Status Of The Amazon 20% Off Promo

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Several days ago I wrote about the great promotion Amazon is running. Essentially you can get 20% off at Amazon if you redeem at least one Membership Rewards point towards the cost of your purchase.

You’re limited to saving $100, meaning that if you purchase $500 worth of stuff and redeem one Amex Membership Rewards point towards the purchase, you’d end up paying only $399.99.

That’s a pretty incredible value given that you can buy just about anything on Amazon. For many of us, money saved on Amazon is the same thing as free money.

Given what a popular promotion this has been, I wanted to provide a quick update on the status of the promotion, since I’ve been getting some questions about whether this promotion is still available:

  • You can activate the 20% off offer at this link
  • As of now it’s no longer possible to buy Amazon gift cards with the offer, though it is possible to buy third party gift cards, including StarbucksLyftUberSouthwest AirlinesAirbnbHotels.comWhole Foods, and iTunes, just to give some examples
  • You don’t have to use the entire $100 discount in one transaction, but rather can use it over multiple transactions if you’d like (so you could make two $250 purchases, and save $50 on each, for example); just redeem one Amex Membership Rewards point with each purchase
  • If you took advantage of this promotion during the first day it was live, it should be possible to take advantage of it again, though you’ll have to activate the offer again
  • When you take advantage of this offer, make sure you redeem just one Membership Rewards point; it’s easy to accidentally redeem Amex points for the entire purchase by mistake, which would be a terrible value
  • Some reported not being able to register when the offer first started but having luck more recently, so it’s worth checking again to see if you’re eligible
  • If you’re having issues registering, make sure that a Membership Rewards card is the primary card you have on file on your Amex account

So yeah, this promotion is still going strong if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet. Whether you’re looking to purchase a discounted third party gift card from Amazon, or just looking to purchase an actual item you’ve been eyeing for a while, this is a great opportunity to get 20% off that purchase.


  1. This offer seems to be working multiple times. I’ve already used it twice. Trying for a third and the items in my cart currently have the 20% disc again. Others seeing this work more than twice?

  2. For me Amazon gift cards are still working. Just bought one $200 for Amazon & one $50 in Starbucks. Total was $199.99.

  3. Looks like there may be a maximum of $200 in savings ($1000 in purchases). I just tried for a third order and it only partially discounted (not the full 20%) until I adjusted down my order to get the amount under $1000 for the 3 orders in total.

  4. Consistently shows me as not eligible. Added my Amex Everyday card to my account, made it my default payment method, and enrolled it in Pay with Points, still not eligible 🙁

  5. Thank you for saving me $200!!! Was able to use twice…first, purchased $500 in Safeway gift cards, used $5 in Amex points, paid total of $395. Then tried again after your second post…could not purchase Safeway gift cards, but was able to purchase airbnb, again using $5 in Amex points, and being billed $395. very nice!!

  6. Ended up buying Amazon GCs at Office Depot (5x UR points) then redeeming those GCs for Nordstrom (time for some new dress shoes), Gap (school clothes for kids), and Lowe’s GCs. The Lowe’s GCs got me an offset smoker (along with using my Dad’s 10% Military discount) for 30% off…plus the thing was on sale!

    At times I had to play with how to apply the Amazon GC balance plus the single MR point but it worked (sometimes it would say my GC purchase was not eligible to buy using Amazon GC balance, played with it a little then it worked)

    I think I’m done now…$700 in GCs for $560. I love 20% off!

  7. Forgot to mention the Lowe’s purchase was done online through the UR portal…another 2pts/$ there (paid a little out of pocket rather than keep a partial Lowe’s GC lingering, I’d surely lose that).

  8. This Amazon hack must be a nice windfall for you considering your affiliate tag is in all the links 🙂

  9. Only after I bought the AirBnB gift cards via this promotion did I notice the language about them only applying to reservations 28 days or fewer… I was planning to use them for a six week stay in Mexico City next year, so I guess I’ll just ask the host to give me the monthly discount rate but allow me to book it with two back-to-back reservations…

  10. Not eligible. Using Amex Platinum. What gives? One more reason not to keep using Amazon (cost of prime is too high, my wife complains about all the boxes, etc.)

  11. I got a $400 Amazon GC the first time, with a 100 uber. When doing it the second time, I was actually able to apply the $400 GC from teh first time, so didn’t even have to spend another $400! Couldn’t add more amazon GC the second time tho, so went airbnb and uber.

    Basically got $600 worth or uber and airbnb for $400. 33% discount. Solid…solid as a rock!

  12. I can’t get this to work either. Neither of my Amex cards work – and this is my first try

  13. I used this promo twice. Once to get a 400 amazon gift card and a 100 giftcard to express. The second time was to get 500 worth of lowes gift cards. Saved $200. I have an Amex Platinum.

  14. I know most are using for GCs, but if you’re in the market for Bose or SONY high-end noise canceling headphones or SONOS, which rarely go on sale, there are Amazon sold/fulfilled options to get the 20%

  15. Well I linked my card and got a response that it was valid but get no discount showing when I use a membership reward point. Tried to reactivate through the link and says it is no longer valid. Anyone else having a similar issue?

  16. @ Gary Wyatt — It sounds like it’s activated already. What did you try to buy where you didn’t get the discount?

  17. At first, I had designated my Citi card without realizing it as my primary card, so my MMR points weren’t showing. After I deleted my Citi cards, I was only able to get the promotion to work on my Amex Platinum card and just after I deleted all my other cards.

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