Flying Southwest Today? Get A Free Drink!

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Today is Southwest’s 46th birthday, and what a 46 years it has been, as they’ve grown from a small airline in Texas to the US airline that carries more passengers through their system than any other. To celebrate their birthday, Southwest is giving passengers flying with them today (Sunday, June 18, 2017) a free drink, assuming they’re 21.

What a nice gesture! I don’t remember the last time we saw one of the “big three” US carriers do anything like this…

Anyone flying Southwest today, and able to take advantage of this perk?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. I would fly with southwest in a second if they didn’t drastically underserved the NY Market. No no-stops from FLL to LGA or JFK.

  2. ” Happy Birthday good ole Southwest Airlines”!!! Miss those 737-200. Hey Herb!!! Remeber when had 3 or 4 planes in the fleet.

  3. Flew American today, DFW to CLT. Not advertised but also free… In fact, the attendants​ were asking if you’d like a cocktail instead (if you didn’t order one).

  4. I schedule my flights around their free drink days!!! Luckily they send free drink tickets as well..but most of the time if you are nice they will give you a drink for free anyway.

  5. Well I took SW and they did not offer free drinks and when they did their announcements they said they were for sale (the normal announcement). After a multi-hour delay (airport closed b/c of storms) I could have used a free drink!

  6. Flew SW yesterday. They did not mention the free drinks and the flight attendant taking the orders one row behind tried to charge the people for their drinks. When they pointed it out, she was shocked. I ordered a drink from a different flight attendant and was not charged.

  7. I remember them advertising free drink days in the back of the Inflight Magazine for SW B-day and some holidays. Don’t know if this is the case still.

  8. Tuesday June 27 BOI to LAS, no charge for drinks, no announcement. Today, LAS to BOI, no charge for my 2 drinks or anyone else! No announcement.

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