Star Alliance lounge membership for $249!

As reported by Gary, for three days only, US Airways is offering an annual membership to their club for just $249, with the $50 new member initiation fee waived. Their normal rates are $450 for general members, and as low as $325 for Chairmans Preferred members.

This is an amazing deal for anyone that wants a lounge membership to a Star Alliance airline. Keep in mind that a US Airways Club membership gets you access to Red Carpet Clubs, Presidents Clubs, and other Star Alliance lounges. Plus, apparently if you use code CEB3K, you can earn 3,000 elite qualifying miles just for joining. And if all of that isn’t fun enough, you can also earn a “Grand Slam” hit.

So if you’ve ever thought of buying a Continental, United, or US Airways club membership, this is your opportunity to do so at an unbeatable price.

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  1. Having a US Airways Club membership opens you to a world of comfortable travel – one membership gives you access to all US Airways Clubs, Continental’s Presidents Clubs, United’s Red Carpet Clubs and Star Alliance lounges.* So anytime and almost any where you travel, you’ll have access to over 250 clubs worldwide.

    *To visit a Star Alliance lounge, other than Continental’s Presidents Clubs and United’s Red Carpet Clubs, you’ll need to present a same-day boarding pass for travel on any Star Alliance flight.

  2. I was going to ask the same question. If I have my wife and 2 children with me, can we all get into the lounge?

    Also, are the Star Alliance member’s lounge rules all of the same or do they differ?

  3. @bmvaughn, When I’ve been in the RCC with PC/US members, they’ve always received wifi cards. I know some clubs are picky, but you are supposed to receive one. It even says so on the card..

  4. So just to be clear before I plunk down my $295 … its good for any RCC or PC Club in the US (not an issue for international since I am *Gold) even if I am not traveling on US that day? Also, does it allow entry for 1 companion or more?


  5. @ Amr — My understanding is that you can use Continental, United, and US Airways clubs regardless of which Star Alliance carrier you fly, and then any other Star Alliance lounge if you’re flying the respective carrier. Though now that I look again, it seems that Kevin was nice enough to already answer your question.

    @ Dan — I’m not sure. I’m almost certain one guest is allowed, but not sure beyond that.

    @ bmvaughn — Hmm, I was under the impression that the answer was no. I believe Presidents Clubs have free wifi for everyone (no code or anything), though I don’t believe that Red Carpet Clubs give free wifi to members of different lounges, though it’s likely a case of “YMMV.”

    @ Mark — Yes, I believe you would get entrance as long as you’re flying a Star Alliance carrier, though maybe not even that. And I’m also pretty sure you get at least one guest.

  6. How useful is this for us over in Europe? Would this be usable flying LH intra-europe for instance (Without *A status)?

    Is there a list of international lounges? Many airports have more than one *A lounge, which one could be used?

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