St. Regis Hong Kong Opening Pushed Back To June 2019

A couple of years ago we learned that a St. Regis hotel is under construction in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong has a lot of amazing hotels, very few of them are points properties, so I’m thrilled to see St. Regis enter the market, as it’s one of my two favorite luxury chains that you can redeem points for (along with Park Hyatt).

The St. Regis Hong Kong will be located on Hong Kong Island (rather than Kowloon) in the Wan Chai area, and will be very close to the convention center, near the Grand Hyatt.

Unfortunately it looks like the hotel won’t have much in the way of Hong Kong’s iconic views, given that much of the hotel will be obstructed by other buildings. Furthermore, views are generally better on the Kowloon side.

The hotel is expected to have 129 guest rooms, and feature high-end Chinese and French restaurants, a swimming pool, and more.

It has been nearly a year since I wrote about this project. When I wrote about the St. Regis Hong Kong in January 2018, it was expected that the hotel would open on January 1, 2019. That already represented a delay, as the hotel was initially supposed to open in late 2018.

As I’m planning a trip to Hong Kong, it got me thinking today about this hotel, since I remembered it was supposed to be open as of now.

So I just checked the website of the hotel, and it now appears as if the St. Regis Hong Kong will be opening in June 2019. The hotel still isn’t accepting reservations.

The hotel’s website has just a few renderings, though they’re only of the dining outlets, including the Chinese restaurant, French restaurant, and bar, so they’re not terribly insightful in terms of what we can expect from the hotel.

My guess is that this will be a Category 8 property and that a free night will cost 85,000 Marriott points for a standard redemption, though we’ll have to wait and see to be sure. I guess it’s possible that it will also be a Category 7, but with how few rooms it has, I’m guessing rates will be high.

Personally this is my second most anticipated St. Regis opening.

For whatever reason I’m really excited about the St. Regis Cairo opening. This hotel was slated to open in Biblical times, but still isn’t open. I’m just so amused by the project, because usually at some point they just give up already and call it a day. However, the St. Regis Cairo has literally been “nearly” open for years and years.

When I wrote about the hotel last January, the expected opening date was listed as March 1, 2018.

When I wrote about it in September 2018, it had an expected opening date of December 2018.

Now the hotel’s opening date is listed as April 2019, though they’re still not accepting reservations.

I’m very curious if this hotel ends up ever opening. I’d be willing to bet that the St. Regis Hong Kong opens first.


  1. Other than point redemptions (and overpriced ones in my opinion) I am really unsure as to why anyone would opt for a St. Regis when compared to Four Seasons, Mandarin, or Peninsula…even Park Hyatt (which I much prefer). It’s like the ugly stepchild of luxury brands.

    It’s lost its step. It has no real identity in my opinion and very little consistency. I find the service and product to be all over the board. This goes back to the SPG days as well.

    Hong Kong, to stay on your point, is not as expensive as, say, London or Paris, so a stay at the Mandarin or Peninsula (even the FS) is far more compelling to me. And if those are too expensive for some reason? The Conrad or even JW Marriott will work in a pinch. St. Regis should honestly just rebrand and get reworked by Marriott into either JW or Ritz depending on the property and give up the idea that “St. Regis” in markets like Hong Kong is not going to entice people in any way.

  2. I am also intrigued by the St. Regis, Cairo. I hope it eventually opens as I’d love to stay there on a return to Egypt. The Ritz-Carlton, Cairo was pretty nice but I’d likely opt to stay at the new property if it ever opens.

  3. There are so many better locations and hotels than this St Regis. (BTW as someone who lived in HK for 10 years, the views can be equally as stunning from the island as from Kowloon – just pick sensibly). The MO, Ritz, Shang and Intercon (albeit closing for refurb) are all so much better. Save your money and your points stay somewhere else.

    This St Regis is in a wasteland and surrounded by traffic so will be be noisy.

  4. Hyatt Regency TST for me. Category 4 free night redemption or 15K/night. Convenient location and nice view from the lounge.

  5. This hotel wasn’t built for the views or for point redemeers.
    The amount of quality business travelers HKCEC generates year round in outstanding
    And Wan Chai area is still heart of consulates and Old money HK (Sun Hung Kai center)
    This hotel will be running at 400 USD a night and sold out at an average of way over 90%
    When 80% of the guests are running on very generous expense accounts.

    Just look at the level of success above PP of Shang Island, JW, Conrad and Upper.

  6. The Ritz HK is my favorite spot, though it is showing its age with wear and tear – still great service, amazing views. Considering other options in HK for my next visit. Would love to try the Peninsula at its hometown location, just don’t want to be disappointed.

  7. If I had to guess, I’d say the hotel will start taking reservations in March, AFTER the category 8 pricing comes into play. This way, they avoid people speculatively booking at the category 7 pricing.

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