Teddy Bear At Doha Hamad International Airport

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A few days ago I visited the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

It’s an impressive airport, and there are lots of interesting things about it.

Qatar Airways first class check-in Hamad International Airport

In my opinion nothing quite matches the 6.8 million dollar, 23 foot, 35,000 pound teddy bear in the middle of the departures hall, though. Apparently it was bought by a member of the Qatar royal family, and they’re basically using the airport as a storage unit.

Now in theory a teddy bear sounds like a cute thing to put on display at an airport… except not in this case.

The bear looks bad enough from the front – there’s a lamp directly over its head, as if an interrogation is happening.

Teddy bear at Hamad International Airport

But when you go around the back it’s even worse. The lamp is literally lodged inside of him.

Teddy bear at Hamad International Airport

WTF?! That’s enough to give anyone a nightmare!

  1. @Eric, I remember seeing that bear on Park Ave. right by the Four Seasons restaurant! It was rather odd. 35000 lbs? Wow!

  2. That is the teddy bear of my nightmares. It’s like a teddy and the Pixar lamp have melded in evil symbiosis.

  3. Hi lucky,

    I just noticed something, in this post there is a glass ceiling on top of the teddy bear, in your al mourjan lounge review with the teddy bear photo there is no glass ceiling, in your recent airport hotel review, there is a glass ceiling again! Did they somehow remove the glass ceiling and put it back on?

  4. I’m looking at it right now. If you have your picture taken in front of it and post it to Instagram–free gift. It’s a very nice packet of Vendome chocolates. Still. Very. Creepy.

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