Big Singapore Airlines Announcement Coming — Here Are Some Clues

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Earlier today, Singapore Airlines posted a rather mysterious puzzle to their @singaporeair Instagram account:

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Coming, months earlier. #FlySQ #SingaporeAir

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That seems like a rather unique way to generate buzz. It’s a math equation, and the answer is 24.


The other clue is that the caption for the post is the following:

Coming, months earlier. #FlySQ #SingaporeAir

Okay, so it seems like something is coming 24 months earlier. There are hundreds of comments, though interestingly @singaporeair only responds to those who reference service to the US, without confirming or denying their speculation.


What makes this interesting is that Singapore Airlines is planning on restarting nonstop flights between Singapore and the US in 2018, when they take delivery of their first ultra long range Airbus A350. They discontinued their nonstop flights to Newark and Los Angeles in 2013, when they got rid of their A340-500s, which were the only planes in their fleet capable of operating the route.

Now all of their flights between the US and Singapore operate via other cities, including Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Moscow, Seoul, and Tokyo.

United beat Singapore to the punch in operating nonstop flights between the US and Singapore, as they just recently launched nonstop flights between San Francisco and Singapore using Boeing 787-9 aircraft, making them the only airline to operate nonstop flights between the US and Singapore. Presumably Singapore Airlines is feeling the pressure in that regard.

So I’m not sure what it could be, though I guess we’ll find out in a few days. I do strongly feel that it has something to do with 24 months, and also has something to do with the US, based on the hints above.

Could Singapore Airlines be announcing an additional US destination? They haven’t announced a new US destination in a very long time. Or perhaps they’ll try operating one of their current A350s between the US and Singapore? Airbus states that the range of the A350-900 is 8,100nm (~9,300 statute miles), which would be right at the operating limit of a flight from the west coast to Singapore. I suppose with a premium heavy configuration, it might be possible nonstop.

Any guesses as to what Singapore Airlines’ big announcement will be?

(Tip of the hat to @phize in the Ask Lucky forum)

  1. Well, it’s pretty clear that the date is switching from 2018 to 2018 and it involves 350. Furthermore the formula result is 24 so, basically, something related to A350 is happening 24 months earlier 🙂

  2. How did you guys ever graduate? 😀 This is basic arithmetics and the correct answer is NINE, not 24 or 25.

    Here’s the breakdown for the especially gifted: (2+0+6)*(2+0+1/8)+(3*5+0)-(2+0+6) = 8*2 1/8 + 15 – 8 = 2+15-8 = 9.

  3. Well, LAX-SIN is only 7621nm, and with the the A359’s range of 8100nm, it should be doable. I’m guessing that’s why 350 is in the equation, as well as 2016 (launch year of non-stop LAX services), and 2018 (launch year of non-stop JFK services). And if something is happening 24 months earlier? LAX. Non-stop. That’s it.

  4. @Ivan holy shit that’s a giant stinky foot I put in my mouth 😀 Thanks for keeping me in check!

  5. They’re butthurt that United beat them to nonstop service and are going to launch heavily load restricted flights to the US later this year. Doubt they will be making money on them so long as they are heavily load limited. But that’s the price of pride.

  6. @ Andrey: I really hope you’re just joking (even though I don’t get the joke). Otherwise — omg, how embarrassing…

  7. @Graf nope, not joking sadly, and yes, very embarrassing – kind folks above already corrected me.

  8. @ Andrey How did YOU ever graduate? I haven’t graduated. And I’m right. You’re wrong… order of operations, my friend!

    Let’s break it down.


    1*6=6, so the first group = 8.
    1/8 = .125, so .125+2=2.125

    Multiply the first two groups together: 8*2.125=17

    So now we have: 17+(3*5+0)-(2+0*1+6)=x

    3*5=15, and we add 0, and it’s still 15, so now our equation looks like this: 17+15-(2+0*1+6)=x

    0*1=0, so we add that to our 2+6, which is = to 8.

    So now we’ve finally gotten to: 17+15-8, which is equal to, wait for it, 24!
    Hopefully that makes some sense.

  9. They’re pretty obviously going for “24” since the choice of numbers in the equation are a cute way of saying they will be using an A350 to move up their plans from 2018 to 2016, as I think someone attempted to note above, but made a typo.

  10. 24 was Kobe Bryant’s number. K+O+B+E = 11 + 15 + 2 + 5 = 33.

    33 is the number on Rolling Rock Beer. Rolling Rock Beer = (R + R) x B. (R + R) x B = (18 +18) x 2 = 72.

    72 = 2 + 5 + 14 + 7 + 8 + 1 + 26 + 9.

    2 + 5 + 14 + 7 + 8 + 1 + 26 + 9 = B E N G H A Z I.

  11. 2+4 = 6 (month of June)
    June 24 they announce A350 direct service to LAX (Kobe 24 could also tie it nicely)

  12. They are going to scrap the stop on SQ15/16 and go nonstop to rival UA. This has been known internally for a while.

  13. I do not believe it’s the A350 2 years early to the USA. If you read a more recent Instagram posting, they replied that they already fly to the USA and this is something different.

  14. Answer=24, but if you consider each component:

    (2+0+1 *6)= 2016
    (2 + 0 + 1/8) = 2/8= 0.25
    (3 * 5 + 0)= A350

    So probably nonstop to the NYC area.

  15. They are not going to start using a standard a350 to go direct to the US just because of United.

    I think I’d rather take SQ with a stopover than fly non stop with United…

  16. You don’t have to do math!


    It just
    2016 2018

    A350 coming in 2016 instead of 2018

  17. No, no, no, no, no. You all have guessed incorrectly. “24” is for the $24 SGD roundtrip airfares between the USA and SIN – in business class, of course.

  18. If they are moving up LAX-SIN, and you live in SFO, what would you prefer? Getting yourself to LAX and then taking this flight, or taking one of SQ’s one-stops from SFO? I’m not even considering UA, especially before Polaris.

  19. They are going to continue the current SIN-AMS A350 flight on to EWR. 24 = old SQ24 EWR-AMS-SIN. 350…2016…24.

  20. I believe it is a reference to a flight number, SQ 24, which they may use for their nonstop SIN – EWR run.

  21. Lee Harvey Oswald was 24 when he was shot and killed. SQ is going to reveal to us finally who really killed JFK.

  22. 24 is my favourite number. SQ is giving me Solitaire PPS Club for Life!!! #baller #nonsenseonthenet

  23. The most obvious answer is usually the correct one. I think everyone believe SQ is about to announce a resumption of nonstop service to the USA…most likely SIN-LAX. If they really want to push UA, they could also offer SIN-JFK. If they really want to steal all of UA’s Thunder, they could also offer SIN-SFO.

  24. due to pressure from ua, sin usa flight will commence months earlier than planned, still guessing lax/jfk, no way will tailing us to sfo, but, there will be always chance to delay delivery, as 9v-sma, which i missed dearly, 😛

  25. With 24 they are going to have Jack Baur on their flights randomly torturing and killing one passenger each trip.

  26. @ Andrey: I showed your calculation to my son who is a second grader, and he laughed his ass off! You made us a day!

  27. I’m a liitle late to this game, but this is how I see it. A little long, but bear with me.
    The equation reads, based on the brackets: 2016 2018 350 2018.
    The answer to the equation is 24.
    The statement says “Coming, months earlier”.
    So we know that an event that’s supposed to happen in 2018, will happen in 2016 – 24 months earlier – and it involves the A350.
    It cannot be the non-stop to New York or Los Angeles – SQ specifically ordered the Ultra Long Range A350s to reach those destinations. They don’t have these in their fleet now.
    Now let’s do more maths, shall we? The A350-900 that SQ does have in its current fleet has a range of 7500nmi. If this was to fly to any destination in the US, the distance from Singapore to that destination must fit within 7500nmi. So which US city falls within this range? Hmm, certainly not LAX, or NYC. But how about … SFO? (7340nmi). Oh and what a coincidence that United had also launched flights from SIN to SFO not that long ago!
    And before you ask “What about other US cities within this range?” – unlikely. It doesn’t make sense for them to launch a new destination so soon after Dusseldorf. It’s a huge investment, and SQ, though not doing badly, is not exactly making billion dollar profits like Emirates.
    And going from the past failed attempt of the non-stop flights to LAX and NYC, SQ, being the cautious carrier that it is, is unlikely to launch a major route unless it is sure it has backups to fall on. And guess what – there is the existing backup route of SIN to SFO via HKG.
    Guys, SQ is going to launch a non stop A350 flight to SFO. I just know it.

  28. Hey Lucky,

    I’m actually aboard a Singapore flight right now (business class) and asked the lead steward about the announcement. He says they’re going to fly the A350 direct to Singapore from both LA and NYC (and still going to operate the A380). That’s great news, and I’ll be one of the first to sign up. It’ll give me a chance to see their new business class product in action and enjoy one really long flight as opposed to two long ones.

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