Stack Promos To Buy American Miles For 1.68 Cents Each

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At the moment American is selling miles for 35% off, which is an opportunity to buy American miles for as little as 2.08 cents each.

If you’re interested in buying American miles but that price is too steep, there’s an opportunity to buy American miles for significantly less than that by stacking two promos.

Buy American Miles For 1.68 Cents Each

There are two promotions that can be stacked to get a better deal on purchased American miles:

Step One: Buy Marriott Points For 0.875 Cents Each

Through October 18, 2019, Marriott Bonvoy is offering a 30% discount on purchased points when you buy at least 2,000 points in one transaction.

With this promotion Marriott is also doubling the cap on how many points you can buy — while the limit is usually 50,000 points, you can buy 100,000 points with this promotion. Note that if you buy over 50,000 points you need to do so in two separate transactions, as there’s a limit to each transaction of 50,000 points.

Ordinarily Marriott Bonvoy charges 1.25 cents per purchased point, so through this promotion you’re potentially looking at paying just 0.875 cents per point.

Note that if you want to get the best deal on American miles you’ll want to have your Marriott Bonvoy account balance be in increments of 60,000 points (whether that’s 60,000 points total, 120,000 points, 180,000 points, etc.).

For example, you could purchase 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for $525.

Step Two: Transfer Marriott Points To American With 25% Bonus

Through October 30, 2019, American is offering a 25% bonus when you convert select hotel points into AAdvantage miles. Registration is required using promotion code HT925.

Marriott Bonvoy points convert into AAdvantage miles at a 3:1 ratio, and you get a 5,000 mile bonus when you transfer 60,000 points.

To crunch the numbers, you could buy 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for $525. Then those would convert into 31,250 AAdvantage miles when you factor in the 25% bonus.

In the end you’re earning 31,250 AAdvantage miles for $525, which is a cost of 1.68 cents per AAdvantage mile.

Bottom Line

Is 1.68 cents per American mile a rate at which everyone should be picking up miles? No, probably not. However, this is lower than the cost at which American ever sells miles directly (at least in the past couple of years).

Furthermore, when American does sell miles at a discount, you almost always have to buy 100,000+ miles to get the lowest cost, while this is a reasonable cost at which you can top off an account when you’re not looking for that many miles.

  1. I bought Marriott Bonvoy points 30 hours ago to make the most of this exact opportunity and they’re still not in my Marriott account. A search around FlyerTalk suggests that many people have had similar issues with the timeliness with which these purchased points post to their Bonvoy accounts.

    Then there’s also the delay with transferring from Bonvoy to AA.

    Your mileage may vary, but definitely buyer beware if you’re relying on this being a quick option of obtaining miles.

  2. Well, I just did the conversion and AA has done it wrong again, the math this time I mean Instead of giving me 6125 bonus miles, I got 5000, so a total of 30000 AA miles for the 60000 Marriott points I converted. Somehow they decided to give me the bonus only on the 20000 AA miles, before the 5000 bonus Marriott gives you

  3. @DC: You are correct that there is a delay with the transfer from Marriott to AA. I’m done with Marriott now so I was looking for a way to clear out my entire point balance (not much, around 90k points). So I made the transfer 2 days ago under this promo; it took about 48 hours for them to show up in my AA account.

    Strangely, only the first 60k transferred got the additional 25% bonus (60k Marriott points at 3:1 ratio converted to 20k AA miles + 5k bonus that always pertains when transferring 60k increments = 25k AA miles x 25% bonus = grand total 31,250 AA miles, as expected, for the first 60k Marriott points). But the remaining Marriott points that I transferred had no bonus at all. Granted, I wasn’t expecting the 5k bonus since there was no additional increment of 60k, but even the extra 25% bonus advertised by AA did not post. It was just a flat 3:1 ratio for the remaining Marriott points. I read the terms and conditions again but did not see anything saying only the first 60k gets the additional 25% bonus. So either there is some additional delay on the remainder of the miles or I misread the T&C or I got shortchanged.

  4. @allen, you should facebook message AA about that and point it out. Maybe they will fix that glitch for the rest of us before the offer expires. I think I’ll wait a couple of days before I start transferring anything over to AA.

  5. So I just took advantage of this. The whole process from buying Marriott points and to have AAdvantage miles transferred (I transferred right after the Marriott points were added) took about 5 days total.
    For those interested in crunching the numbers.
    I already had 2,150 Marriott points.
    Bought 58,000 additional Marriott points for $507.50 = cost 0.875 cents/point
    Transferred 60,150 ($526.31 worth when using the 0.875 cents/point) Marriott points to AAdvantage
    Received 25,063 (conversion) + 6,250 (bonus) = 31,313 AAdvantage Miles
    52631 cents / 31,313 miles = 1.68 cents/mile.

  6. Just wanted to ask someone who has done the marriott to AA transfer. In the above article it mentions that you have to register to get the bonus and put in the code HT925. However when I click on the link to register it just takes me to the transfer page and mentions there is a 25% bonus. There is no where to insert the HT925 code. Can someone clarify if I have missed the registration step. Thanks

  7. @ecco no problem!
    Not sure if ecco and Ecco are same people…
    @Ecco I logged on to my AAdvantage account, then under promotions link, was able to register for the offer, didn’t have to put any special codes manually. Just to make sure, once you register, you should see the transfer hotel points with 25% bonus promo under “track your progress” section in your AAdvantage account.

  8. Thanks @tahsin. Ecco and ecco – same person
    I think I did it the same as you. I clicked on the link in this article, logged on to my AA account and came up with the page which lists the hotels that are eligible for the 25% bonus and went through and transferred the 60k marriott points. Will see what happens.

  9. I purchased 60,000 Bonvoy points for $525.
    Transferd to American using the promo and recieved 20,000 miles plus a 5,000 miles bonus.
    Cost per mile 1.75 cpm.
    Their is no bonus on the bonus @Lucky.
    No 1.68 cpm

  10. I got the bonus 25% on top of the Marriott transfer bonus. For a 60k marriott transfer you get 31,250 AA miles
    ie I got 20,000 miles x 1.25 (marriott bonus) = 25,000 miles.
    Then 25% bonus on the 25k miles
    ie 25,000 x 1.25 = 31,250 miles
    Correct me if I’m wrong but 20,000 points converted to 31,250 means you got the bonus on the bonus. If there were no bonus on the bonus you would only get 30,000 points not 31,250 points.

  11. @Michael D, did you register on AAdvantage account prior to the transfer?
    @ecco, glad the transfer worked out for you as planned.

  12. I did two of these transfers from Marriott to AA. The first one went through from Marriott to AA in 2 days. The other one still hasn’t cleared, after 8 days. I did the circular ring around to both parties. In the end rang Marriott back again.

    The operator went to enquire and came back saying there is an IT problem and known backlog for transferring Marriott to AA. He indicated that this should take a week to clear. We shall see… Luckily I did NOT need those points in a hurry. I’d be very wary of doing a transfer like this again.

  13. I registered before on
    No opportunity to enter the bonus code.
    Made two purchases to transfer the minimum.
    Took about 10 days to two weeks for the miles to make it to my Aadvantage account.

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