The Devil Didn’t Want Creflo Dollar To Have A $65 Million Jet

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In mid-March I wrote about Creflo Dollar, the “prosperity gospel” preacher who wanted his congregation to fund a new $65 million Gulfstream G650.

As the church explained it, they were looking for 200,000 people to give contributions of $300 or more to make this a reality. They even created a nearly six minute promotional video trying to convince people to contribute:

“Project G650,” as it was called, was quickly withdrawn, though that didn’t stop the church from justifying the project, explaining we were missing the point. After all, Creflo Dollar was planning on transporting 100,000 pounds of food with him on the G650… never mind the fact that the maximum takeoff weight of the plane is less than 100,000 pounds.

And now the story gets even better. This past weekend Creflo Dollar returned from a “sabbatical,” and addressed the private jet situation with his congregation. And it’s amazing:

To recap:

  • If/when there’s life on Mars, you can expect him to “believe” God for a billion dollar space shuttle
  • The devil didn’t want him to have a private jet

But the most shocking part isn’t even what he says, but rather the response of the congregation. This wasn’t their response (as I would have hoped):


Instead it was this:



(Tip of the hat to @tarheeljason)

  1. @Regan
    It involves an aircraft. It also involves Jesus, who I curse when FF programs devalue their points.

  2. @O

    I’d add the qualifier “certain”. There are people doing exactly what Creflo claims to be doing and they don’t need a G650, nor any other type of private jet.

  3. Haha I find it ironic. This is your story exactly

    You asked for $30k from readers who make one tenth of what you do – in order to fly the residence “for the sake of the readers”. Some people find it in poor taste, you defend yourself, and your fan-boys react with the same reaction as the congregation.

    This feels a tad bit hypocritical

  4. @ Jay — Yep, totes the same thing — peoples’ spiritual lives were also at stake with my Kickstarter!

  5. @ Regan — Hah, it’s related to airplanes and related to fundraising to fly (something which I can appreciate), so I posted it because it amused me. 😉

  6. He gives a bad name to Christians.

    Maybe he should sign up for a new Honda jet at like $5 million.

  7. You know Rev $ is a charismatic speaker. I am agnostic and even I find myself almost wanting to throw $ at him

    Well maybe $1

    Like a stripper

  8. So he is needed in the Middle east is it?

    Anyone here want to chip in for a one way ticket to ISIS territory and parachute for the good reverend?

    And if he is still alive in 15-20 years time and need to spread the gospel on Mars he should just buy a ticket on Musk Spaceways like everyone else.

  9. This video is uh. maze. ing. “I never one time came to you and asked you for a dime for this airplane did I?” Whaaaa????? Screw buying an airplane, this guy needs to start an airline!!!

  10. @Jay – How much do you pay to read this blog? I think most people agree that if they saw Lucky out at a hotel or an airport that they would buy him a drink to say thanks for all the help and insight. I don’t get to travel very much so the chances of me bumping in to Lucky are very rare so I threw the kickstarter fund $20 as a thank you.

    This other guy is a lunatic and taking advantage of people and using god as his ammunition.

    signed – “a fan-boy”

  11. I guess the devil didn’t want Ben to fly in the Residences either, eh?

    I agree with @Jay – it’s really no different. Someone is trying to get others to raise contribute money towards something that will be of no material benefit to them – only of benefit to the solicitor. It may be a deeper level of “sucker” that believes it’s what God wants as opposed to a “sucker” that believes Ben flying on the Residences is in the reader’s best interest – but it’s only a matter of differing degrees of sucker.

    Also the pastor’s congregants’ spiritual lives aren’t in danger, just their wallets. The pastor, on the other hand, has the moral blame if he had achieved the funding goal and not used the aircraft for church purposes after all.

  12. Jesus walked on his two feet to preach, didn’t even ride a camel or donkey. Pastor $$ should be ashamed of himself. If Pastor $$ has a strong connection with Jesus, shouldn’t he just fly economy and pray for an upgrade every time he flies? 🙂

    I love what Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  13. This article is quite judgmental. He made a request of his congregation/supporters. Now if he starts asking you for money; that’s a different story. Live and let live.

  14. @Catherine: Yes, it is judgemental. Because he’s a con man preying on people’s spiritual desires. Are we supposed to ignore all swindlers and crooks whose actions don’t affect us personally, or just those who cloak their come-on with biblical verse?

  15. Dear @Ken

    First, sorry for the delay. Ignoring someone and suggesting a group of people become a dangerous mob (see picture above) are entirely different things.

    I found this whole blog ironic when was publicly shamed for his kickstarter campaign to fund a trip in a Etihad Residence private suite. His response about that campaign:

    “But what I found incredibly fascinating is just how incensed some people were. They couldn’t just say “hah, this idea is nuts,” but instead had to call me and especially the people that backed the project idiots, telling them that something like this shouldn’t be allowed, and/or that they shouldn’t spend their money this way.

    That concept fascinates me.

    Like I said, it’s totally beyond reasonable to think the project is crazy, but to judge people that feel otherwise and choose to contribute is just mind-boggling.”

    I complete agree with his statement about the kickstarter campaign AND Pastor Dollar’s request of his supporters to fund a plane for his ministry.

  16. Editorial Update: sentence should have read.

    I found this whole blog ironic when Lucky was publicly shamed for his kickstarter campaign to fund a trip in a Etihad Residence private suite.

  17. Listen, I was watching one of Creflo’s programs on TV. And he was saying “I’m the devil” more than a few times. He was also pretending to speak in tongues. This guy can’t be trusted with anything. Trying to get the congregation to pay for his jet is based on financial greed when there are charitable organisations he can donate to.

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