club is that it’s always possible to generate points with them for 0.7 cents each in a roundabout way, which can be a great deal. But this is an even better deal, by almost 20% in some cases.

Redeeming IHG Rewards Club points

IHG has nine hotel categories, ranging in cost from 10,000 to 50,000 points per night, as follows:

So at 0.57 cents per point, you’d be looking at ~$285 for a free night at one of their top hotels. That definitely could be worth it, especially for a property like the InterContinental Bora Bora, where you can redeem points for an overwater bungalow.

Alternatively, you can redeem points through IHG Rewards Club’s amazing PointBreaks promotion, whereby select hotels are available for 5,000 points per night. That being said, there’s no guarantee that promotion will stick around, and you also never know which properties will be on the list.

Bottom line

This is a case where I think it could make sense to take buy points. You most likely won’t come out way ahead or anything, but these are very fairy fair prices on the purchase of points, less than you’d otherwise pay. And on top of that there are lots of packages available, so you should have no problem snagging one (or a few).

Ultimately IHG Rewards Club points aren’t really a currency I want to hoard, mainly because those points aren’t quite as aspirational as Hyatt or Starwood points, for example. But still, there’s lots of value to be had for the right person.

Will you be taking advantage of the IHG Rewards Club Daily Getaways?


  1. Not aspirational? 9 out of 10 times I’d agree, but there are some VERY nice IC’s around the world (Hong Kong and IC Bora Bora come to mind).

  2. Canadian-issued credit cards (including Amex) did not work last year for Daily Getaways and were all declined, even when using a correct US billing address.

  3. Tried again now. They don’t even try to process the credit card. As soon as I enter the card number and a correct US billing address on file with my Canadain Amex, I get the following error message: “The address you provided does not match this credit card. Please re-enter your address.” So no go for non-US credit cards.

  4. @ Ben — I don’t disagree, accept IHG doesn’t honor elite benefits on award stays, per the rules. The InterContinental Hong Kong is only great if you have a view of the harbor, which you typically won’t have on a points stay.

  5. Worth every penny if staying at the IC Rome or either of the Bora Bora properties – the Tahalasso spa is $1000 per night!

  6. I strongly agree with lucky about Intercon HKG. The hotel is disgraceful when it comes to honoring IHG elite status, especially when using points. They have the attitude (as expressed to me directly in person) that they don’t need to provide special benefits to elites because they have so many VIP guests who come back to their hotel tens and tens of times. Also the hotel is old and worndown. As Lucky notes, the only good thing is the harbor view. I wouldn’t know about the club lounge because it’s extremely expensive to buy up to (and not offered to Ambassadors ever for free – can’t say about Royal Ambassadors).

  7. It’s a good deal: I bought 300k last year, and am using them all for Sydney Australia over New Years. The cheapest Holiday Inn near the center of the city was quoted around 600 AUD or 30,000 points.

    The Intercontinental Sydney was bookable at a huge discount to the price of the room, but was not cancellable, unlike most IHG award bookings.

  8. @ Lantean — I wouldn’t buy for way in the future. I don’t expect a huge devaluation or anything, but at the same time there’s not enough to “gain” here to buy something you don’t plan on spending in the near future, in my opinion.

  9. Does the points post instantly after purchased? If not, how long does it usually takes?

  10. I don’t see any benefit at mid-tier. Example I can book Cat5 Hotel Indigo in ATL for $146.16 all in. Or spend 30,000 points which cost me $171 to buy. Pass!

  11. Would you buy these and then convert them to airline miles that are hard to accumulate? comes out to ~2.85c/mile for LH

  12. Josh- it took 4 days for the last package to post that I bought earlier this year.

    FYI- I just took 3 100k packages ($1701 on my Amex) and turned them into 6 nights at the Intercontinental Le Grand Paris for my anniversary. The cash rate for those nights were 475 euro ($646 US x 6 = $3876). A great deal if you have a plan for them!

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