Marriott Spa: “Release Your… Feelings!”

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I’m staying at a Marriott (which shall remain nameless for the moment), and on the side of the hotel is an ad that’s maybe four feet by six feet, which looks as follows:

In fairness, I feel like this would be quite appropriate at some Marriott hotels in China that try to “hard sell” off-menu services, but for other hotels, not so much…

If it said “release your feelings,” that would be weird enough, but the “…” takes this to the next level, in my opinion.


  1. Happy endings issue aside, my bigger problem with this ad is those lounge chairs look ridiculously uncomfortable.

  2. I can tell that’s Marriott in Skopje, that’s what the massage room looked like. I made a month long trip to the Balkans (including the amazing Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro – thanks for your report!) about an year ago.

  3. Came here expecting a fresh story of unexpected/uninvited gay handy-j action.

    I left slightly disappointed that it’s just Ben being excited over a hotel spa’s policies.

  4. @LM – I can already imagine the lawsuits from the Marriott workers with complaints that the customers released their…..

  5. At a high ranked boutique hotel in Cambodia I stayed at they had a “muscle release” massage on the menu.

  6. I’m laughing at this and also Ben trying to protect his whereabouts in an “Undisclosed Marriott.” I don’t blame you! But it’s funny that everyone identified the hotel anyway.

  7. @ Stuart — Hah, to be clear, wan’t trying to protect my location, but rather just didn’t want to name the hotel in this post. I find this amusing, but don’t want that if someone searches for that hotel, that this is one of the first things that comes up.

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