SkyTeam Announces A New Member: Hertz?!

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I appreciate when companies get creative with their partnerships, and go beyond what you’d traditionally expect. This is something we’ve seen in general with travel brands, and it’s great for consumers. For example, airlines realize that if you fly a lot you also probably stay in hotels a lot, and may also rent cars a lot.

It has just been announced that Hertz has become the newest member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. This represents SkyTeam’s first non-air affiliate.

As of October 16, 2018, SkyTeam frequent flyers can enjoy a variety of car rental benefits while also earning miles when renting from Hertz.┬áSkyTeam frequent flyer program members will receive a “special code” for their Hertz car rentals to unlock these benefits. I can’t find the exact details of the partnership yet, though that’s what we know as of now.

Unfortunately mileage accrual isn’t possible for members of Alitalia MilleMiglia or Aerolineas Argentinas Aerolineas Plus for “contractual reasons.” That’s fitting for SkyTeam, since historically they’re the alliance where they just don’t offer mileage accrual on some partner airlines, so… ­čśë

Here’s what executives from Hertz and SkyTeam had to say about this development:

Vincent Gillet, Vice President Marketing, Hertz International, said: “We at Hertz are honored to offer car rental benefits to the 730 million customers traveling annually with the members of SkyTeam, a world leading airline alliance. Hertz already works with more than half of the SkyTeam partner member airlines, so it was a progressive move for us to extend our relationship to the full alliance. As a proud partner of SkyTeam, we look forward to providing a seamless fly-drive experience for our mutual customers.”

Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam’s Vice President Sales and Marketing, added: “Millions of SkyTeam customers hire cars at home or away and we are excited to take Frequent Flyer perks up a gear through our partnership with Hertz, one of the world’s leading car rental brands. Our aim at SkyTeam is to offer the best end-to-end travel experience for our customers. Extending loyalty benefits beyond the airport is a natural step as we continue to add value to our customers’ everyday traveling lives.”

On one hand I appreciate the creativity here, though on the other hand:

  • Members of Hertz’ loyalty program get no benefits with SkyTeam airlines
  • Hertz already offers free status to members of a countless number of frequent flyer programs and credit cards; seriously, look at how many airline partners they have
  • I wonder if this agreement will cause Hertz to cut ties with some non-SkyTeam partners; for example, Hertz and United also have a partnership

So this really isn’t anything to get too excited about. It’s nice that there are benefits across the group, but anyone reading this should have already had access to Hertz status and mileage accrual with one program or another before this development.

What do you make of SkyTeam adding Hertz as a non-air partner?

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  1. I’m interested to see how this shakes out as benefits for members – if I’m already Platinum/Diamond with Delta, I have PC on Hertz… so will there be any advantage for me through this partnership?

  2. I have always been a Hertz Five Star Gold Member (or whatever they are calling it now a days) through being a Marriot Plat member. I haven’t seen much benefits to being a preferred member with them so this just sounds like a gimmick to earn more customers.

  3. Let me have a free stopover! Example, LAX-AMS by air the AMS-BRU by Hertz, stopping in Brugges or Antwerp for a short visit.

  4. As fare as I can tell, rental car status is worthless. So skeptical that this will bring much in the way of benefits for consumers.

  5. if only Hertz elites gets some benefit when flying skyteam, even free checked bag will do!…then it’d be a (mini) game changer.

  6. Nothing but marketing…
    If it’s only about a specific booking code, then it’s even worse because the benefits won’t stack with other discounts or benefits. The car rental companies already play so many games with their rates based on the booking code…

  7. Do you know if renting a car through Hertz might now extend the expiration of Flying Blue miles given that it is now a “SkyTeam member”?

  8. Not a big fan of Hertz or their loyalty program. Very inconsistent service and their program is a joke. I’m supposed to “gold” or whatever level where you don’t have to check in and just walk up to the board and find your parking # to drive off the lot. Sounds good on paper, but it doesn’t work consistently that way in real life where I’ve had to go to the service desk and wait in slow lines. What is sad is that the excuses they use involve throwing their colleagues under the bus, from maintenance to IT they will blame whomever is convenient and never take ownership.

    In most locations the staff is so indifferent that in one instance, I actually went back to the desk, cancelled my reservation and walked next door to Enterprise.

    Don’t even get me started on the bait and switch with cars, specifically Volvo S90, XC60, Cadillac XT5.

    There’s a “Frequent Flyer Surcharge” on the bill if you read the details, not sure if this is specific to United but it was $2.25 for me. Don’t know if the same will apply with SkyTeam.

  9. It would be nice if crediting to Skyteam airlines would no longer be subject to the points surcharge that Amr mentioned. We’ll see.

  10. Seriously, zero benefits for Hertz members? I am President’s Circle. They could at least throw us a bone! That’s not a partnership. That’s a parasite.

  11. I like Hertz. I’ve been a 5 Star forever, but they just raised me to PC based on my DL Platinum status.

    I’ve had almost no problems with the Gold service, except recently, I’ve noticed a bug in the app, which will record duplicate reservations, which then does require a stop at the desk.

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