The highs and lows of premium cabin travel (and breakfasts)

“And Mr. Lucky, here you are, we have some scrambled eggs, potato and sweet corn cakes, smoked salmon, and tomato ragout for you. Please enjoy.”

“You havin’ breakfast?”

Too bad I had to go from Qantas A380 first class to British Airways regional business class, and not the other way around. The first breakfast was quite possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever had on an airplane, while the second breakfast was, well, not. There’s no amount of money you could pay me to eat that nasty lookin’ sausage…

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  1. The thing that I have never understood about breakfasts that are served by airlines is why they always insist on having scrambled egg as one of two options or sometimes the only option. As I person who really dislikes any form of egg, even the smell it is quite annoying then have nothing for breakfast, especially if it is a very early flight.

  2. Wait till you try an International Breakfast on United Lucky.

    Some of those I’ve had… make that BA breakfast edible…

  3. “There’s no amount of money you could pay me to eat that nasty lookin’ sausage…”

    Yeah, that#s what she said…. 🙂

  4. As an egg lover, I would agree with Jarvis as to the stupidity of serving eggs on planes. They are always disgusting as they cannot be prepared fresh – the only way of cooking eggs. The BA looks not nice, although I suspect that the sausage and the tomato are probably the only edible bits in it. Still, beats the UA Business Class breakfast which ranks as the worst I’ve ever had.

  5. @Jarvis,

    Totally agree with you. I think I overdosed on eggs as a kid and now I won’t touch them. I’d prefer some croissants/pastries.

  6. If that was the service in business, I don’t even WANT to know what economy was like…

  7. @Marius. A proper Aer Lingus J breakfast includes 3 forms of pork. No meal is complete until a pig has been killed.

  8. @NB
    Lufthansa prepares frsh scrambled eggs in first, with finely chopped chives and crispy bacon, unbeatable!

    Although I must admit that the Qantas food is very good as well, I have flown Ams-Syd in first a couple of times and always enjoyed it thoroughly.

  9. I’ll bet the starving kids in Africa wouldn’t say no to that sausage.

    Lots of airlines now are preparing their egg meals fresh, cooked on board, though I am guessing it’s only for long-haul, first class only.

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