Thai Airways first class ground services in BKK — so good that it hurts!

I know I’ve raved about Thai Airways ground services in BKK in the past, but I’ve just gotta mention them again. I’m at the Thai Airways first class lounge in Bangkok right now, and the service is so good that I’m not sure what to say anymore. I’m now convinced that no other ground experience can compete with Thai Airways in Bangkok, and yes, that includes Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal.

Where do we begin? Well, I got picked up with a golf cart from my Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore upon landing. Some airlines will offer transfers when connecting on the same airline, but they even picked you up from a partner flight without having to ask. Very impressive!

I was driven all the way to the elevator, at which point I was escorted through security. When I entered the lounge I was greeted by no less than a dozen people, all of which gave the traditional Thai greeting. I was then brought to my private “living room,” as one of the agents scheduled an hour long full body massage for me for later in the evening.

I was offered something to eat and drink no less than a dozen times. When I went to use the bathroom there were four ladies standing there to greet me and direct me towards a private bathroom. When I went to shower, I was escorted by three agents. When I went to look at the buffet options, I was being monitored by no less than four agents.

And it’s almost time forĀ a massage, which is complimentary.

While Thai Airways is quite mediocre in the air, their ground services in Bangkok more than make up for it. And while Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are amazing in the air, their ground services continue to be nothing special.

The friendliness of all the people working here just makes me want to cringe, in a good way.

Gotta run, it’s massage time! šŸ˜‰

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  1. Defiantly the hard life there ;).

    If there’s one thing Thai can get right in its own hub is the treatment of premium passengers.

    A shame some other airlines can’t get this right….

  2. Nin Ros,

    Tipping is not required in most countries in Asia. You don’t need tip to bribe for good service.

  3. Have you used the C or F SQ lounge at Changi? I have never been more impressed by the size and amenities of any airline’s lounge. The SQ lounge had 20 showers and a food and liquor spread that were out of this world. I would like to try the TG BKK F lounge and its services as well.

  4. The Thai people are a wonderful group. Very gracious and welcoming — at least from this tourist’s perspective. On a recent visit we stayed at the Old Bangkok Inn and the Le Meridien Chiang Rai and had universally wonderful service. I too am thinking of trying Thai First Class. Also got to try a Thai lounge at BKK — cramped and unimpressive. Could have been at a small RCC.

  5. To Chris,

    Tipping is not required but it would be nice to show a nice gesture and appreciation don’t you think?


  6. Chris,
    Although tipping may not be an Asian custom, it is not about “bribing for good service”, as it is done after the service has been provided.
    There is nothing wrong with showing some respect, which is an Asian custom, genorosity, and appreciation to others who work hard and earn much less than you probably do. A few dollars is not a big deal, especially for a service one is receiving for free.Share the wealth and help others in their quest for a better life.

  7. I sure didn’t experience any notable level of decent service on Thai last fall when flying business class. 4 of 5 flights parked or left from remote gates which alone shattered the impression and the crap that they serve on short hops and no liquor in first or business class on domestic flights was quite sad. For me, the simple choice is to default to SQ, NH, or OZ where possible.

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