American unveils new 777-300ER cabins (including new business class)!

American has just released some pictures of their new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft interiors on Facebook, which they’re taking delivery of starting this year.

It looks like their new business class will be similar to what’s offered by Cathay Pacific and US Airways, which is a great product based on all the reviews I’ve read.

They’ll also be updating their first class product, though it doesn’t seem like the change there is quite as substantial. Actually, it almost looks like their business class seats are going to be more private than their first class seats.

And while it’s not all that significant, their entrance way does look pretty nifty too.

Kudos, American! Can’t wait to try the new product. I think the big question, though, is how much of a premium cabin capacity reduction we’ll see. Right now American’s 777 premium cabins are huge, with 16 seats in first class and 37 seats in business class. Surely they’re not upgrading their product in hopes of filling it with upgraders (as much as I’d like that to be the case).

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  1. Interesting indeed – it’s similar to the US Airways Envoy seat, but it’s an exact match for the Cathay Pacific new C class seat. This will be a great business class product for AA.

  2. Compared to that, UA’s new business seats on the 777 look cramped and not very businessy. It’s like 4 seats per row VS 8.

  3. While those business class seats seem like a nice upgrade, they don’t seem conducive at all for people traveling together, no? Good luck having a conversation with your traveling partner…

  4. I just rode UA’s 77Q 8-across business seats for the first time, PVG-SFO (there were 16 GS’s in C – I was 1st on the upgrade list and failed!). I am not a big person, and the seat was VERY narrow. And there’s NO storage space whatsoever. If I can’t confirm an NF upgrade in advance, I’ll look to another airline’s C product. AA’s looks great.

  5. These look very nice indeed. Can’t wait to try it out. Sounds like DFW-GRU and (JFK?)-LHR will be the initial routes for these new planes.

  6. I think Lufthansa should learn from Cathay, U.S. Air, and the new AA bus. class seats. Lufthansa bus. class seats on their 747’s and even A380’s SUCK. I even made the mistake of paying for the Lufthansa bus class product (vs using miles). The most uncomfortable bus. class seats ever.

    Lufthansa even has its own aircraft interior refinishing business where it does aircraft interiors for itself and other airlines so it has no excuse to have this subpar product.

  7. That business class makes United’s 8 across look like an absolute joke.

    Of course, I think we’ll pay for it with fewer seats = fewer rewards and upgrades.

    Traveling alone, I’d much prefer AA. If I were with my wife, either AA or United would be just fine.

  8. Someone has posted on FT that there is going to be 52J, 30Y+, 220Y so it actually has more J seats than current.

  9. @John

    Wow, you must really hate Luftansa to post about how much you hate their seating when this article is talking about American.

  10. @Andy Bluebear- No, I absolutely DO NOT hate Lufthansa. I want them to improve their long haul business class seats. What they have now is a CRAPPY subpar product that is an INSULT to paying customers.

    As Ben has noted many times Lufthansa first class is very good.

    Also, Andy your comment that I’m bashing Lufthansa when this article is about AA. Lot’s of people have bashed United in the above posts. United’s new bus. class seats are a hell of a lot better than Lufthansa’s current bus. class seats. High marks go to US Air also for their Envoy bus. class seats.

  11. I flew cathay’s new business class with my girlfriend and the middle two seats are nice for traveling with a partner. The seats can be adjusted forward so that your faces are in front of the divider. Much much better than the “herringbone” style of business class seats in this regard.

  12. As an FYI, from talking to the SVP during the MegaDo, he confirmed the launch route would be JFK to GRU sometime in the November 2012 timeframe. Should I start booking speculatively yet? šŸ™‚

  13. Look at United…take a look at Continental’s Business First Product, 2x2x2 on a 777, United has 2x4x2 which is too much in business. While these seats look awesome, are they going to be deployed across AA’s fleet, or just 773ers?

  14. @ Scott — I guess we’ll see, but I have a very hard time imagining they’ll debut this aircraft on anything other than their London routes (even if that’s not the plan as of now).

    @ Matt — I believe they’re going to be installing these on their other 777s too, though who knows how long that will take.

  15. I truly wish the writers here would refrain from referring to option as products. Products are goods that are produced that you buy and take home with you. The different airline seating classes are options.

    Thank you!

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