Singapore Airlines’ A350 Remix Track

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Today Singapore Airlines is launching nonstop flights from Singapore to Seattle with the Airbus A350-900, making Seattle their fourth US destination served directly from Singapore, after Newark, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (which also happen to be the first, fifth, and ninth longest flights in the world). The new flight will initially operate 3x weekly, though as of October the frequencies will be increased to 4x weekly.

To commemorate the launch of this new flight, Singapore Airlines has released a new music track, called “Non-Stop.” It’s a creative collaboration between Singapore Airlines and Seattle-based artist Chong the Nomad, and it’s part of a campaign titled “Seattle Sounds Even Better Now.”

What makes this unique is that the track features ambient sounds collected exclusively from the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350, both on the inside and the outside of the aircraft. This includes sounds like the roar of the engine, the “clinking” sound of silverware, the seatbelt sign, the flight attendant call chime, and even an announcement from a Singapore Airlines cabin crew.

As Singapore Airlines’ SVP Sales and Marketing described this collaboration:

“Seattle is known for its rich music scene and is home to major musical influences such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix. With the launch of our first flights to Seattle, we wanted to have a little fun and pay a contemporary tribute to this heritage by creating a music track that’s completely one-of-a-kind.”

Here’s the song, which is also available on Spotify, if you prefer:

And here’s a look at how they’ve created this track:

This is a cute concept, and I find the track to be catchy and upbeat. Sure, it’s not quite as catchy as Turkish Airlines’ Globally Yours music, but that’s probably a good thing.

What do you make of Singapore Airlines’ new “Non-Stop” remix?

  1. Brilliant marketing for a new route. Reminded me of “Welcome to Narita” which I stumbled on a while back which, if you listen closely at the beginning, seems to have some announcements made at Narita in the background:

    Maybe time for them to make a “Welcome to Haneda” 😉

  2. How can Singapore and Hongkong make non-stop service from SEA work, but not Delta?

    Do they lose money on this route? Does Delta not try?

  3. Why does Singapore use the A350-900ULR to LA and the regular A350-900 to San Francisco and Seattle? The regular surely has the legs to reach. United used to do it with a 787 before they cut the route.

  4. Two things.

    Beijing Daxing. SIN PKX is only 5.5hrs. SIN PKX USA is in some cases, faster than nonstop flights, potentially, SIN NYC, SIN BOS. There is a reason why Delta’s SIN office is jointly named with China, you know. Nonstop flights aren’t necessarily faster.

    SQ’s justification of SEA SIN cites a focus on high value leisure passengers such as skiing at Whistler. So I think, SEA SIN will not work for DL. For ULH, there must definitely be some O&D. SFO SIN, yes. NYC SIN yes.

    LAX SIN isn’t, since it leans more on Indonesian investments in Los Angeles. It’s not a coincidence that SIN LAX is a same plane service from CGK. This is partly why SQ is struggling on the route apparently.

    The only flights viable for DL, is ATL SIN, and JFK SIN.


    Is it not obvious that DL serves the interests and related interests of the US military? With Singapore politically neutral but moving from US leaning to China leaning, isn’t it obvious that DL will pull out?

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