Three days left to win a trip to Australia!

You have three days left to win a trip to Australia’s Gold Coast. Be sure to enter in the official entry thread (NOT this thread) by midnight on March 28 and you could be off to Australia, earning miles and points the whole way courtesy of Boarding Area and the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card.

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  1. Set up a Google Alert with keywords for your favorite airline’s name and something like “frequent flier miles” or “miles promotion”–go crazy and do all the combinations–it costs nothing and can help make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity you might not have otherwise noticed.

  2. Try saving your miles for int’l. travel over the Atlantic or Pacific. It seems that these fares have really gone up recently. Domestic fares haven’t gone up that much, so its a good way to earn the miles you need for bus. class on int’l., long, long flights. To get the dates you really want to fly for int’l. trips, call ahead many months before your trip & be flexible with mileage program partners.

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