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While Sixt has historically been a strong rental car agency in Europe, they’ve also been expanding quickly in the US. Over the years they’ve offered several status match opportunities, and they’re back with their latest status match opportunity, which is both easy and instant.

Status match to Sixt Platinum

To get a status match, just register for a Sixt account here. After entering your basic info and confirming your email address, you’ll be brought to a page with optional services, and among them is a heading that says “Card upgrade.”

On that page you’ll be given the option to enter the program you have status with. The cool thing is that they won’t just match status with other car rental companies, but will also match status from most major hotel chains, and even some airlines. You’ll just have to select your program and status, as well as enter your loyalty program number and attach a screenshot reflecting your status.


Once you’ve entered that, you’ll immediately be upgraded to Sixt’s top tier Platinum status.


What are the benefits of Sixt Platinum status?

You can find the full listing of Sixt Platinum benefits here, though on the most basic level you’ll receive a free upgrade, and in the US even a double upgrade. Furthermore, you can add additional drivers at no extra cost in the US.

As you can see, they really want to be rewarding in the US, so there’s quite a bit of value to be had here.

But what makes this actually exciting is that Sixt has reasonably priced, nice cars. So sure, they have economy cars like the rest of the major rental car agencies at competitive prices.


But for marginally more they have much nicer cars. For example, for an extra ~$10 per day you could get a Mercedes.


Then if you have Platinum status you’d get a double upgrade, so you could end up in a really nice car. The only type of cars excluded from upgrades are “special” cars. So perhaps I wouldn’t count on an upgrade to a Mercedes G Wagon, but otherwise you may still end up in a very nice car.


Bottom line

I’m excited to see Sixt expand in the US, and especially to see the relatively reasonable prices they charge for nice cars. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying marginally more for a really nice car, then a Sixt Platinum status match is for you. If you book an entry level Mercedes for only marginally more than the base car, you may end up in an awesome car. That’s where I see the value in Sixt Platinum, personally.

Any Sixt Platinums out there, and if so, what has your experience been like?

(Tip of the hat to MileCards)

  1. I have used them and while costs are good, CS is bad. Have plat thru Citi prestige.
    Also I believe that chase cc with primary insurance exclude “special” & premium cars, so might want to double check before accepting such an upgrade.

  2. Sixt Platinum is mostly worthless, because (at least in the US), every Sixt location I’ve rented from has been out of most cars anyway. I’ve ended up driving off in an economy 4-door after booking an SUV, and Sixt customer service is totally indifferent, since they don’t guarantee the type of vehicle or offer partial refunds. In Europe, they often just contract out the actual rental to a smaller company who doesn’t honor the upgrade policy in the first place.

  3. I have Sixt Platinum and the one time I have rented from them I was not impressed. I got a nice car but the customer service was horrible. There were only two people in front of me at the rental counter and it took over 30 minutes for me to get to the agent and then took another 10 minutes for the agent to find the keys to the car. Once outside it took me about 10 minutes to find the car because it was parked around the corner at a gas station.

  4. I have had Sixt plat status for a couple years now, and overall its been decent. You are never guaranteed an upgrade, however most of the time they have given me a base Audi or Mercedes when booking a basic econo car.

    I continue to use them as my primary car rental source because their rates are usually competitive, CS is for the most part good and the cars are almost always better than the competition. I also care about what car I drive and am willing to upgrade on the spot to get something nicer.

    Overall its nice to have but I have concluded that all car rental loyalty programs are pretty mediocre at best.

  5. We have rented twice with sixt both times under duress (lack of better option) and both experiences have left much to be desired. After our rental in Paris we vowed never to rent again from sixt but when we have a flight landing in lax last week after most rental agencies close, and sixt was offering a good deal, I caved, like other posters reported, our rep had no i des what was going on or how to find the keys. Another csr came up and told him that “the keys for the “overnight rentals” are all in this bin” and left the bin on his desk. Then 5 minutes later after some clicking and clacking on his keyboard, he was once again perplexed with the challenge of finding the keys to our car (which were still in the bin in front of him) and then another five minute later a 3rd csr came up and asked where the keys to the overnight rentals were. Our csr was dumbfounded so I stepped in to inform the 3rd csr that they were in the bin infront of us while also informing our csr that is where our keys could be found as well.

  6. I have to agree the “come on” that you will be driving of in an E-Class is a unicorn-
    for my agent last week in Atlant said she “had never seen one!” No kidding!
    The return in Tampa was frightening as they examined the car for anything to charge me for.
    Off site locations, etc. I will stick with Hertz

  7. Wherever there’s a Sixt station they get my business, wether domestic or abroad. Much better cars, good rates and as Sixt plat they treat me very good.

  8. I have been Sixt Platinum for a few years now. I have rented with them both in the US and Europe, including Spain, Croatia, Slovenia. I also rented with them in UAE. None of the times I received what I rented for, letting alone an upgrade. Once I rented an automatic BMW and received a manual Audi. Customer service was generally next to none. Last time I rented a Mercedes in LAX, five days after my return, my holding funds were still not released. When I called, they told me the car was shown not returned in the system. The worst part was, they didn’t give me any receipt when I return, just told me a receipt would be sent to my email address, therefore I had no proof that I had returned the car, prior to my rental ending time! It was eventually resolved, but it shouldn’t be this difficult and time consuming in the first place. I no longer rent with them after that.

  9. I’ve rented from SIXT as a platinum for road trips a handful of times this year. They tend to run out of the “best” car in each category, which is of course what they advertise in the search, and offer you something comparable, so I usually hold a backup reservation with Avis in case I don’t like their stock. My first rental I reserved a Mercedes C Class and was offered a similar Cadillac, which I refused demanding a German car, so they offered me a free upgrade to an enormous GLE, which I refused for the more reasonably sized GLC.

    Another time I booked a GLC and they first offered an Audi Q5, only later to say it was too high mileage and couldn’t be taken out for four days. The VW Touareg I looked at next was so entry level it didn’t have bluetooth or USB audio and had nearly 50k miles on it, so I settled on a mediocre Cadillac SRX. They always also offer a super premium car for an upcharge. On that trip they tried to get $50 a day for a beautiful brand new Land Rover LR4, but I couldn’t justify the extra $200 plus another $100 or more in gas.

    In my best experience I reserved a Mercedes C Class and they offered a “paid platinum upgrade” to a BMW 640 cabriolet for $50 per day, which I negotiated down to $20. I am skeptical that they don’t offer the same upsell to nonmembers, but perhaps he had more latitude to accept my lower counteroffer due to status. That was a great car and an offer I would snap up again in a heartbeat.

  10. I rented once at DFW with a confirmed Luxury vehicle and was downgraded. They never gave me FF credit either. Long lines, and no express line.

  11. I had great experience with Sixt so far. They offer great range of cars to renters from SFO, SJC and MIA airport. LAX is pretty good as well. Check the dates couple of times in between weeks rates fluctuate so book at a competitive rate when it’s hovering in $50s for a convertible. I usually end up with BMW 430 but once I was upgraded to a BMW 640 they usually tell you they are upgrading but it’s actually when they don’t have the car in stock that you booked. I was never downgraded though my Platinum membership was always honored. Girls loved when I picked them in these convertible awesome vibe for valets and making an entry to clubs and fancy hotel for dining!

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