When Will You Travel Again?

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One thing we’ve noticed (and this is not a new phenomenon) is that “travel sentiment surveys” don’t really take into account the viewpoints of the most frequent travelers, or the most highly-engaged loyalty program members.

Our community may not be statistically significant in terms of determining “most popular vacation destinations” or whatever, but we do have an incredibly broad and diverse readership of people here at OMAAT who love travel and aviation.

We value the feedback folks provide in the comments every day, and we can get a general sense of what is interesting to (some) people by looking at traffic trends, but it’s tricky to consolidate that info into anything usable, and of course not everyone who reads, comments.

Airlines, hotels, loyalty programs, and thousands of other travel businesses worldwide are trying to gauge consumer sentiment, and while no one ever has a crystal ball, it’s particularly challenging in the current environment.

So we put together a survey in late April, and thousands of you helpfully shared your opinions and perspectives. Yes, it has taken us longer to get this back out than we anticipated, but… such is life right now, and I think for the most for the most part the questions are still relevant.

Our hope in designing this survey was that there would be enough responses to paint a meaningful picture of the intentions and motivators of the group of people most likely to travel anyway, and we really appreciate those who helped with that.

The results presented in the graphic focus on the perspective of very frequent travelers (those who responded that they historically had at least one flight or hotel stay per month), but for most questions there was no significant difference in sentiment for less frequent travelers.

The biggest differences were also somewhat obvious — for example, people who travel less frequently noted they earned more of their miles from on-the-ground activities like shopping portals and credit cards, versus earning through flying.

A few things about the results that we found particularly interesting:

  • We were surprised that even among this group of very frequent travelers, top-tier elite status is not really common — it’s something we get a lot of value out of, so that was unexpected
  • It’s possible this sentiment has since changed, but only 25% of respondents drew the line for resuming travel at “vaccine” — 55% are looking for indicators that the situation is being managed in a way that allows for informed decisions, which tracks with what we already know about OMAAT readers
  • In general, evergreen good business practices like handling changes and refunds professionally and treating employees well matter more to this group than announcements of cleanliness/safety — I suspect that has to do with frequent travelers being generally suspicious of anything that comes from a travel marketing department

Let’s take a look:

Infographic is embeddable — click “share” to add to your site, or view here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and perspectives with us!

  1. Im going to Japan in February 2021, from YYZ to JFK to NRT on ANA F. With current COVID situation in the US im very worried…

  2. As soon as it’s practical. That includes avoiding onerous border controls and ridiculous requirements on aircraft. I don’t mind getting a vaccine or be tested. But I also want to enjoy my trip. Anyway, short answer – as soon as possible! And hopefully in Australia, it won’t be too far away.

  3. We’ve been in Norway for a week now and will be here for another 1.5 weeks.

    I did look at flying but eventually decided to drive here, we put our car in an overnight train for half of the trip so that we’d save some time and boring driving.

    Hotels and everything else have been chosen the same way as usually, looking at quality and price and selecting the ones where we prefer to be.

    I doubt our travels change that much, will be travelling anywhere where Covid isn’t as bad as it’s currently in India, Brazil, Russia and the US and the borders are open. Not planning to go anywhere that requires quarantine. Most of my loyalty to anyone specific was already lost before Covid-19.

  4. First flight for me since Feb 22 is tomorrow. LHR-MRS on BA.

    Can’t wait to be flying again!

  5. With such a high and steady increase of cases here I highly doubt any of us will be traveling internationally soon.
    And do remember this is a respiratory virus- meaning, if you develop severe symptoms, it’s either going to be a long and painful path to the end, or it’s going to be long recovery with considerable permanent damage.
    I don’t know why anyone would take this risk, but apparently some do.

  6. Given that I’m an American and we show no signs of taming Covid, I’m assuming I won’t travel until there is a vaccine. That is for my own safety and for others; as an American I feel responsible not to go to places and risk spreading it to others. In addition, it just doesn’t seem enjoyable to travel now. So I’m looking at probably at least 1-2 more years until I get back on a plane. Then we’ll take our delayed honeymoon.

  7. @Tiffany

    Very informative. But let’s get this out of the way first.

    Double check numbers, some should add up to 100%


    -If there was a great redemption opportunity with traditionally hard to find award availability, would you book it right now WINTER 2020

    -Which indicators would make you feel most confident about resuming air travel?

  8. I’m looking to take a few domestic leisure trips in August/September, maybe a few in December/January. It seems unlikely I will be able to take a transatlantic trip until early next year – I am hoping for March. I am personally pretty comfortable with most travel right now as I will adhere to personal mitigation efforts (masks, not going to nightclubs/packed bars, etc).

    With business travel, who knows, hopping very late this year to early next year.

    Tiffany, I’m surprised that you are surprised that few people have top tier status. Without extensive business travel either funded through corporate spending or tax deductions, it is very difficult to earn top tier status in airline and hotel programs. Most of your readers are probably primarily leisure travelers, many of whom book via points and miles

  9. I’m actually surprised majority of your readership (61%) opted to spend cash on their next trip.
    Given the recession and high unemployment, I’ve been redeeming miles for all my future trips (plus it’s easier for the airline to refund miles than refund cash.)
    My next trip is in August. I have 2 domestic flights to visit friends. If the current situation gets worse, I may cancel it. I hope it’ll work out though!

  10. Had a trip with mom and sister to Vienna … had everything set up for this October … now I cancelled everything … mom is up there in age and still in great shape to walk and explore but I can’t take that chance.

    Business class tickets on Austrian from Chicago (surprising enough got a full refund without much of a fight) … a family room at the Park Hyatt on points (got points back into my account within 72 hours).

    Now next trip will be to see Mom in October in all places Miami where cases have gone thru the roof.

  11. Planning a trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in August. Hoping it stands.

  12. HIV has been around for how many years now? And there is still no cure/vaccine. Granted, the medications have greatly improved and people with HIV are able to live relatively normal lives as long as they stick to their regimen. That being said, there is no guarantee that they will ever find a cure/vaccine for coronavirus. People saying they won’t travel until then might be waiting 30+ years.

    I work in healthcare and even if there is a vaccine by the end of the year, I am very worried about being one of the first people to receive it especially with how they have relaxed/dropped many regulations in order to fast track it. I will obviously get it once it’s released because the health of my patients is the most important thing but I’ll be just as worried about the effects of the vaccine as I am about coronavirus itself.

  13. @ Tiffany — Wow. Very impressive work all around. Thanks for sharing!

    I too am surprised that only 11.1% have top status with AA, UA or DL. Any idea what % have two and three of these? Once upon a time, we had all three, but now just two (plus we have AS MVPG 75k). I have always wondered how rare this attainment is. I am also approaching 1-2-3, meaning 1 MM on UA, 2 MM on DL, and 3 MM on AA. I had expected to reach 2.99 MM with AA by the end of 2020 and 3 MM in Jan 2021, but I guess everything is delayed a year or two now.

  14. This is a really awesome infographic — thanks for sharing!

    One data point: I’m traveling in-state by car later this month to a place where I can social distance, and am really looking forward to that. Just this week, I’ve started looking at international flights for next May-June, with about 40% confidence the trip I book will end up happening.

  15. I took this survey, but in the 2.5 months since then, I’d say I’ve moved closer to the “only if there is a vaccine” or “not for a long time” camp. I don’t recall how I answered every question, but I believe in April I anticipated resuming travel maybe late summer or fall and at that time was actively searching for flights and hotel deals for later in the year. In the meantime, there have been several Covid cases among my colleagues and their relatives (including one death of an otherwise healthy person, albeit a senior). While I have some minor concern for myself, my main concern is unknowingly passing the virus to parents, grandparents, or others within my circle with underlying health conditions. I don’t want to take the risk for their sake; better to err on the side of caution when the lives of others are in our hands.

    Moreover, what I could not have predicted precisely 2.5 months ago is the my company would announce that effectively all international business travel (and most domestic travel except what is absolutely essential) is off the table likely for the rest of the year, and those with jobs that can be accomplished from home will be required to do so likely until very late 2020 or early 2021. (Our badges, which allowed us 24/7 access to the building, have now been deactivated to prevent even accessing and working from the office without express approval from upper management.)

    Add to that the travel embargo by many of the countries that I otherwise would have traveled to for business, in addition to the intrastate travel restrictions within the US, it significantly limits even where I could travel freely even if I wished to. Finally, add the inconveniences at every turn (mask on every plane, hotel, and tourist site; more onerous border-crossing restrictions; lounges that are closed or significantly scaled back, reduced service in premium cabins, etc.), it sucks the joy out of even leisure travel and really steals the “bang for the buck/miles”; even if some fares and hotel rates are lower, you’re getting less–except ostensibly more cleaning (but even that is dubious).

    Based on conversations with my family and colleagues in similar situations, I know that my perspective is shared by an increasing share since April. I know people who were ready to hop on a plane in April who are now much more circumspect if not worried, but I don’t know any person who has moved the other direction.

  16. Tiffany, as a fellow data nerd, I offer you my deep appreciation for collecting/collating/presenting this information. Thank you!

    At the time you released the survey, I had already canceled all/refrained from booking any work or leisure travel until late spring of 2021. But now… I vacillate between pushing my “start date” forward until 2022, and sneaking off for a couple secret weekend trips here and there this fall. But would I even enjoy those mini-vacations? I don’t know anymore. I’m turning into a dutiful Dr. Jekyll and a desperate Mr. Hyde. (cue Bugs Bunny animation)

  17. My next trip will be the last week of October. Originally I was supposed to be a speaker in Miami that week plus it’s my son’s 18th birthday so we planned a trip around those two things. We are planning to still head to Florida at this point but also have a back of plan of renting a car and travel around the safer states in the midwest depending on where we are at that point.

    I was supposed to travel to Minneapolis last month and an additional trip to Miami in September, and Des Moines in October to speak but they have gone virtual. Hopefully, my trip to Boston next April will still happen but I am not sure about the side trip to Canada depending on what is happening with the border at that point.

    Instead of going to Miami in October we were hoping to go to Europe but we gave up that plan more than a month ago as I don’t see Americans being let in anytime soon (and its are own fault!). My next (and actually first ever) European trip has been put off to February 2022 when my daughter turns 18 and she wants to go to Paris (with a few side trips to places I want to go!) I hope by then us Americans will once again be welcome in Europe.

  18. Within my California based company, my department is roughly 6000 people. They have cancelled all business travel which would include in-person meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. for the rest of the year. Zero permitted, even to the extent our corporate travel agency won’t process a booking.

    I have a personal trip to France scheduled in September, but that’s not looking good at the moment. I’m actually trying to wait to see if UA cancels the flights based on EU policies which would trigger a refund. Otherwise, looks like I’ll have to cancel in late August and get a credit.

    I’m getting really used to my house!

  19. I used to travel like crazy international every other month and domestic twice a month, but with several of my family members contracting the virus and the numbers increasing I will see no point going into hot zones.

    Also, with the the 14 day quarintine’s going into effect at multiple states it’s a clear sign things could be not improving soon. I’ll wait until the numbers are down very low, but I’m a realist and know that could be a while.

  20. I think by now any hope of international summer travel is out the window. Will travel internationally once the quarantines are off the table. Canada just extended the 14 day quarantine to august 31st. Everyone is just waiting for the US to get their act together…not that it won’t pop up here and there for the next few months. I will be interested to see numbers for covid here in a few weeks. Most everyting is open now.

  21. @Joey: I suspect many would rather spend cash than miles/point now because the value proposition of using miles/points has become spectacularly bad recently compared to historical norms. For example, before Covid, there was a domestic route that I used to book around once a month (used BA Avios for an AA ticket). The cash cost was consistently around $150-$175 each way, or 7500 Avios, in economy (double both numbers for first). So I would get at least 2 cents value per Avios. I searched that same route today. Many of the same flights on the same days/times/aircraft are now $24, and I found several per day that were $18; meanwhile, the cost in Avios has not changed. I presume many are seeing similar scenarios for their own personal travel and are making the calculated gamble to hold onto the miles/points, anticipating a point in the future when the cash fare will be back to “normal” but until then will just earn miles for a cash trip rather than basically give away the miles for nothing.

  22. @ GRUSA: thanks for expressing my thoughts (though I don‘t work in health care) I‘m always surprised to hear that people take it for granted that there will be a (safe and) working vaccine

  23. Hi Tiffany, great visuals, I guess the question about “if there was a great redemption opportunity…” The winter portion should be 71/29% rather than 71/41? Cos that should be one or the other right? There’s another question that also adds up to 99 rather than 100, guessing you rounded down the numbers for that.

  24. @ Ken — It should actually be 27%, fixed it, thanks.

    Both rounding and answers of “N/A” or “have already done this” contribute to the numbers not always being 100%.

  25. Tiffany – FYI whatever “Canva” is (I’ve never heard of it but apparently it’s something you used to do a survey or present the results?), it’s not a standard format, and in my browser, I get no survey, no graphic, just a gigantic (like, five screens deep) blue rectangle that says I need to update my browser. Nothing else on your site needs a different browser, so you should just be aware that using this thing will not work for some of your readers and you will lose some.

    As to your question: when will I travel again?

    Answer: When it’s responsible to do so, and not until then.

    Travel for leisure/fun/recreation/kicks right now is incredibly selfish and irresponsible.

    I can (and everyone should) wait until the virus is under control, or until there’s a safe and effective vaccine widely available. Unless your travel is really essential, you (or anyone) should not be flying. Period. (And no, just wanting to go have fun doesn’t qualify as essential, no matter how you spin it.)

  26. @ Anthony — I’m not surprised that few people in the world don’t have top tier status. The surprise came from OMAAT readers who travel at least one time per month having very low levels of elite status. Very few leisure travelers are traveling every month; business travelers wanting to improve the experience of their work slog or better leverage the points/miles they are earning for the mandatory travel historically make up a majority of readers here.

  27. @ Gene — Hah, that’s more math than I want to do going in to a holiday weekend, but basically just you guys and us and like a handful of other people who you would recognize if you saw them. It’s a really small group compared to how things used to be.

  28. I’m a top tier AA international business traveler and I’m hoping to get back to flying (work) in mid October with a first trip scheduled to France. I figure the odds are 50/50 right now.

    I have dual US/EU citizenship and I’ve had COVID so I’m in a different position from most. The larger issue for me is getting flights to the EU from the US if the current restrictions are still in place in October.

  29. I’m travelling right now. I avoid flying, it’s too much hassle these days, but I booked a week in Prague and I’m doing day trips around Czechia. Most of the state is back to business as usual, only two districts in the east have some restrictions (masks, social distancing and limited hours for bars) due to a local outbreak. I can honestly say that NOTHING about this trip is different than it would be half a year ago (except it is a bit cheaper). 100% return to normality 🙂

    Unfortunately, the hotel I’m staying at is quite busy, so no upgrade for me (unlike few weeks ago when I arrived as their first guest after reopening and got a lovely room with terrace :)).

  30. Not so surprised about the dearth of top tier status. For those of us with lifetime lesser status, the companies have made it so much harder to qualify for top tier that the benefits gulf just isn’t worth it.

  31. I flew SFO-EWR-LHR 10 days ago and came back via ORD yesterday. Had to quarantine in the UK and now locked down for 13 more days in SF. It was all fine. The domestic flights were all full. International flights mostly empty. ORD was busy and chaotic with not enough people distancing or wearing masks despite the announcements on the PA system. It was fine otherwise. United’s cost cutting/Covid food changes are diabolical. I’m looking forward to VA bringing back their direct SFO-LHR. United staff were great and hard product ok. Soft product — well – you can see the cost cutting.

  32. Pretty sure I responded that I didn’t have any plans to travel. Now I’m reading this on the plane (granted this is my first flight since March), and looking to book a work trip in 2 weeks, and another vacation in Sept.

  33. I was an AA Executive Platinum for nearly 10 years until they severely reduced the benefits about 5 years ago. With such terrible AA award availability and a meager 4 SWU’s I like many others gave up. Today in 2020 with lounges closed worldwide and AA domestic F similar to Spirit Big F seat I am glad I stopped that hamster wheel. I am not surprised with the low value proposition that people are not top tier airline elites.

    It does surprise me in the hotel front that more are not top tier. I still chase Hyatt Glob, and Marriott Plat for the perks that those two programs offer. Although again, in 2020 with Marriott basically eliminating benefits for Plat’s and above and Hyatt with many restaurants and lounges closed, not sure I should have chased those programs as much as I did.

    In April I would have thought that I would be travelling by the summer or early fall. Fast forward to today, and it obviously is not advisable or possible now. Until the Covid rates get down to below 10-50 daily cases in a state like those in all of Canada (except Ontario/Quebec) I don’t think it is too safe.

    So I guess you could say I don’t anticipate travelling until the numbers and the top doctors say that it is wise. I don’t trust businesses like hotels who don’t change sheets or airlines who pack planes full and say its safe to travel. Let the experts in epidemiology dictate when it is safe to travel.

  34. I have no idea of when I will travel again for business or leisure. I barely feel secure in my own town of Los Angeles, let alone the idea of other destinations…and, of course, we aren’t welcomed to visit almost all international destinations right now anyways.

    I am top elite on AA, my life has always been a good % on planes flying around the world, so hope I can travel again (just for sanity) in 2021, but we’ll see. I certainly won’t sacrifice health for elite status.

  35. I want to fly for business and leisure but I can see where I won’t be flying until mid 2022. Ugh. And that is based on several assumptions. I will be cattle class non-elite by then. Ugh.

  36. I am European and I really hope that the US will open its borders soon. I am eager to travel to Florida again and do not want my August flights to be cancelled.
    I therefore want to stress that it is not just European border closures but also US border closures which stand in the way of a normal summer transatlantic travel season

  37. Australia is basically closed until July next year, not official but that’s what Qantas are planning for so international travel is off the table. With the recent spike in my home state interstate travel is still largely off the table and unwise and even intra-state doesn’t seem that attractive.

    I’m waiting on Covid test results after a mild fever so I’m not even leaving the house right now.

    Basically the best thing to do right now is stay home let the virus subside. Even if your government says otherwise staying home seems the best for those around you.

    Still can’t wait to get out, get on a plane, stay in a hotel. I will be on a plane to Japan just as soon as both ends appear to have the virus under control and there are no quarantine requirements and you better believe I’d be first in line for a vaccine (naturally behind, healthcare workers, teachers, service industry workers, flight crew and anyone who comes into contact with lots of people in a daily basis)

    Travel isn’t worth getting the virus and it certainly isn’t worth giving it to someone else.

  38. @Max

    You’re really excited about going to Florida when it’s become one of the biggest hotspots in America and masks still aren’t mandated state-wide there? I’m shocked to hear that considering you’re a European

  39. @Max I have news for you. Florida is not somewhere you want to be going in August, the virus is spreading like wildfire and the governor does not care.

  40. My family and I have travel booked from Anchorage to Florida, Japan and the Philippines. Did have to cancel two recent trips to Spain and the Philippines. No fear here just common sense.

  41. Vaccine (or infection and recovery, which I’m trying to avoid) or bust. Luckily, my employer is on board with this and have made statements that no employees will travel until safety can be assured, regardless of political pressure

  42. For me it’s very simple. Need to travel vs Want to travel. I looove to travel but it’s a privilege so I can wait. I want to see my folks but I’m not risking their health. It can wait.

    The problem is that a lot of young and youngish folks can’t distinguish that so they’ll make excuses like it’s a govt conspiracy or it’s not that bad. This group some how thinks the things they want to do is equal to things they have to do and it’s their right, screw all others. They need to grow up and educate themselves. We’ve already seen many of them expressing remorse but ONLY after they or someone they care about get really sick. Thats pathetic.

  43. After more than 25 years of being a top tier frequent flyer, this break has made me rethink my priorities. American’s miserable treatment of frequent fliers has helped turn me, but I don’t really miss being on a plane. There was a time when I couldn’t wait for my next trip. I felt appreciated and was treated like I was valued. The old Delta watched my back like a mother hen. Upgrades at the time of booking and humans making sure misconnections were reconnected before I even landed were great. The food was good and there were warm meals even in the back. Delta tanked, but AA had MRTC and treated EXPs better than they treat Key’s today. Those days are long gone.

    My last flight a few weeks ago in paid FC was tense, uncomfortable and unpleasant. I will still fly, but it will be much less frequently and it will be in paid FC. I’ll chose carrier based on comfort and convenience. Loyalty is pointless when its not reciprocated. Flying is pointless when its no longer fun. It hasn’t been fun for a long time.

  44. Biggest flaw with the survey is that those of us with reservations starting May 2021 or later ended up getting lumped into the “ No future travel plans” category when nothing could be further from the truth. I had 3 vacations booked at the time of the survey. None were in your shorter timeframe. All business travel is on hold, even for the largest buyers of airfare in the US. Please design questions/answer options more carefully next time.

  45. No plans or even a notion of planning until Spring 2021. Hopefully we will be at herd immunity and a working vaccine by then after 500k Americans are dead. Locking it down while our 3rd world country and orange dictator unravel into total chaos. Congrats to Conservative swine who have willingly ruined the USA and still support the Russian agent in the White House. You must be so proud of yourselves.

  46. This is one of the most interesting survey results I have seen. Really well done.

    One day, when things are back to normal, a survey of what you most commonly leave in hotel rooms will be a welcome relief.

  47. Work travel, which used to represent the vast majority of my travel, has completely evaporated. Nothing I do is dependent on being there in person and my field is, depending on who’s being asked, is hanging on tenuously or completely imploding. Given that most of my travel was to glad hand clients and prospective clients, I don’t see any business travel on my docket until 2021 at the earliest right now.

    For leisure travel, I’m looking at backpacking in the fall and I’ve penciled in some ski trips in early 2021, but I’m not making any bookings I can’t 100% cancel, which means I’m not booking any air travel (yet). I’m planning a blowout of an international trip in 2022, but I’m even staying nimble and noncommittal on that so far.

  48. I’m in Pittsburgh. Our county has the worst outbreak in the state the last two weeks, mostly from young people going to bars. #2 reason is travel – Carolina beaches, Florida, Houston and California. People brought it back and went to bars to pass it around.

    We had the best numbers in the state for an urban county before we went “green.”

    I’m signed up to be a subject in a vaccine trial that starts very soon. I won’t know if I get the vaccine, or am a control.

    Not going anywhere for a very long time. I’m in my 60’s. Covid is not how I want to die.

  49. I have been traveling thru this since it started, been helping out mills convert over to make toilet paper from copy paper. I flew in April with an average 10 people on a plane and flew last week and the plane was half full. I would not travel right now for a vacation.

  50. I’m not shocked about top elite status because the people I know with top elite status spend way more money on flights than they have to in order to keep that status (because they don’t shop around.) What I am shocked about is how much people fly. I thought there would be more people like me who love to travel and collect points, but only do a couple trips a year.

  51. If all goes well, in a couple of weeks. Been stuck abroad for five months thanks to the Wuhan virus and I’ve finally managed to book a return flight. Not going to be a fun trip though. Reduced meal services, has to wear mask, no lounges etc. but at least I get to go home.

  52. I am very surprised that you did not ask two key questions:

    Would you be more likely to travel if airlines ENFORCED universal masking?
    Would you be more likely to travel if airlines GUARANTEED empty middle seats?

    Those are the game changing questions and answers and the right actions by airlines would lead to travel now and not in some imaginary vaccine future.

  53. As soon as quarantines are removed and there’s a way for us to prove that one is virus free. Here in Asia, there’s a number of destinations that have controlled the virus and will be fairly attractive travel destinations once that becomes the case.

  54. I feel bad that now FL, TX, AZ, and SoCal have high case loads…. especially among 20-40 year olds. But in a way, this is good because it’s one thing in far away land like NYC and Seattle having high caseloads, it’s another when cases are near home. This way people will more likely to wear masks and do social distancing. It’s sad that some people have to pay with their health in order for people in the sunbelt to realize this is not a hoax. I’m optimistic that we will have Covid under control around September now that people are doing now what they should have be doing back in April and May!

    My trip to Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, that starts in couple weeks, has been cancelled. I have another trip coming up in September to Turkey, Greece, South of France, Monaco, and DC is hanging by an extremely thin thread (I can’t see that happening to tell you the truth). Have a plane to go to Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, and Philippines next March. I hope it happens. If there is no vaccine by then but cases are low in this part of the world, I may skip Myanmar due to poor medical infrastructure and go some other time when there is an effective vaccine.

  55. @ David — Well, in April we couldn’t have predicted that mask-wearing was going to become the most inane political issue since Obama wore that tan suit, so didn’t think to ask. And the empty middle seat thing seems to be more about marketing than actual safety improvements, so I suspect it wouldn’t be much of a behavior-driver for this group.

  56. Thanks Tiffany for the info graphic. I like the way data is presented. Maybe just a data nerd.

  57. @Lucky,

    I took my first post-COVID domestic flight two weeks ago — a round-trip flight with two segments each way — and it was fine. I don’t like wearing a mask, but better safe than sorry. And the hand sanitizer was nice at the airports. I’m American, but also have an EU passport, and I’m thinking about traveling to Europe this month, because I want to contribute to the EU economy and enjoy the continent without mass tourism. FWIW, I’m fairly confident I already had COVID-19 in late January. I also think flying — with masks and HEPA filters — is arguably safer than shopping at a grocery store or walking down the sidewalks in my city where there’s a lot of anti-social behavior. A lot of the “travel fear” originally stemmed from fears over surface transmission of the virus, but we now know that’s extremely rare. I’m ready to go, but just wish there were more flight options.

  58. I used BA Avios to fly BTR-DFW-SJD today, and I am enjoying the beach. I used two Marriott 35k free night e-certs to stay at the JW Marriott for the weekend, and it’s really incredible to get a hotel this nice for those 35k e-certs.

    I needed a weekend break, and I am taking it.

  59. Going to state what may be the obvious, but still…
    I am not sure what Tiffany’s role is within OMAAT, but i can honestly say her content is absolutely fantastic. Such a shame we don’t get more of it.
    While I think Ben provides a lot of good content (much of it not relevant for us non-US-residents, but that’s to be expected), the blog really benefits from more voices.

  60. Just now travelling in Switzerland and today to Italy by car. My first flight will be mid of the month to Portugal. Can‘t wait to travel again to NYC, which I used to visit once a month but Europeans are banned (and vv).

  61. Going to Hong Kong/Macau, Greece, Germany (BMW European Delivery), then back to Canada.

  62. American living in South Korea….definitely glad I’m here because SK is doing things right overall. Europe trip planned Oct 24 – Nov 7. Keyword: planning. As I tell my friends, I’m planning to go, but expecting it to be cancelled. I’m comfortable with the concept of travel and also the state of things both where I live and where I will be going in Europe (Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam).

    The only dealbreaker for my trip: 14 day quarantine in any country. Of course IN Europe that’s my whole trip haha….and we have it here in Korea (even for long term visa holders), so that turns a two week trip into a four week one! And I live in your typical “Asian big city” one room apartment, and I CANNOT be trapped in this box for two weeks haha.

    Logically, I’m booking refundable hotels and my flight is with miles (my first full service biz class ICN-PRG on KE 747-8!)…so I can get essentially every penny back that I’ve spent if I have to cancel.

  63. I have an unplanned last minute trip (LAS-ATL-CAE) next weekend to take care of my elderly folks. Will get tested before I leave and quarantine for two weeks when I return home to MMH area. Chose Delta since they guarantee empty adjacent seats. Didn’t consider AA or UA because they are not and haven’t really. One week out airfares were reasonable so I am flying in Delta Comfort eastbound and First westbound. I know only beer, wine and packaged snacks will be offered but I will be able to board near the end of the line and be one of the first off the plane. I will be masked with adequate hand sanitizer. No looking forward to the trip or long layovers in ATL. Especially not to spiking South Carolina.

  64. I am likely going to fly within the next 10 days from Tel Aviv, where the situation is quickly worsening, to New York, where the opposite is happening. When booking flights, where we would usually book two separate flights with a 3-4 day vacation in a European city separating them, here we booked non-stop on Delta instead of United, for obvious reasons. I am not so worried about Covid myself, given that I am a healthy 15-year old, but given that the trip is primarily to see grandparents, and also as a matter of principle, we will quarantine ourselves for 5-7 days, and then get tested for the virus (the testing being something I wish would be required for all incoming travelers). Stay safe!

  65. Just flying home from Vegas, pretty busy along the strip but not nearly as full as in years past. Covid numbers climbing, a lot of people aren’t wearing masks or are not wearing them properly. Forget about social distancing. At the airport, had an American Airlines flight attendant walk right in front of me with no mask on, 5 inches away, no idea why she did that, there’s nobody else in this section of the terminal and seriously 13 other aisles she could have walked down. Gotta love AA, lol. After this busy Vegas travel weekend, I’m not sure I want to travel for leisure again in the near-term.

  66. My fiancee and I just spent a wonderful week in Chablis (France) in Chateau de la Resle (Design Hotel participating in Marriott Bonvoy). The place is really top-notch and was the best place we could choose to spend our first vacation after three months of lockdown in our home country (Slovakia).

  67. Tarveling in October, but im not American so there are no travel restrictions on my movement. Hoping we dont allow Americans in until 2021 at least, they cant follow rules.

  68. Only 11% has elite status? Huh, wouldnt have guessed that.

    W6 is trowing some insane prices around right now. Couldn’t help myself to Santorini in summer for €19.18 roundtrip…

  69. I will travel again as soon as Americans are able to cross borders, vaccine doesn’t matter to me. I would take 5 COVID tests, stay in quarantine for a month, or put down a $10,000 deposit just to get out of this joke of a country. Hopefully one day I can throw my US passport in the trash where it belongs and join a country that actually cares about its citizens.

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