St. Regis Hong Kong Accepting Reservations Starting April 12, 2019

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A couple of years ago we learned that a St. Regis hotel is under construction in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong has a lot of amazing hotels, very few of them are points properties, so I’m thrilled to see St. Regis enter the market, as it’s one of my two favorite luxury chains that you can redeem points for (along with Park Hyatt).

The St. Regis Hong Kong will be located on Hong Kong Island (rather than Kowloon) in the Wan Chai area, and will be very close to the convention center, near the Grand Hyatt.

Unfortunately it looks like the hotel won’t have much in the way of Hong Kong’s iconic views, given that much of the hotel will be obstructed by other buildings. Furthermore, views are generally better on the Kowloon side.

The hotel is expected to have 129 guest rooms, and feature high-end Chinese and French restaurants, a swimming pool, and more.

The hotel was initially supposed to open in late 2018, then the opening was pushed back to January 2019, and then it was pushed back to June 2019.

In late February I wrote about how the St. Regis Hong Kong started accepting reservations as of July 1, 2019. Well, this is an update to that post, because the hotel has just significantly moved forward that timeline. The St. Regis Hong Kong is now accepting reservations as of April 12, 2019, so it will open in just a couple of weeks.

In terms of room types, it looks like they include Deluxe, Grand Deluxe, Premier, 1 Bedroom Suite, Metropolitan Suite, Governors Suite, and Presidential Suite.

Rates at the hotel are starting at ~4,000HKD per night (~500USD). That’s about what I’d expect the long term pricing at the hotel to be. So I guess they’re trying to open with fairly realistic rates, rather than some hotels that start with insane pricing, and then lower rates over time.

The hotel is now also accepting points reservations, and the rate is 85,000 points per night, which is rough.

Until about a month ago the hotel’s website had just a few renderings of their dining outlets, including the Chinese restaurant, French restaurant, and bar.

Then about a month ago they added more pictures of the hotel to their website, which gives you a sense of the what the exterior and rooms should look like.

This is going to be an excellent option, though I’d also point out that for Marriott loyalists going to Hong Kong, there’s also the Ritz-Carlton, which is regarded as one of the city’s best hotels.

Anyone plan to stay at the St. Regis Hong Kong?

  1. Thanks Lucky – can you please keep us updated if they open up with points? We are scheduled to arrive July 10 and as of now are reserved at the Renaissance Harbor View

  2. Ben, your readers may be interested in knowing that the hotel will offer Luxury Privileges amenities, so breakfast *is* included at the LXV rate (equivalent to BAR).

    $100 Welcome Credit per room, per stay
    Daily breakfast for two guests
    Complimentary standard in-room internet access
    Upgrade on arrival, early check-in and late check-out which are all subject to availability

  3. I actually like the Wan Chai area and find the WC pier a good option for the ferry. There’s also great market/food there.

  4. I usually stay at the W in Hong Kong. Excited for a new St. Regis but the W (also soon to be category 8) treats me really well. It will be a tough decision in the future to stay at the Grand Hyatt with its awesome lounge, W, or St. Regis. Benefits are similar (minus the lounge) as are upgrades as a Globalist and Ambassador at the W and Grand Hyatt.

  5. HKD$4000 for a non-Harbour view room isn’t particularly competitive given the better hotels in better locations that can easily be had for the same price.

  6. Really uninspiring location, I used to work just up the street. That new St Regis site is surrounded by main roads and highway flyover, not close to any especially good restaurants (except at the Grand Hyatt) and will lack any decent views as you point out (at least the Grand Hyatt a couple blocks away has amazing harbour views which this hotel will not). The renderings make it look comfortable but frankly unspectacular.

    I just can’t imagine why anyone not going for points redemption would choose to stay here rather than, say, the Mandarin Oriental, or even the Grand Hyatt just up the street, at similar rates.

  7. HK$4000 for a base level room seems high to me. That’s basically what I would expect at the FS, but the FS is much better located. The Ritz Carlton is usually around 3000-3500 for an entry level room.

  8. I booked St. Regis Hong Kong on June for 2 nights with cash (4,850HKD per nights, including tax and service charge, over 600USD). What an insanely high price!
    I tried to use Suite Night Awards on my stay, but it was impossible to apply it.
    I called the bonvoy titanium customer service and she said the property does not participate in using Suite Night Awards.

    Quite worried about the property… not a good location, no good views, high price, and I think it will be very difficult to get a suite upgrade for marriott members.

  9. Guys,
    This hotel wasn’t set up for the views.
    HKCEC generates enough business year round and they will ride that nicely.

  10. Any one know of a nice LESS expensive hotel in Hong Kong? We get off a cruise there and want to stay 2 nights and fly back to USA United so not too far from airport…and what the best places to see while we are there?

  11. Lucky, it’s a shame you ignored the openjng of Asia’s most anticipated hotel this week:
    RW HK.
    It’s the flagship property (2.5B USD complex) of a flagship brand 0.5B USD purchased by a HK legacy family (20B modest estimation) in ground zero of HK (above the Intercontinental hostel) , in the eye of MO and The Pen.

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