Sleepbox Washington Dulles Joins Priority Pass

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Priority Pass is the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges. They do what they can to add lounges in most major terminals, and currently the network has 1,200+ locations.

What I appreciate is how creative they’ve been in adding new locations beyond traditional lounges. The most common thing we’ve seen is Priority Pass restaurants, where Priority Pass members can receive a credit when dining at select airport restaurants.

However, Priority Pass has also expanded beyond that, with offering other non-lounge experiences. The latest such offering has just been launched.

Sleepbox at Washington Dulles has just joined Priority Pass.

For those of you not familiar with Sleepbox, they’re a new micro-hotel concept, and Washington Dulles is the first airport at which they have opened, though they plan on expanding to more airports soon. The idea is that you can rent a room either hourly, or overnight, since it means you can spend the night at the airport without having to even leave security.

Sleepbox is located airside in Concourse A, near gate A15. It’s open 24/7, since the intention is that some people will book overnight stays here.

Priority Pass members receive a complimentary room for a one hour stay. If members want to spend more time there, you can add an extra hour at the rate of $24.

There are 16 “rooms” at the Sleepbox Dulles, and each is equipped with an extra long bed with a memory foam mattress, pillow and fresh linens, power sockets, desk space, luggage storage, and reading lamps.

There are several Priority Pass locations that offer napping of all sorts, so it’s cool to see that also expanded to Dulles Airport.

Bottom line

Dulles Airport has quite a selection of Priority Pass locations now, between several traditional lounges, a restaurant, and even an area to nap. Sleepbox looks awesome, and I’d love to check this out sometime.

The catch is that unless you’re a really good power napper, it’s not like one hour is a very useful amount of time to have somewhere. Then again, given how busy airports are, maybe it’s just nice to have peace and quiet for a bit.

Anyone plan on checking out Sleepbox Dulles soon?

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  1. There was some mention that AMEX’s priority pass would continue for spas. Are you sure these “sleep boxes” are also excluded?

    From Skift:

    “According to Collinson, the move is a concerted decision from American Express to take focus away from restaurants and concentrate more on its partner lounges. Representatives from Collinson also stressed that “Collinson’s wider relationship with American Express is unaffected, and its card members will still have access to more than 1,200 airport lounges, as well as select sleeper suites across the world, via the Priority Pass membership benefit provided on their card.”

  2. No shower facility? The biggest issue with IAD is that the United Lounges don’t offer showers and the one PP lounge, the Turkish Airlines Lounge, has what may best be described as a cesspool of human filth for a shower.

  3. It’s showing up in the Priority Pass App (which no longer shows the restaurant experiences), so this should work.

  4. Are there any employees there? How does check in work with PP? At least with Minute Suites there’s someone there to get you set up.

  5. I find power naps in a cool dark room extremely refreshing, and an hour nap in the afternoon can easily make up for 4 hours missed the night before and allow me to be functional into the evening. I have used the DFW minute suites for this purpose for an hour on a couple of occasions after taking an early morning flight out of SEA.

  6. Lucky – there’s a new one at LAX. It’s called point the way cafe. It’s open to priority pass after 11 am.

  7. This is eligible for Amex PP. The Minute Suites at ATL is also still available under the “lounge” tab. Plus, there is shower.

  8. Was there last week before PP. I think they have 8 hours for less than a hundred.
    Was a ghost town down there. And to better describe, it is a closet the size of a dorm size bed, with one dorm size bed.

    Given it’s off the way for most people with a layover I would pass.

  9. I just tried it out with my Amex PP. You have to download the app, create an account, and make your res there. It worked pretty smoothly. Click the PP button (no charge) and confirm. You have to take a photo of your ID and a selfie and enter your flight number for security purposes. They swipe your PP card when you get there.

    The compact room was comically small but it got the job done. No sound proofing but it was pretty quiet. Try to whisper. The attendant was very nice. There are no bathrooms nearby so go before you get there. It’s in limbo (one level above the A train station but one level below the gates).

  10. The comfort room makes no sense . Silly unless it’s at least 2/ 1/2 hrs
    Absurd. It would probably take at least 15 min just to get in and get settled.
    Like giving a lollypop to a child, a no Brainer. Under the assumption that
    There are no toilets or showers . Thanks I would prefer Airline A/P Lounge
    With their facilities . Better all around.

  11. Sounds like a good option. I had a 5:30am international flight the other day DCA-PHL-CUN, so left my house around 3:30am. Used the PHL MiniuteSuites for 2 hours (one free and one extra paid hour.) It was very refreshing to take that powernap!

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