So, what’s American’s real inaugural 777-300ER flight?

I’m quite excited about American’s new 777-300ER aircraft, which will feature a new first and business class product. American has announced that the 777-300ERs be entering service later this year, with the inaugural flight being from Dallas to Sao Paulo on December 13.

I was hoping to get on the inaugural, though as of now they’re not selling any first or business class seats. I don’t think the cabins are actually to capacity, but rather that they’re just blocking off the space for the time being as I’m sure there will be some executives aboard and also some media. I say this because all but three of the business class seats are unassigned. And while seatmaps aren’t a completely accurate indicator of availability, I highly doubt there are 49 business class passengers booked with unassigned seats.

But while looking at other possibilities, I noticed something interesting — American’s flight from Sao Paulo to Dallas on December 13, which departs at 12:55AM, is also scheduled to be a 777-300ER:

This plane lands in Dallas the morning of the 13th so could still make the “inaugural” flight from Dallas to Sao Paulo on the night of the 13th, but does this mean that the real inaugural is from Sao Paulo to Dallas on the 13th? And if so, how is American getting the plane to Sao Paulo? I assumed the first flight would be out of the US since that’s where the plane is being delivered and I assume they’re mostly doing test flights in the US, so I find this strange.

I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if I’m just missing something, but I’m going to go ahead and book an “AAnytime” award on that flight. Am thinking I’ll book business class, though it’s very tempting to book first class since it’s only a modest mileage premium…

Anyone else hoping to book the inaugural?

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  1. looks like fun, Lucky!

    On a somewhat related note: have you ever explained what you do when you are out of the country (such as a trip to Brasil or Europe) with your iPhone? Do you buy a sim card, just use the phone when you are in wifi, etc? Would love to know your strategy.

  2. Don’t they already run this plane aa169 and 170?

    Seems like its the same first class set up we had last year.

  3. Yes I had looked into this myself and could not book seats. It was not even possible to book AAnytime awards on that flight (The DFW-GRU leg). A nice idea is to combine that with a flight in BA F from GRU-LHR. What better way to come home than via Europe, and GRU-LHR is the only BA route with no YQ fees so an F trip is 90k AA + about $35 in taxes. I’d go business rather than first on the new 777. The new F does not look that much different to the old, but the new J is a big step up and well worth testing out.

  4. great lucky — I’m about to fly to Paris and Amsterdam and usually just use the phone in wifi to send texts and facetime but it would be great in 2012 to actually be able to swap in a sim card if need be — especially useful if you are meeting friends around the city and need to contact them quickly (I currently use the antiquated method of e-mail via wifi).

  5. Yep AA is not charging the YQ. None of us have looked at the local law that bars it other than presumably BA who think they can get away with it and my guess is AA’s lawyers are taking a more conservative view

  6. Lucky, BA Avios are not popular here in Brazil, as most people are only interested either in the TAM Fidelidade or Gol Smiles programs…so i think they are not getting many complaints or legal issues….Although there was a easy way to earn a lot of avios in the last months so maybe people are going to complain more now…

  7. Since according to multiple sources it does seem that BA is quite blatantly violating Brazilian law, I think it would make sense to look into class action against BA in Brazil. Not familiar with Brazilian specifics of the class action law but Lawyers in US would be all over salivating over such a potentially lucrative case šŸ™‚

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