Sunset in the desert — doesn’t get much better than this!

Hello from the middle of nowhere! I’ve seen a lot of sunsets, though it doesn’t get much better than the landscape for the one I saw tonight. Anyway, I’m off to bed so I can ride camels in the morning.

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  1. I see there’s a contrail. It’s always amazing to me, no matter how isolated you think you are, that there are airliners flying overhead.

    The only place I recall not hearing nor seeing an airline was at PH Maldives.

  2. looking at your sunset pics sitting on top of a LH 747-400 (new config) ready to take off from ORD (to FRA) thanks to Lucky’s tips! SO MUCH ROOM UP HERE !!!

  3. My wife and I really enjoyed our stay in the desert at Al Maha, which is a Luxury Collection property owned by Emirates. One of the most enjoyable stays we have ever experienced and the desert was just gorgeous.

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