The lengths I go to get you guys pictures of hotels…

This was a first for me. It’s my first morning in Shanghai and before touring the city I figured I’d do a quick hotel tour to get some pictures. All was well till I made it to the pool, where the employee informed me “I’m so sorry, but you can’t take any pictures of the pool or gym unless you’re in them.” Fair enough, though there wasn’t a single person at the pool or gym, so if their goal is to protect peoples’ privacy, there really wasn’t a need for it.

So given what she said I responded with “okay, do you mind taking my picture then?” And she proceeded to snap pictures of me at the pool, at the hot tub, and in the gym. I always stood in the sides of the pictures so I could crop myself out, and she kept suggesting I move to the center of the pictures.

So apologies in advance for the lack of quality pictures of what may very well be the most stunning pool I’ve ever seen. I’ll probably go back later with my iPhone…

Has anyone run into a similar situation at a hotel?

Park Hyatt Shanghai exterior

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  1. Yes at the JW Marriott in Bombay last year in the Lobby. Although their reason I suspect is because they don’t want terrorists “learning” the floor plan of the hotel. That is funny how you stood outside the photo. Hopefully you made the typical Peace sign in the photos >5

  2. My first instinct when responding to that comment would be to actually get myself in the pool and then start taking pictures.

  3. Ran into similar issues when the W HKG first opened! They were super strict about taking of photos in the public areas. They seems to care less about it now.

  4. dude. Just take the pic and start speaking german. Its your first language anyways right?

  5. We had the same issue at the same hotel. We tried to take a picture of an art piece in the lobby and told to not do so.

  6. I was told the same thing while photographing the lobby at the PH Shanghai. I sternly told him I was a guest here, and he backed off. Security is far too tight at the hotel. The metal detectors downstairs are bad enough…

    (probably to keep out those petty vendors hawking watches and laser pointers who flock to you right outside the driveway)

  7. Lucky, was so hoping to see some photos of the pool. Come on now, the omelet’s, diet coke and first class meals has to be working right?

    Park Hyatt Shanghai is definitely one of my favorites. Did you dined at 100 Century Avenue or outside during your stay?

  8. Photo bans are pretty common at most high-quality hotels in the developing world. Partly due to security and partly to avoid “casual paparazzi” posting pictures of high profile guests on the internet.

  9. Not at a hotel, but did get asked to delete the photos i had taken of the lounge at Nairobi for ‘security’ reasons, although I’m convinced it is so no one knows about the terrible food that they serve!

  10. You will find that taking pictures at any business in China is highly restricted! They consider it akin to corporate espionage. Since there is a culture of imitating (product, price, etc.), they are very defensive. I took a picture of a McDonalds menu board in Shanghai and had the manager immediately start yelling at me and chased me out of the store! In the future, when I asked to take photos, I was always turned down. Beware!!!

  11. In China, there is an immerse amount of racism. Never ran into problems taking pictures in China(of course except taking them on official grounds).

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