Shangri-La Is Offering Bonus Points With Their App

Shangri-La has just launched a new mobile app, and they have a great offer for Golden Circle members who use it. This promotion is valid through April 30, 2018.

On the most basic level, members can earn 100 points just for downloading the app and logging into their account through it. There are no other steps required, and bonus points should post within 2-4 weeks. If you’re not a member, signing up through the app will get you the same reward.

This promotion also has the potential to be valuable if you’re planning a stay at a Shangri-La. Specifically, Golden Circle members can earn double points for bookings made through the app, and triple points for bookings made through the app where mobile check-in or check-out is also used via the app. This promotion is valid for stays that are booked and consumed during the promotion period, and bonus points should also post within 2-4 weeks of eligible stays.

Golden Circle members ordinarily earn one point per dollar spent at Shangri-La properties, meaning that you can potentially earn 2-3 points per dollar spent if you take advantage of this promotion.

Room at the Shangri-La Paris

The cost for a free night redemption at a Shangri-La property ranges from 1,000 points per night (for the Shangri-La Wuhan, for example) to 20,000 points per night (for the Shangri-La Paris, for example).

Alternatively, you can redeem points for a food and beverage voucher at a Shangri-La property. 500 points will get you a $50 voucher.

Personally I don’t think it’s worth signing up for Shangri-La just to get 100 free points, since that won’t get you much. However, if you have an existing points balance then downloading the app is a no brainer, as I value 100 points at close to $10, which is pretty significant just for downloading an app, at least in conjunction with an existing balance.

Lobby at the Shangri-La Colombo

This also has the potential to be pretty compelling for stays. When you consider that 10 points gets you about a dollar worth of food & beverage credit, if you’re earning three points per dollar of hotel spend, then you’re basically earning 30 cents worth of food & beverage credit on every dollar spent.

The only bad news is that you can’t combine this with Shangri-La’s excellent Luxury Circle program, which gets you extra perks for Shangri-La stays, including complimentary breakfast.

Luxury Circle breakfast at the Shangri-La Paris

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  1. Thanks for this! I used to stay at Shangri-la a lot and had 2,448 points left in my account which I use to redeem gift certificates for the bar (much better return than using points on a room). This will put me at 2,548 which mean I can redeem for $250 USD vs. $200 USD with 448 extra points.

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