Spoke too early…. got bumped!

Well, well, well… what a day.

So my TPA-IAD flight kept getting pushed back this morning, and they kept saying the crew was on their way. We were supposed to leave at 11:02, but the crew only got there at 11:15. It really makes me wonder how that happens, since they already factored in the required rest period from the revised departure time. Not surprisingly, this was one of the laziest crews I’ve ever had. After the drink service there wasn’t a single coffee or water run, although the pilots were excellent and made Channel 9 available.

When I got to IAD I was disappointed to hear that my upgrade wouldn’t clear and that they wouldn’t need volunteers either. I reluctantly took my exit row window seat (row 15) and suffered through that four hour flight.;) In contrast, the crew on this flight was superb.

When I got to DEN I headed to the RCC to ask about my upgrade chances on the DEN-SEA flight. They said F had checked in full, which totally surprised me, since it showed as F9 NF9 this morning when I checked in. I didn’t even bother to call UA and say it was NF9 since I was so certain it would clear, so this wasn’t good news either.

I then asked how full the flight was, and they said it was oversold by 11 people. I added myself to the list, and headed to the gate about 10 minutes before boarding. I asked about a possible bump, and the GA said “if you want to bump I’ll process you right now.” Great, another free ticket! He rebooked me on the 7:50PM DEN-SEA flight.

This is where the fun begins. My new flight is scheduled to get into SEA at 9:39PM and already showed an estimated arrival of 9:46PM. My redeye leaves at 10:02PM.

This is where the creative thinking comes into play. Ultimately I’d like to get another bump on the DEN-SEA flight and maybe just take the redeye to IAD. On the other hand, if I do take this flight there’s a good chance I’ll misconnect. Then what? Well, I’m not so worried, but now the problem becomes actually checking in for the return. I need to check in for my SEA-IAD-TPA trip before leaving DEN, since I have to do so at least 45 minutes before the flight. If I see an agent they’ll likely see my itin and I’m concerned they’ll put some note in it saying not to give me a hotel if I get stuck, but obviously I have to find an agent to check me in.

I’ll try to provide another update tonight, as this should get interesting.

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  1. The 7:50 looks all zeroed out on seatcounter. I’m not sure if that’s an effect of the flight already being under gate control or what, but good luck either way!

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