Starbucks Credit Card Expected To Be Introduced In February

Last November Chase and Starbucks announced their intentions to introduce a co-brand credit card this winter. At the time they didn’t reveal many details about the new card, and I’ve been curious to see what they come up with. It has been interesting to see the evolution of co-brand cards, beyond the traditional airline and hotel cards we saw in the past. For example, Barclaycard and Uber introduced a pretty compelling card last year, which is lucrative in surprising ways.

We now have some more information about when Starbucks’ new credit card will be introduced. According to The Daily Meal, Chase and Starbucks plan to introduce their co-brand credit card in February, so we’re just weeks away from this card being introduced.

Starbucks has quite some potential here, given how many engaged customers they have. Currently 42% of Starbucks transactions in the US are made with Starbucks’ prepaid loyalty card or app, so if they introduce a compelling product, they potentially have an engaged audience of millions of frequent customers.

Barclaycard and Uber set an interesting precedent for co-brand credit cards recently, so that makes me especially curious to see what kind of a structure Chase and Starbucks come up with. Uber’s credit card is interesting because it’s compelling, yet it seems only related to Uber in terms of the name — the card doesn’t have a good rewards structure for Uber rides, doesn’t offer any Uber perks, and offers cash back, rather than Uber rewards.

I’ll be curious to see if this new card offers Starbucks perks and rewards, or if it will really only be connected to Starbucks by name.

What would you like to see from the new Chase Starbucks Card?

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  1. The first thing every budgeter anywhere seems to recommend nowadays is to start by cutting how much Starbucks you get. Now one more way to reverse the trend and head towards bankruptcy by coffee 😉

    Uber credit card, Starbucks credit card. People are suckers.

  2. This is a serious question, Ben, but can see how it can be taken as sarcastic so bear with me. But what is the point of a brand going in on a cobranded card, when it doesn’t offer any real incentive to invest in the brand? Like the Uber card, you mention has no reward structure for using it on Uber rides, so why does Uber pay the money to create a card like that? Is it purely for brand awareness, another form of advertising? Does the company make a portion of the fee per swipe that Chase or Barclaycard would take? Doesn’t add up to me, and I’m an advertising guy.

  3. This card could (and probably will) have some of the worst benefits ever…and the cult followers of Starbucks will be lapping it up like their lattes.

    /I still can’t believe people spend as much as they do to drink the burnt swill Starbucks foists as coffee

  4. Does anyone here remember the Starbucks “Duetto” Visa card from the late 2000s? It was discontinued in 2010. It was a visa card as well as a Starbucks card (one magnetic strip) and the “reward” on the credit card side was that 1% cash back would accrue to the Starbucks card. I imagine this will be something similar, perhaps with added “Starbucks Rewards” benefits or whatever they call it these days.

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