Stunning Footage Of Mexico City Airport

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While I love travel and miles & points, I might just love aviation even more. From airplanes to airports to everything inbetween, I’m as enthused by all of it as a toddler.

So there’s nothing I love more than some good airplane and airport video footage.

I can’t even say how excited I am about “Aviation: The Invisible Highway” movie coming out next year, as I get goosebumps every time I watch the trailer (and trust me, I’ve watched the trailer plenty):

Anyway, there’s a pretty cool video that was uploaded to YouTube a couple of days ago with some great footage of Mexico City Airport:

Absolutely beautiful! Even after having flown millions of miles, my fascination with airplanes hasn’t worn off one bit, and I doubt it ever will.

  1. Mexico City footage is nice. But that documentary trailer is amazing. Not sure how I missed your first posting about it.

  2. Amen to that, Ben! I’m exactly the same. I’ve learned to fly airplanes, love airplanes, love flying, love airports, love traveling – all of it. I’m drooling with excitement at the release of Aviation!

  3. Nice video!

    Airports are the only time I get pay back from my GF for all the hours I sit in the boyfriend chair in the mall. I take the standard 2 hours prior to departure + an hour to explore (I’ll justify it as work related since I’m in architect that works on airports). Between the architecture, the hustle of activity and the variety of people, they are greatest spaces to observe and be immersed in.
    I digress.

    Have you read “A Week at the Airport” It’s a nice little book about just that, perfect read while in the air.
    Feel free to message me, and I can send you my copy (probably one of the last hard copies I’ve bought, and a proponent of reuse) if you’d don’t have a kindle


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