The US Airways Livery Is Dead

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A lot has happened since American and US Airways first announced their merger in February 2013, which has made them the world’s largest airline. If you were loyal to either airline, you’re likely familiar with just about every major milestone of the merger, given that it impacted the passenger experience.

These steps included the merger of the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles programs, the two airlines getting a single operating certificate with the FAA, the two airlines getting on a single reservations system, employees of both airlines getting the same uniforms, etc.

Even wth all of this alignment, as a customer you can still quite easily tell whether you’re on a legacy American or legacy US Airways plane. Does the plane not have any power ports or Main Cabin Extra? You’re probably on a legacy US Airways plane. Are you not getting a pre-departure beverage? You’re probably on a legacy American plane. 😉

Well, as of this week, the two airlines can add one other thing to their list of completed tasks — the entire US Airways mainline fleet now features the new American livery. So you’ll no longer see planes painted like this:


But rather all legacy US Airways mainline planes should now look like this:


Per American’s press release:

With N563UW’s exit from the paint shop on Tuesday, Nov. 22, American Airlines has now painted all 299 former US Airways mainline planes.

The first US Airways plane was painted in the American livery in January 2014, just one month after the merger closed.

While all 299 legacy US Airways mainline planes have been repainted, there are still plenty of planes that don’t feature American’s new livery on the legacy American side, including 737s, 757s, and MD-80s:

Some regional aircraft will still operate in the US Airways Express livery until May 2017.

More than 80 percent of American’s fleet is now operating in the new livery. In addition to the former US Airways regional jets, American still has about 100 B737s in the polished metal livery. They will be painted by the end of 2017.

A handful of B757s and MD-80s, will continue flying in the old paint scheme. These aircraft will eventually be retired.


Now, if only American could update the interiors of legacy US Airways planes as fast as they updated the exteriors. I guess American management doesn’t really subscribe to the whole “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” philosophy.

  1. Ben there was one next to our plane as we arrived at “the eagles nest” here in LAX.. it caught me off guard to see it actually

  2. Good luck getting an upgrade on the US Airways 757s they only have 12 seats versus 24 on some of the American 757s.

  3. Hey Ben, quick award question.

    I’m trying to book a business class award from Europe to the US with American miles. I was thinking of this routing: CDG-LHR-JFK-LAX-PDX and it comes out to 57.5k miles but then I thought about making it better and routing ….JFK-YVR (CX) -PDX but when I just enter Europe to Canada it’s coming back 62.5k miles.

    So my question is if I route through Canada from jfk but then come back into the us am I going to be charged the 57.5k miles or 62.5k?

    Ps hope you had an enjoyable thanksgiving

  4. It’s been a race to the bottom for Doug Parker et. al. with USAirways dba American Airlines. Why is anyone surprised? It’s not like he didn’t have a track record in the industry.

  5. Why doesn’t AA fly many of the MD’s out to us in Phoenix? I’ve taken an MD a few times from MSP to PHX, but I haven’t seen an AA MD parked at the gate.

    Total side note. Delta now flies an A333 between ATL and PHX once a day (#1772 & #1244). I thought had it listed wrong but nope, I saw it parked at T3.

  6. Caleb, yup, I noticed that 333 earlier this month. I wanted to SDC to it but couldn’t confirm in F and figured I’d stick with my existing 753 flight. I was surprised how full the 333 appeared to be based upon the seat map.

  7. I don’t know where you got this info, but I saw two LUS painted airbuses today arriving within 5 minutes of one another, perhaps there are multiple “heritage” liveries?

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